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Welcome everyone to InsidePulse’s TNA Impact! Report I am your host Jeremy Lambert. Last week we saw Gail Kim debut and The GoldDiggers (Jarrett, AMW, Kim) destroy the Team 3-D. This week The GoldDiggers will hold a funeral for Team 3-D. Also, Christopher Daniels takes on 3 X Division stars in 15 minutes.

This is TNA, the new face of professional wrestling.

Last Week: Gail Kim debuts, GoldDiggers destroy Team 3-D.

Opening Video

A cool sign to start the show “Our Hardy’s Better” Sorry, that just caught my eye.

Monty Brown vs. Batts and Clark (Already in the Ring): Batts springboards off of Clark onto Brown but Batts is caught. Brown hits Cark with Batts. In the ring, Brown hits a overhead toss on Clarke. POOOOOUUUUUUUNCE ON CLARK!!!! Alpha Bomb on Batts. Over.
Winner- Monty Brown

Brown grabs a mic. He welcomes us to the Serengeti and says that nobody will stop him from gaining the World Title. This brings out”¦..HOYT! HOYT! HOYT! HOYT! HOYT! Brown backs off and says that he will wait until Bound For Glory. Hoyt says at BFG, Brown will remember the name Hoyt.

Backstage, Zybysko says that The Naturals will take on AMW for the Tag Team Titles next week. Raven jumps into the screen and he is PISSED! WHAT ABOUT HIM!? WHAT ABOUT RAVEN?!?!?!?! Raven gets thrown out.


A promo for Joe vs. Liger at Bound For Glory airs.

David Young vs. Matt Bentley: With this match, the Bentley Bounce is formed. Some fans in the front row are just hopping back and forth. Spin kick by Bentley to start. Diamond (on the outside) trips up Bentley. Side suplex by Young followed by kicks to the back. Bentley fights back with chops. Young whips Bentley hard into the corner. Bentley hits a spinning neckbreaker followed by a suplex on Young. Bentley goes to the top and hits the picture perfect elbow. Diamond gets on the apron and gets knocked down. Flapjack on Young. Sweet Chin Music by Bentley and it’s over. After the match, Petey Williams comes out and what does he hit? He hits the CANADIAN FUCKIN DESTROYER! Traci tends to Bentley. Petey grabs Traci and kisses her, he must have been a bad kisser because she slaps him. He goes for the Destroyer on Traci but Sabin makes the save.
Winner- Matt Bentley

Promo for AJ Styles


Promo for TNA DVDs followed by a promo for The Naturals.

The Team 3-D Funeral video plays. James Mitchell leads the funeral and says we should celebrate the passing of Team 3-D. Team Canada beats hockey sticks on the floor. HOLY SHIT THAT IS THE COOLEST FUCKING THING EVER! AMW is very sad over the loss. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, if it wasn’t for AMW, Team 3-D might still be with us. Nice. Abyss needs a tissue. AMW aligned themselves with Jarrett for Money, Power, and To show others that they can’t take over. Team Canada celebrates after every reason. SCORE!!!! Storm says that he hears dead people, he hears Brother Ray saying “Devon get the”¦.” Jarrett cuts him off “James be serious, their careers are already dead, they don’t need another law suit” After Bound For Glory there will be another funeral for Nash, Kevin Nash. Everyone leaves. That was such a awesome video.

Sabu makes his entrance as we head to”¦


Sabu vs. Rhino: Shoulderblock by Rhino. Sabu fights back with punches. Springboard leg kick by Sabu. Rhino gets the advantage and puts Sabu in a chinlock. Rhino charges at Sabu but Sabu tosses him over the ropes. Sabu dives over the top onto Rhino. Back in the ring both men have a sword fight with chairs. Rhino wins and nails Sabu with a chair. Rhino goes for a second rope piledriver but Sabu fights out. Sabu hits a super hurricanrana onto a chair. Abyss comes out and Sabu throws a chair at him. Sabu focuses back on Rhino and gets hit with the GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhino wins it. After the match, Abyss attacks Rhino. Overhead suplex by Rhino. He goes for the Gore on Abyss but is hit with a big boot. Mitchell hands Abyss the tacks but out comes Jeff Hardy. Hardy knocks Abyss over the top. Rhino nails Hardy. Sabu hits Rhino. All 4 men square off. They attack each other and security breaks it up.
Winner- Rhino


Promo for Bound For Glory

Promo for Nash vs. Jarrett

Next Week: AMW vs. Naturals for the Tag Titles and Jarrett, Brown, Abyss vs. Styles, Hardy, and Hoyt

Daniels vs. 3 Men in 15 Minutes:

The first man is”¦.Shark Boy: Shark Boy plays keep away as the clock counts down. Shark Boy stops playing around and nails Daniels will a missle dropkick. Shark ducks a clothesline and hits a neckbreaker. Daniels hits a float over ala AJ Styles and then hits the Angels Wings for the 1st win.

The next man is”¦.Sonjay Dutt: Daniels pounds on him as he enter the ring. Dutts gets the upperhand and hits a droptoe hold, dropkick to face, and slingshot elbow drop. Dutt hits a head scissors and goes for a hurricanrana but Daniels looks as if he caught him. Dutt ends up hitting the head scissors and Daniels goes to the outside. Daniels gets on the apron but Dutt dropkicks him off. Springboard moonsault by Dutt to the outside.


We we return Dutt has a submission on Daniels. Daniels throws Dutt to the outside. Dutt gets on the apron and springboards but Daniels catches him with a downward spiral. Dutt ends up in the corner where Daniels stomps on him. A series of scoop slams by Daniels. Hard whip into the corner by Daniels. Daniels looks up at the clock and sees 6 minutes to go. Gut wrench suplex and Daniels covers for 2. Daniels puts Dutt in a chinlock. DUELING CHANTS! Dutt fights back and hits a hurricanrana. Back body drop by Dutt. The sprinkler by Dutt (Old school by Undertaker). Dancing elbow by Dutt. 4 minutes left. DDT by Dutt and he covers for 2. Dutt goes for the Hindu Press but misses, he manages to land on his feet. Enzuguri followed by the Angels Wings by Daniels and he wins it.

The final man is”¦.A”¦.J”¦.FUCKING”¦..STYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniels runs and throws a chair at AJ. Daniels throws AJ into the railing. Back in the ring, a hard whip to the ropes by Daniels. Another whip to the corner and Daniels follows with a high knee. 1 Minute to go. Scoop slam and a cover by Daniels. Daniels goes for the Angels Wings but AJ counters with a double leg take down. They trade punches. A series of clotheslines by AJ. AJ goes for a springboard punch but slips as time expires. AJ grabs a mic and just announces that the Iron Man Match is only 30 minutes (boooo)
Winner- AJ’s People’s

Show End