The Weekly Pulse: The Gatekeeper's Guide to Movies

The Weekly Pulse: The Gatekeeper’s Guide to Movies

Hi kids. Welcome to another exciting edition of the Guide here on IP Movies. It’s been an interesting week for yours truly, and it’s only today that I have the time to sit and breathe, let alone do any sort of work. It needs to be looked at from a perspective of practically kill yourself now, earn a hell of a pay off later. Yeah, I’m sure that makes sense to everyone without any sort of context what-so-ever. Ah well. You’re here for pimps and news, not me working like a nut. So let’s do it.

Movie Review Pimpin

Scott Sawitz has an excellent review up of the new Al Pacino film, Two for the Money. Pacino turns in an excellent performance, apparently, but the film falls short of being something truly special.

Matt Coates has seen Night Watch, a Russian horror film not yet on our side of the ocean. He was really impressed by it, and it’s the first film in a new trilogy, apparently. Check out his review then check out the flick if and when it opens wide here.

Travis Leamons took a trip to Elizabethtown. He came back feeling a lot better about the film than other critics, and people I’ve spoken with personally about it. Check out his in-depth review and see if it’s up your alley.

DVD Reviews

Rob Sutton steps up with an older film this week, reviewing We’re No Angels. Sadly, the film is pretty poor on all fronts, so don’t bother hunting this one down.

Paul Meekin reviews Empire Falls. Get yourself a bag of chips and a wine cooler before watching this one, apparently.

Dan Hevia reviews House of Wax, and I find myself in pretty strong agreement with him. Though I thought the acting was subpar at most points, I didn’t hate the film like a lot of people. I thought it really was a good try to get a little bit outside the box, and Dan feels the same way.

Columns Too!

Brendan CampbellMichaelangel McCullar has last weekend’s box office at a glance. Get caught up if you need to.

You know what time it is? That’s right – it’s Bad ass cinema time! Rob Sutton brings the badass scares this week with an in-depth look at Nosferatu: The Vampyre. It’s an absolutely fascinating article detailing the German remake of the ultimate vampire classic.

ML Kennedy, the man you love to hate, returns with another Contradicting Popular Opinion. He continues what seems to be the theme this week, as he goes in depth on vampires, their films, and, well, all kinds of things up that alley. Good times as usual.

Mondo Culto is a bit on the shorter side this week, as Brad Torreano focuses on the strangest ghost movie you’ve never seen, The St. Francisville Experiment. On a personal note, big time congratulations to Brad on his new engagement. Fantastic news for Mr. Culto – I wish him all the best.

Matt Coates brings everyone another Holistic DVD Column. This week the attention is on Noises Off… and Wonder Boys. Good times.

Newz…..”Quality” Over Quantity

FINALLY it’s Over – They Signed a Bond

An official announcement has finally been made that Daniel Craig is the next actor slipping into the tux of James Bond. Craig, the star of Road To Perdition, began to have some heavy momentum behind him to take on 007 after the phenomenal success of Matthew Vaughan’s Layer Cake. The English press began making reports last week that Craig had signed on the dotted line for the Martin Campbell helmed Casino Royale, the very first Bond novel penned by the late Sir Ian Fleming. But the gossip is over, and you can check out the official announcement over at Sony Pictures.

Thoughts: Finally it’s over. Finally I don’t have to report on the stupid, STUPID Bond speculation that would change three times in a week. Brosnan is out, Craig is in. Good. Craig is an AWESOME actor and I think he can really bring some fresh air into the franchise. I’m not sure the direction they want to go in, considering they’re going back to the first book ever written, but I’m sure that doesn’t matter in the long run. If they’re re-inventing, re-starting, whatever, then they’ve taken the first right step in a new direction. Good on them.

Batman to Play……The Joker????

Original Batman star Michael Keaton might be set to suit up for the Bat-sequel. Well, not the suit you’d expect. According to a scooper, he’s being eyed for the role of ‘The Joker’ in the forthcoming Batman Begins sequel. Keaton, whose expressed his love for the recent Batman Begins (Don’t forget – a prequel idea is something he suggested back when they asked him to do the third film – which he then turned down), would play the clown prince of crime to Christian Bale’s Batman. The upcoming sequel, which is still untitled, is also rumored to re-introduce Harvey Dent to the franchise, rumoured to be played by Scream star Liev Schreiber.

Thoughts: Holy hell, talk about two conflicting emotions at the same time. I love Michael Keaton, and he was the first Batman I ever experienced in any form of media. He’ll always have a special spot in my heart for that. Plus, I think he’s a hell of an actor who just, unfortunately, fell on some rough, ‘out of the spotlight’ times. So I’d love to see him get a major role in a Bat-film, or any film really. That being said, I don’t think he’s the best choice for the Joker. They’ve re-lauched the story and franchise, and the Joker has shown up on the scene right after Batman. Keaton, much as I love him, is just a bit too old to be believed for the part. There is a nice handful of really great actors rumored for the part (which has been beaten to death) and I think they are where it should be at, not Keaton.

Scream 4? Oh come on already……

Director Wes Craven recently spoke about the possibility of a fourth entry into his famous Scream franchise. Craven says that the rumors of a fourth film are true, but that no one should expect him to be anywhere near it. “I had a lunch with Neve [Campbell] where she told me Dimension Film offered her to reprise her role in Scream 4. I was totally surprised because nobody has ever mentioned such a project to me”. Campbell had an offer but she’s passed on the film. Instead, Courteney Cox and David Arquette will have lead roles in the film, should it happen. Craven continued, “But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think it would be a wise decision to do a 4th Scream. First because I think everything has already been told within the first three movies and I don’t want to make the one more that would be the wrong one. And second because Dimension won’t really be interested in contacting me right now just after the troubles we had on Cursed.” “Scream” is one of a few franchises that the newly formed Weinstein Company want to restart. As reported last week, they’re also toying with bringing back the long-running Halloween series.

Thoughts: Why the Weinstein’s are so desperate to re-start stalled and/or dead franchises is beyond me. Get out there with new stuff gents – re-treading the same old ground isn’t where the money is going to be. Especially when the man who created the franchise says how stupid they’re being. Three films about the same characters in the same situation is enough – hell, Scream 3 wasn’t that good anyway. Never Campbell wants no part of it, so that should tell you something. “Ohh, well, Courtney Cox and David Aquette want to star.” Yeah, of COURSE they do. When was the last time either of them was in a decent, money-making movie? This is a joke, and this makes me shake my head with disappointment even more than the idea of re-starting the Halloween franchise. Weintein’s – you guys are awesome – but this is just ridiculous.

Oh, Kirsten Dunst Just Makes me Angry

The “Spider-Man” franchise might be one familiar star short in the near future. Kirsten Dunst, who plays Mary-Jane Watson in Sam Raimi’s films, says Spider-Man 3 will probably be her last stint playing Peter Parker’s squeeze. “Unless they pay me an exorbitant amount of money, this will be my last one,” she tells “If there is more of a story to tell and (director) Sam Raimi is on board, and everyone is, then maybe. But this is what I am signed to do – three.” It’s believed Sony is indeed very interested in carrying on with Spider-Man films, so it is unknown what will come of this in the future.

Thoughts: I got blasted by Mike McCullar a long time ago for the fact I hate, hate, HATE Kirsten Dunst in the Spiderman films. I thought, since day one, she was miscast as Mary Jane. Then, when she started going on record with stupid shit, including ending the franchise, killing off Spiderman, and her real lack of interest in her character or movie, I could feel my blood boiling. Now, she pulls the ‘pay me more or forget about me’ card out of her ass? GET THE HELL OFF THE MOVIE! What a twit – there are SO MANY actresses that would do such a better job with her character and material, and who would also appreciate the spot they were in because of the film. A big part of me would love nothing less than to see her get thrown off the top of the bridge by Venom/Sandman/Hobgoblin combined, and then bring in Gwen Stacey in Spidey 4. But, odds are they’ll keep MJ the character and get rid of this money-grubbing, ungrateful…..woman. I have my hopes anyway – but then again I also hoped they’d write Halle Berry out of X-3, and, well, you all know what happened there.

Meyers Wants Austin Powers 4

Mike Myers is in talks with New Line Cinema to bring the shagadelic Austin Powers back to the screen. Myers tells Entertainment Weekly that he’s in talks with the original film’s cast and crew about doing a fourth instalment. “There is hope!” says Myers, about to star in a film about “Who” musician Keith Moon. “We’re all circling and talking to each other. I miss doing the characters.” The first three films have earned a massive $675 million worldwide, so New Line Cinema is probably looking forward to another installment as well – and what better time than with a new James Bond movie on the way?”

Thoughts: Smashing! Yeah baby, yeah!!!! (I’m a big Austin Powers mark – any new film is good in my book)


Another week come and gone. Man, as exhausted as I am coming into this thing, I gotta admit, I love doing it and I feel great when it’s all done and ready to be put up. Ah, and it feels good that there’s a bit more news starting to flow out there again. On that note, I’m off to do whatever it is that’ll keep me busy the next seven days. I’ll catch everyone next week. Go out and watch some good flicks until then.

Until Next Time…

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