[MISC] Huge Brock Lesnar Update


As of 9/9 it was resolved that WWE couldn’t stop Brock Lesnar from working for New Japan, but as of 9/20 everything in the case has been sealed with the assumption that something came up that caused WWE to drop its attempt to keep Lesnar from wrestling until 2010. The speculation is that WWE offered Lesnar a contract less than the $1 million downside (Brock has called the offer insulting and Jim Ross called it fair publicly) annual contract they had originally given him, thus offering him less than the market value they had set for him, and leaving no reason for the no-compete clause to be upheld. If this is the case, it was a major tactical error by WWE. This is not fully settled but Brock is scheduled for a 10/8 Tokyo Dome show, and TNA is said to be interested in talking with him once the situation is resolved. The show isn’t selling well, so New Japan has offered free tickets to those between 7 and 17 years old and over 60, also hoping to expand the fanbase.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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