[MISC] Vince Russo Starts Fraternity


The following was posted today on RingofGlory.com:


As a member of Ring of Glory’s “Fraternity”, in addition to the membership card, monthly newsletter and exclusive member t-shirt you will receive, more importantly we will serve as a service for you to provide you with the tools you will need in order to cope with the demanding rigors of the wrestling business.

From sports agents, to legal attorneys, to financial consultants, to health insurance specialists, to personal counselors, “The Fraternity” will be there for you no matter what part of the country you’re from. We will make available to you—at your fingertips—the essential services that you will need to protect both you and your family.

Commitment, Faith, Respect and Appreciation, the “Fraternity” is a family . . . one that will be by your side throughout this life . . . and the one to come.

Yearly membership dues to the “Fraternity” are $19.99

For more information, visit RingofGlory.com.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.