[RAW] Updated Taboo Tuesday Card, Voting Has Begun


UPDATED: You can now vote at WWE.com by clicking here.


Last week, WWE.com announced a new match pitting Edge and Chris Masters vs. Two Smackdown Superstars to be chosen from Rey Mysterio, JBL, Matt Hardy, Christian and Hardcore Holly.

The other matches and stipulations, as listed on the Taboo Tuesday page, are:

WWE Championship
Champion John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. ????
(fans vote for either HBK, Kane or Big Show to be in the match)

Inter-Promotional Match
Edge and Chris Masters vs. ????
(fans pick two of the following: Rey, JBL, Hardy, Christian, Holly)

World Tag Team Championship
Champions Cade & Murdoch vs. ????
(two of the following, based on who gets the WWE Title shot: Big Show, Kane, HBK)

Intercontinental Championship
Champion Ric Flair vs. HHH
(fans choose “One Fall to a Finish,” submission match or steel cage match)

Battle for JR and Stone Cold’s Jobs
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jonathan Coachman
(fans choose street fight, arm wrestling or verbal debate)

Grudge Match
Mike Foley vs. Carlito
(fans choose which face of Foley to see: Dude Love, Cactus Jack or Mankind)

Women’s Championship – Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royale
Champion Trish Stratus vs. Maria vs. Mickie vs. Ashley vs. Victoria vs. Torrie vs. Candice
(fans choose if they will wear lingerie, leather & lace, or cheerleader outfits)

Handicapped Match
Eugene and ???? vs. Rob Conway
(fans choose from the following legends to team with Eugene: Kamala, Snuka, Duggan)