Flash #226

Reviewer: Andy Campbell
Story Title: Down Time

Writers: Stuart Immonen & Kathryn Kuder
Art: Steve Lightle
Colors: James Sinclair
Letters: Clem Robins
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Publisher: DC Comics

The first post-Geoff Johns issue of Flash is upon us…and I’m ready to pay his salary myself if he’ll take the helm again. In this issue, the Flash (as Wally West) goes mountain climbing with the Pied Piper and some other people. Stuff happens. The story is about as “blah” as you can get, and the artist is pretty dreadful. Most of the time, I can’t tell the characters apart, which just made the already convoluted story even worse.

Honestly, there’s not much more I can say about this. To say this issue was a letdown might be the biggest understatement I’ve ever uttered.