Mobius Band – The Loving Sounds of Static Review

Mobius BandThe Loving Sounds of Static

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The Inside Pulse:
Wity, heartfelt, inventive, and sincere. Many other words could be used to describe this album but let’s keep this simple because the album certainly isn’t. A band with an indie history and a trio of critically acclaimed EP’s makes for a very solid and noteworthy first full length release. Laden with matured lyrical content and a beautifully crafted fresh sound, this album sets the stage for the next big, unfound, thing. These three college chums from a small Massachusetts town refuse to let trends or label pressure dictate their art. Now that they have relocated to Brooklyn, the musical floodgates have opened. If The Loving Sounds of Static is not enough for you, it is certainly a taste of the potential this band has for the future.

Electronic indie pop rock that is seamlessly blended for smooth and natural taste. This is a relatively rare sort of record that aggressively cross-pollinates genres and will set the bar for a whole new breed of musical mutts. Every song is unique, memorable and superb in its own right. There are no filler songs. For the expectations of a band that has a lot of lyrical depth and some emo subject matter, the music is still catchy and pretty. This truly is a fantastic ‘album’.

Ten tracks just weren’t enough. The lyrics are not printed in the liner notes. The vocals are, at times, aesthetically flat and somewhat monotone.

Cross Breed:
Aphex Twin, Postal Service, U2, Interpol, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, and Snow Patrol.

Reason to Buy:
This may be the sleeper album of the year in the elctro synth indie pop rockers genre that is bubbling up right now. There are no rules here but they make it sound right. This album will definately grow on you.

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