[RAW] Backstage Notes on Jim Ross & Taboo Tuesday Plans


No one seems to know what’s going on with the Jim Ross angle, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. While most of the creative team has been told Ross was in fact not coming back, only Vince, Stephanie, HHH and Johnny Ace know for sure what the story is. People have said that Vince and JR’s personal relationship is “twisted,” but that there is no middle man, as is the case with many other WWE workers and on-air talent. The surgery, reports on WWE.com including news on JR’s health, a statement from JR and emails from JR fans, as well as there being no ideal replacement under WWE contract makes this one of the more interesting stories of the year.

In other news, also from the Observer, due to early reports weeks before last year’s Taboo Tuesday PPV coming out about WWE attempted influence on fan voting, WWE is running a tight ship regarding press leaks. They were apparently furious last year about reports coming out that WWE wanted HBK vs. HHH to be the fan-chosen main event. Stephanie has reportedly said that any writers known to use portable devices such as blackberries will be looked at closely, which has resulted in a strange work environment.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter (click here for subscription information)

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