Sevendust – Next Review

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The Inside Pulse:
Sevendust is a band that has gone through a lot of changes in the past 14 months. Starting off, their guitarist Clint Lowery left the band at the end of 2004 to join Dark New Day. Following that, Sevendust decided to split from long time label TVT and join up with a small label known as Winedark. They finally replaced their missing guitarist with Sonny Mayo of Snot, Hed(p.e.), and Amen fame. After all of this change, what does Sevendust bring to the table with their fifth studio album, Next?

Very angry album to start off. “Hero” and “Pieces” are both very angst ridden songs. However, the majority of the tracks on this album is classic Sevendust. And by classic, I mean heavy guitar rifts and stellar drums accompanied by Lajon Witherspoon’s soulful lyrics. And his voice is certainly one of a kind when it comes to the metal department. You can feel every word that he’s singing.

Sevendust won’t surprise many long time listeners with this disc. It’s standard Sevendust and although that may be considered a strength, I think a lot of people were expecting something a little different with the change in lineup.

If you enjoy something slightly heavier than nu-metal with angry R&B-ish vocals, Sevendust is totally your band.

Reason to buy:
Although a very good disc, and one of the best produced metal records this year, Sevendust fans may be waiting for more on this disc. They show hints of breaking through, but alas, it does not come to fruition. Recommended to buy if you’re a long time fan, but if you’re a first time Sevendust listener, give either Animosity, Sevendust, or Home a listen to.

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