Survivor: Guatemala – Recap – Episode 11-8

“The Hidden Immunity Doll”
Episode #1108
November 3, 2005

Previously on Survivor: Sweet reward won by Yaxha, zip lines through the jungle, chocolate feast, surprise visit at Nakum camp by Yaxha, birthday pool party, party pooper Jamie, Immunity won by Nakum, Yaxha’s Amy worries about going out, Brandon’s ties tested, Amy voted out, tribes merged with red buffs.

Ten are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Nakum, Night 18: Nakum is fast asleep when the remainder of Yaxha enters the camp. Danni says it feels weird heading over to the other camp. Gary rallies the troops to stick together and play it cool. Bobby Jon says that he can’t be around Stephanie and Jamie without having to vomit, so he doesn’t know what to do. Nakum is shocked both at the merge and the fact that Amy got voted out.

Bobby Jon starts stoking the fire. Jamie tells Bobby Jon that there’s no room in the shelter, he’ll have to sleep outside. BJ does his best to ignore him. Brandon joins BJ in the morning gathering wood. Danni feels like an outsider. Brandon assumes that he or BJ are the ones to go this week.

Rafe and Lydia walk to get tree-mail. They are informed that there is a small, small Immunity Idol hidden in the woods. The person who finds the idol does not need to make the others aware that they have found it. It does not need to be used right away, but it must be used before the Final Four. It must be presented at Tribal Council in order to be used.

Steph and BJ talk about going to the to at least the jury together. As long as Brandon doesn’t get Immunity, they have a deal.

Day 20: Lydia asks if a new name has been thought of. They have merged the two names to create Xhakum. (pronounced chah-KUM) The search continues for the idol. Rafe complains that he’s the worst person ever to find things. In doing so, he angers a hornet’s nest and gets attacked.

Gary makes lures for the fishing hooks. Stephanie complains that there hasn’t been any food up for grabs. “This is the first merge without a celebration.” Danni and others are fed up, and leave to go fishing. Gary, Danni, BJ, and Brandon head out. Jamie knocks the foursome for leaving and assuming that the others didn’t notice. Judd laughs that the person who brings the biggest fish back is the one to go home. They sit back and snack on honey while ruthlessly bashing the foursome.

Rafe feels guilty about being part of the “Axis of Evil”, and does not want to be part of the back-stabbing.

Xhakum, day 21: Laughter and relaxation around the pool. They had to anchor it off shore, due to the quick-sand at the camp. BJ is confident that the other six will be in for a big surprise.

Tree-mail suggests that the contestants practice walking around with a clay pot balanced on their heads. All try, Danni’s drops and shatters on the ground.

Immunity and Reward Challenge

Individual Immunity is now up for grabs. The merge feast is open for those who want part of it. If they take part in the fiesta, they don’t compete for immunity. If the compete for Immunity, they don’t get the feast. Judd, Cindy, Brandon, Danni, Gary, BJ, take part in the challenge. Rafe, Jaimie, Lydia and Steph go feast.

The challenge is an endurance competition, holding a clay pot on their heads without touching it. After an hour, a tie-breaker will determine the winners.

Jaimie and BJ have a back and forth about sides and loyalty. Rafe cries about being poor sports, and having such a divided team. Danni looses her pot first. At the end of the hour, the remainder are standing. Tie breaker is a race up the pyramid with their pots on their head. First up, or longest with their pot on their head wins. Gary makes it to the top first.

Gary wins Immunity!

Xhakum, day 21: Jamie and Judd argue about eating versus competing. Judd tells him that he was way too annoying. Danni describes Jamie as a classless ass. Judd keeps telling him to shut up. Cindy and Rafe are equally sick of him. Rafe says that he wants to vote Jamie out. Cindy agrees. BJ does his best to plant more seeds about getting rid of Jamie.

BJ and Jamie keep going back and forth about going home, Brandon’s head being on the chopping block, Jamie keeps pushing and pushing, but BJ and Brandon are staying cool.

When Jamie is gone, BJ tells Brandon that Jamie is the one leaving tonight, that he’s gotten the okay from Judd, Steph, and Rafe. Brandon said he’d crap his pants if that’s the way things go. Brandon is mentally preparing himself to go home, but now this turn has changed things. He wonders the woods looking for the Idol.

Gary talks to Rafe about voting gout Jamie. Rafe is wishy-washy. Gary tells him to “do what’s right”. Danni does the same with Cindy.

Tribal Council

Rafe is asked about Jamie’s comments at Challenge. He doesn’t want it to be an “us v them” situation, like it is. BJ says it was no class. Jamie interrupts and tells him he’s got class. Cindy tells Jeff that she participated in the challenge, and that it hurts that her team did not support her. Gary tells the others to vote their heart, and not their mind. Cindy is basing her vote on her emotions and morals.

Jeff asks if anyone has found the Idol, and wants to use it. No one comes forward.

Voting time

Jamie votes for Brandon.
Bobby Jon votes for Jamie.

Jeff tallies the votes. Jamie has 4, Brandon has 6.

9th person voted out of Survivor Guatemala is Brandon.