The Amazing Race – Recap – Episode 8-6

OK, so I was half-right last week, but a non-elimination leg is commonplace for leg 5 or 6, so that’s no big deal in my book. I still got the last place team wrong.

An article that I feel you NEED to read before watching this week’s episode is Matt Romanada’s column discussing the seeming problems with both this season’s ‘The Amazing Race’ and ‘Survivor’. This being a recap of ‘The Amazing Race’, I’d recommend you read that half now and save the other half for when you read Sarah Jane Correia’s live Survivor recap. (Warning!! Romo’s World may contain spoilers!!)

It’s a good read, although I should point out that unlike early seasons, the producers of the show arrange for a local cameraman and gopher/mic operator/whatever to travel with the teams where possible, so that it’s not a pain in the ass to buy tickets for plane rides – and also to further minimize the risk of spoilers (since a couple of camera crews on the same plane would probably arouse suspicion).

OK, enough with the pluggery, on with the pre-game show!!

This week, the teaser tells us that the teams are heading from Panama to the tropical land of Costa Rica. Which makes sense, given the rain forest comment in last week’s preview footage. It also means that teams will likely be equalized at the airport, giving the Godlewski’s a chance to beg for money and to possibly gain an advantage due to their lack of checked baggage.

The Linz family dropped another place this week, but I can’t say that I’m worried. Take away the Paolo’s Fast Forward, and they probably stay third. And again, this is probably irrelevant, as they’ll probably bunch up at the airport, which negates any time advantages/disadvantages teams have. With that said, teams really need to be more like the Bransens and think a little bit ahead when they do have a bit of a lead. The Bransens are doing the little things like finding out flight times before they reach the airport, so they know where to line up and such.

All right, this is more hope than anything else so here’s to wishing that this team goes to… wherever eliminated teams go:

Standings after 5 legs:

1. Paolo aka NYC (FF) – Have DJ and Marion… bonded?
2. Weaver aka Florida – Pretty steady last week
3. Bransen (Illinois) – Doing all the little things right.
4. Linz (Ohio) – I still want them to win
5. Gaghan (Connecticut) – This is gonna catch up to you, you know
6. Godlewski aka Team Pink – There ought to be a law against wearing 5 layers of underwear.
x7. Schroeder
x8. Aiello
x9. Rogers
x10. Black

Last week, teams travelled from New Orleans, Louisiana tp Panama City, Panama during their race around North and Central America. They bungee jumped, went bird watching, gathered instruments, and played baseball. Oh, and the Godlewski sisters got robbed by Phil at the Pit Stop. Bad host!!

6 teams are left. Who will be eliminated… next?

And we are Live on Inside Pulse with The Amazing Race 8. Got a question? I’m logged into AOL Instant Messenger as kevwwong.

Episode 8-6 – I’m Sick of Doing Stuff I Can’t Do
We are at the Miraflores Locks on the Pacific edge of the Panama Canal in (surprise) Panama, the fifth Pit Stop in a “race around the world”.

The Paolo family, who were the first team to arrive at , are the first to leave at 8:22pm. They’re told to travel 600 miles on a charter bus to San Jose, Costa Rica. That’s a helluva long ride.

There are three buses for 2 teams each, departing 30 minutes apart. When they reach San Jose, they need to drive themselves 30 miles to the rim of Volcan Poas. They grab a taxi.

Weaver, 9:11pm. They say a prayer, and note that they’ve been raised not to trust anyone else. That’s a rather un-Christian attitude.

Bransen, 9:16pm. They note that they have $74 for this leg.

Linz, 9:17pm. They manage to get a taxi before either the Weavers or Bransens.

Gaghan, 9:23pm. They also get a taxi quickly by going to a hotel.

The Weavers and Bransens finally get taxis.

The Paolos are at the bus station, and get Bus #1 at 11:30am. The Linzes arrive and get Bus #1 as well. DJ doesn’t mind – after all, it’s not Florida (Weaver).

Godlewski of course recieve $0 as a result of being the last team to arrive at the non-elimination Pit Stop. And now they’re begging for it, using their feminine charms. And they’re dragging their clothes around using a pillowcase.

Weaver and Gaghan get the 12:00pm bus. Bransens arrive and get the last bus, as do Godlewski.

All the buses leave. It’s nighttime in Costa Rica, and the Linz and Paolo family arrive. They head to the car park, which thankfully is open 24 hours. They head out.

Bus #2 arrives. The two teams are looking around. Bus #3 arrives, and the two teams get help to find the car park. Noone’s having any luck.

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Teams finally find the Car Park and head out. There are some stick shift issues. Wally refuses to look for directions. The Weavers keep asking God for help.

Linz and Paolo arrive, and find out that the park is closed. Fuck, it’s a bottleneck. Needless to say, everyone catches up.

Morning, teams are preparing to run for it. Linz are first to the cluebox. They’re told to head to the Doka Estate. Oh, and there’s a Yield ahead.

Linz are out first, followed by Weaver, Gaghan, Paolo, Godlewski and Bransen.

Linz are planning to maybe Yield the Weavers. As mama Weaver asks for directions, the other teams pass her. And it seems that the other teams want to Yield the Weavers as well.

At the Estate, Phil explains the Yield – and there are only two of them in this Race. The Paolos reach the mat first, and choose to Yield the Weavers.

Roadblock – find the red coffee bean among 800 pounds of beans. Marion Paolo takes it. Also doing the Roadblock are Tammy Gaghan, Lauren Bransen, Megan Linz and Tricia Godlewski.

Tricia finds the bean first, and are told to travel to a surf shop in Jaco (94 miles away) and find Javier. Marion Paolo finds the bean next.

The Weavers arrive and find out that they’re Yielded. They then make fun of Tony Paolo’s garbage truck.

Megan finds the bean next. The Weavers make fun of the other teams. Sore Yieldees.

Lauren finds the bean. They pass the Weavers and wish them luck. The Weavers act like they’ve been insulted, and think that they could get eliminated this leg. Tammy’s having trouble, but standing up and searching probably isn’t the best strategy here.

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The Weavers refuse to play the Yield game, and say they answer to a higher power, and consider it cheating. Hey, don’t hate the playas, hate the game.

The Yield is up, and Rachel Weaver takes it as Tammy is still looking.

In Jaco, the Godlewskis are looking around. Paolos are still looking around.

Rachel Weaver finds the red bean. Tammy FINALLY finds it, and the Gaghans are off in last place.

Bransen and Paolo find Javier. It’s a Detour – Relic or Ripe.

Relic – travel to a rain forest and traverse rope bridges to find four relics.

Ripe – travel to a plantation and gather 15 bushels of bananas and pull bananas to a distribution centre.

Bransens opt for Relic, while Paolo take Ripe. Linz arrive and take Relic.

Gaghan decide to pick up a local to help them find the clue. Godlewski reach Javier, and decide on Relic.

Paolo start the Ripe task. Linz and Bransen arrive at the rain forest.

In Jaco, Weavers find Javier and take Relic. Paolos have gathered 8 bushels already. Bransen and Linz gather the relics. Gaghan find Javier and take Relic. Paolos finish the Ripe task. They’re told to travel 20 miles to the Pit Stop at a beach in Quepos. The last team to arrive may be eliminated.

Bransens finish the task, as do Linz, and they’re off to the Pit Stop. Godlewski finish the task as the Weavers start. Gaghan arrive as Weavers leave. Or maybe not, as God has seen fit to get their wheels stuck in the grass. They can’t push it out and start freaking out, as the Gaghans find the Relics.

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Mama Weaver is still freaking, and manages to get the van out. They’re off, and the Gaghans are just finishing up. Paolos are in Quepos, as Bransen and Linz arrive. Paolos reach the beach, and are running to the Pit Stop. The Bransens and Linzes are trying to catch up. It’s a 3-way race for first, and team number one are – the Paolos! They’ve won either an ATV, a Vespa or a Segway – their choice.

Linz family are right behind as team number two, and the Bransens are team number three. Godlewski arrive and are team number four.

And it’s the race to not finish last. Bill Gaghan is very upbeat, while the Weavers are just looking around. Which pretty much means that the Gaghans are finishing last. Sure enough, the Weavers arrive in fifth. The Gaghans are walking, and are the last team to arrive, and they have been Philiminated.

Next week, Tony Paolo can’t keep his head above water, and Wally loses patience with his kids.

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