In Perspective: Bring Back Oklahoma’s Very Own


Jim Ross’s public on-air firing by a heel Linda McMahon was the strangest thing to watch (considering how pointless it actually was), knowing all the intense circulation of internet rumors that he was being replaced because he is no longer the WWE young and vibrant face the WWE wants on the announce team. The everyday wrestling fan’s reaction is going to be this however, ‘isn’t this the third or fourth or fifth time JR has been fired from the WWE anyway?’ The everyday wrestling fan won’t take it seriously, they will assume this is storyline driven, as completely out of left field as it is. However, if they surf the sites and read what’s truly happening here, there might be the Matt Hardy Reaction, where fans will do whatever necessary to show the McMahon family what a mistake they are making.

For many of us, Jim Ross is our voice of wrestling, more so than anyone else. When I think of a match being called, JR is the go to guy. His voice box isn’t damaged, and he has a clear love for the business that goes unmatched in straight man calling in pro wrestling today. If WWE really feels that anyone can call a match and make it even better, than they are underestimating the power of a good commentator. I don’t care to listen to someone who knows less about the storylines and history of pro wrestling than I do.

This wouldn’t be so heartbreaking if it wasn’t clearly obvious that JR loves announcing and that he wants more than a backstage role. I personally can’t imagine calling your last broadcast on WWE television knowing you are going out in a less than fitting storyline way, considering all he’s contributed on air to the history of professional wrestling. For once, why can’t the WWE let one guy take his last bow with his head held up high and go out on a more positive note? There’s not a backlash wanting JR gone, from fans or talent alike. This is nothing more than WWE trying to be more entertainment than wrestling – and to show everyone exactly who calls the shots.

My hope is that there will be a outcry for JR’s return to WWE broadcasting. I will sign any petition to keep him on the air. Storylines are one thing, but when a man who has given 100% every broadcast and loves wrestling as much as Jim Ross does, there’s no need for this unnecessary dismissal of on air duties and that’s putting it in perspective. Thanks for reading and always feel free to drop me a line at