[RAW] Sting On Raw – Trick or Treat?


Thanks to Dustin Young for pointing this out:

Over at The Stinger Site – Sting is reporting that he will be on Monday Night Raw.

If you go further and click on the calendar date itself, you see that his opponent is scheduled to be Shelton Benjamin.

Nothing currently on WWE.COM shows that Sting, one of the only WCW main eventers to never work in the WWE, will be there. Could this be just a Halloween joke? Possibly.. but why?

EDIT: As you may notice there the links don’t work as I said they would. They were working, I promise. Moments, literally seconds, after I finished this for posting. The data from Sting’s Website was gone.

The calendar information stated this:

WWE Monday Night RAW on the USA network
The Stinger-VS-Shelton Benjamin 9pm-11pm
The most watched action packed wrestling show world wide

Who made the mistake? We’ll find out Monday I guess.