In Perspective: The Tasteful and the Tasteless


I miss the days where I can write that WWE put on a positive RAW, a great “A Show.” However, the most exciting portion of the night was watching JBL and Rey Mysterio Jr. after Edge and Masters trash the Smackdown roster and steal the show. I’m starting to enjoy Smackdown more than RAW and it is really easy to root against RAW when their representatives are Edge and Chris Masters.

I enjoyed the opening triple threat match because it was different, three baby faces fighting each other. It looked like Shawn Michaels missed Kane by a mile at the end with his superkick but the fact he was going to superkick Big Show for the win anyway, it was quickly made a afterthought. I don’t for see the fans voting for anyone else other than Shawn Michaels in the main event (or is the main event Coach versus Austin?) with Kurt Angle versus John Cena for the third spot in the Triple Threat match for the WWE championship.

I read that Pro Wrestling Torch’s Jason Powell feels Kurt Angle doesn’t belong in the main event picture right now and I want to disagree with him. I’m disappointed that WWE pushes the humiliation of JR by the McMahon Family down the viewers throat and Kurt Angle gets kiss ass time with either Vince or Eric Bischoff or he is just stuck in a match and that’s it. Kurt Angle SHINES and just listening to the reaction he gets, even full fledged “you suck” in unison is proof positive of that. He is main event like no other and if you let him use all his skills, even his microphone skills, he is on the same level as Shawn Michaels. I believe WWE is completely misusing his talents right now.

I’m intrigued by the teasing of the heel turn by Gregory “formerly known as Hurricane” Helms. It’s really about time and I hope he’ll be able to go in the ring as a singles competitor and shine on his own. I hope once his program is over with Rosey he will be able to go against guys like Edge, Chris Masters and Carlito.

The abuse of Mick Foley during WWE programming is another misuse of WWE legends. I’m looking forward to his match with Carlito so Carlito can continue to build experience with seasoned veterans, however it’s hard to shake the match as nothing more than novelty.

Ric Flair and Triple H’s storyline at least is full of emotion and it was obvious that the randomness of Triple H versus Viscera was going to actually occur. It was very easy to figure out that Ric Flair would do a run in and the begging for the steal cage was a good touch. I just hope they will carry it out for more than one classic PPV match because Flair and Triple H can draw serious money together.

I don’t want to discuss the extreme disappointment I felt watching Vince’s “operation” on JR sketch. I wonder if JR had any prior knowledge that was going to air and what his real feelings are on it. I can only pray this leads to a big time return for JR but I wish this entire storyline never happened. It’s a dark day for the WWE in general that JR’s personal life gets made fun of for two hours on TV. I want to say The Coach sounded better on TV this week. He’s not in JR’s league but it wasn’t painful or annoying to have him call commentary with Jerry Lawler this week.

WWE needs to rebuild their divisions and put the focus back on wrestling which is going to be hard to do now that the McMahons enjoy being back on TV again. We barely got four matches in a two hour show. Cena’s match wasn’t even for the belt (not like they ever switch heavyweight belts on TV anymore) so basically John Cena isn’t defending his belt on TV and lately he’s not even working the microphone. The show lately is nothing more than the burial of JR and that’s putting it in perspective. Thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line at