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Hey Daron how’s it going?

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Going good here. Already cut part of this article myself so hope it’s not too long. I think we’re getting some good columns with this Iron Man/X-Men stuff.

Let’s start up.

Nathaniel emails

Question for you, my good man… when it comes to Marvel U trivia, there is no one better to call. Am I right?

Yep I’m your man.

Heroes die all the time, and come back. It’s standard. Personally, I think a “death” counts if it lasts a reasonable amount of time. That said, can I have a list of the KILLERS of Marvel heroes?

Obviously, there is Bullseye. He gets credit for killing Elektra, even though she obviously aint dead no’ mo’. And didn’t Sabretooth kill Psyclocke? And yes, Green Goblin killed Gwen Stacy, but did he ever kill a hero? I’m not interested in killers, just in hero-killers.
Can you help me out?


Sabretooth did not kill Psylocke. But he did kill Silverfox. Wolverine’s lover. She wasn’t really a hero though

Now let’s go with real villains killing heroes:

Ani-mator killed Cypher
Baron Zemo I killed Bucky I (I know he’s back now to)
Baron Zemo II killed Wonder Man
Bullseye killed Elektra but she came back
Count Nefaria killed Thunderbird I
Deathurge killed Hellcat
Fantomex killed Darkstar
Graviton killed Charcoal
Grotesk killed Changeling
Jerry Jaxon killed Guardian (James Hudson)
Kang killed Swordsman I
Mephisto killed Mockingbird
Moondragon killed Drax
Morg killed Nova (Frankie Raye) plus Air-Walker robot
Nitro helped killed Captain Mar-Vell
Onslaught killed most of the Marvel heroes
Punisher. After all he did “kill” Nick Fury
Sauron killed Cannonball once
Scarlet Witch killed Hawkeye, Ant-Man II and Vision in Avengers Disassembled
Scourge (a.k.a. Nomad) killed Atlas, Jolt, Techno
Shriek killed Dagger once
Shuma-Gorath killed Ancient One
Surtur killed Odin
Thanos killed most every hero he came across in Infinity Gauntlet but all returned
Thor killed the Air-Walker robot
Ultron killed Jocasta
Vargas killed Psylocke
Wolverine killed Northstar

Most killers in Marvel don’t kill heroes. They kill supporting cast and others. But some heroes do get killed as well as you can see above. Plus I didn’t mention them all. I once did a series of dead characters. That took along time. This one would as well. Plus a lot of heroes just come back.

Colin emails

Apocalypse was rendered an incorporeal astral form, and Cable took advantage of the opportunity to apparently destroy him, sundering his spirit with his Psimitar.

What’s his “Psimitar”? Is it like Betsy’s psychic knife? I thought he couldn’t use his powers because he has to keep the virus at bay? I know it’s tk that holds it off, but can he really focus enough energy on another power to physically manifest his psychic powers?

Nothing like Psylocke’s psychic blade

The Askani weapon of choice, the Psi-Mitar was originally a long staff with a spear point on one end and a scythe blade on the other. It functions as a focus and amplifier for telepathic or telekinetic power, which it can project as a force beam. Cable, who would grow to be the most proficient wielder of the weapon, first encountered it when he was found by his future wife and Askani novitiate Aliya in Ebonshire.

In later years, Cable forsook the Psi-Mitar when his powers faded after being diverted for so long to keep his techno-organic infection at bay. However, long after he returned to the era of his birth, Sanctity sent Ch’vayre back to the present with the Psi-Mitar, which he gave to Cable. Cable was able to use the Psi-Mitar to amplify his powers to great levels, but without it remained mostly powerless.

Later still, Cable (or Blaquesmith appears to have modified the Psi-Mitar, giving it the ability to physically become telepathic energy, so that Cable could manifest it at will. It also appeared periodically with a short handle and a fist-covering wrap around guard that fired energy beams.

And now, the end of Iron Man vs the X-Men….


“I guess the problem that I have in this argument is that not many writers seem to realize the potential of the armor. And by writers I mean the comic book writers. In fact, I think that’s one of the reasons they’ve given Tony so many personal problems over the years, especially his health problems.”

It’s not that they don’t realize the potential of the armour, it’s that the way TherCanBeOnly1 goes on about how easily Iron Man can take out everyone is boring. The way he describes it, Iron Man has never been hit – except by a nuclear bomb one time – ever, because he’s so friggin good that the armour knows an attack is coming, from where, is fast enough to dodge it, and counter within a second. Obviously, Tony’s been hit before, but you wouldn’t know it from this explanation.

There’s no “potential” in something that’s already maxed out. And I would argue that Tony must be some kind of chump, because his armour is so perfect, and yet he can still have a tough time in a fight. With all the gadgets he has, he should NEVER be hit. That’s the problem with this whole debate though. The X-Men, even as a team, really have no chance. We all know that sure, they somehow always pull out the victory; but Iron Man can’t really be stopped here. In debating the pros/cons of all the players, we know that the X-Men can only do so much. We know where their powers begin and end. People like Iron Man, Batman and Reed Richards are cheap because there’s the deus ex machina that “well, they’re so smart that they whip up a transsupraextradimensionalultimo-ray to win the fight”. We can argue that well, Wolvie can do this, Cyke can do this, but that’s nullified because Tony is prepared with every piece of tech in the world, even those that are not possible.

That said, the X-Men win. Tony’s a genious, but his genious is finite. Ladies (yea, right) and gentlemen, I present to you the Incinerator of Iron Man, the Totaller of Tony, the Annihilator of Armour: Forge! His mutant power is to create ANYTHING! He can make a suit of armour for each X-Man that would put any Stark creation to shame! If we’re going to say that Tony can just “be ready for them and his tech is good enough to beat them”, I’m taking the cheap way out and saying that Forge just makes “something” to beat him. Eat it, Tony.

HAHAHA Good way to come up with a solution I must admit. Bring in Forge. I like it. That was great. I like it.

Bwaaahahahahaha. Great call, Colin. I had completely forgotten about Forge”¦ I’m totally gonna start calling Forge: Forge, The Iron Man Killer.

I also have to agree with your initial statement. I was trying to say pretty much the last time.

Richard emails

Howdy ya’ll !

Hey Rich

Dig the column as always. I have one question and one request.

Q: Was there some type of feud between Claremont and Dave Sim in the early 80’s?

I believe there was a feud but I was mostly just reading comics at the time. Just like you. I wasn’t in the industry or anything. I would sort of have to ask around more then anything. I don’t know what happened exactly. Daron might though. So let’s find out.

That sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t remember the details. Maybe one of our readers will know once we post this”¦

1 feud involving Chris I remember from the 80s:

Jim Shooter used Magneto as a conventional villain in the Secret Wars even though Claremont had been slowly rehabilitating the character.

Request: Is there any way that you can give a series synopsis of Strikeforce: Morituri? I think it is one of the most underrated series of all time. Also, what ever became of Peter Gillis, the writer of the series?

Alright. This should really be interesting. Not many people know about my love of this series. I am a big fan. So we’ll do a nice synopsis

Aliens have invaded Earth and nearly succeeded in conquering it and stripping it of its resources. A scientist discovers a process, which can provide humans with superhuman powers, effectively creating a group of defending superheroes. However, the process would also ensure that the empowered humans would die within a year of being empowered. The series thus focused on the heroism of the main characters in fighting the invaders, while living with the knowledge that their fates were sealed regardless of whether or not they prevailed.

In 2069, an alien race called “the Horde” arrived in Earth’s solar system. Although they were technologically advanced far beyond humanity at that time, they were extremely savage. Examples of this savagery include retaliatory slaughter of human slaves (this was shown after the victory of the Black Watch), and the decapitation of children, especially by literally ripping their heads off. (One particularly brutal terror-tactic favored by the Horde early in the war was to capture large numbers of humans in order to take them just outside the Earth’s atmosphere and then eject them from the ships, allowing their bodies to burn up in re-entry. This tactic became known to humans as ‘a Highdive’.) It was later discovered that they had stolen their technology from a kindly alien race that visited their planet. The aliens were slaughtered by the Horde. The Horde traveled the galaxy in order to steal resources, food, and technologies, since they had no knowledge of how to fix the ships they used. They viewed the Earth as a resource to be plundered. If the Horde had wanted to completely conquer mankind, then they would easily have done so. Instead, they contented themselves with brutal raids that left the Earth functioning but reeling under the impact. The Padeia Institute which then ruled the planet began to organize Earth defenses against these attacks.

Humankind’s best hope was discovered in 2072, when Dr. Kimmo Tuolema perfected the Morituri Process. This allowed people with a specific type of genetic structure to have a new metabolism implanted over their original one, granting them unique superhuman powers. However, as became clear with the first group of test subjects, the host would eventually reject the implant as a foreign body, resulting in a violent death that would occur anytime between the completion of the process and a year afterward.

The first group of test subjects, later known as “the Black Watch”, were volunteer soldiers. Of the five members, two died before seeing active service, at the point of activation of their powers. The remaining three had their first field test in Cape Town, taking on Horde forces there; though they were successful in battle, none of them survived. Tuolema later deduced that the older the subject, the quicker their system would reject the process, and the decision was taken that all subsequent Morituri recipients were to be between 18 and 21 to maximize life expectancy.

All new Morituri candidates started the process with a process, which enhanced strength and endurance, making it easier for them to live through the rest of the treatment, designed to grant individual powers. After completing this stage, the volunteers would be placed in the Garden, a booby-trapped test facility designed to heighten stress levels and precipitate the emergence of each candidate’s powers. In 2073 the first of the new Strikeforce: Morituri entered active service.

As was to be expected, the Morituri saw many deaths in their ranks during the war, sometimes from enemy action, but mainly from the Morituri effect, the term given to the body’s rejection of the process. In spite of membership being a death sentence, the threat of the Horde meant that there was never a shortage of volunteers willing to give up their lives in the defence of mankind. Right from the start, the Morituri showed a propensity for disobeying orders in order to grasp opportunities to attack the enemy; knowing their time was short, they resented being kept out of action for any length of time.

It was the fourth generation of Morituri who saw a real change to the process. In fact, there were two sets of fourth generations. One was created without the input of Tuolema, with disastrous results, and the victims chose suicide over life in the twisted bodies they ended up with. But one of Tuolema’s fourth generation of Morituri proved to be the group’s salvation; Revenge, who had been a captive of the Horde prior to becoming a Morituri, carried a virus which eventually proved to be the counteragent which stopped rejection. When this was discovered, the surviving Morituri regained a chance to live a full lifespan (too late for the first and second, and all but one of the third generation).
The war with the Horde was unexpectedly brought to a close. A new race of aliens, dubbed the VXX199, entered Earth orbit, destroyed the Horde fleet, and then departed without explanation. Other problems soon arose: the Morituri process being performed on a trio of killers with the intent to assassinate the surviving members of the Strikeforce and the Prime Minster.

The Blackwatch
Aaron Ray Leonard – died before manifestation of powers
Patricia Lynne Sobrero – died before manifestation of powers
Clinton Brian Rogers – Strength
Bruce Hagashi – Speed
Woodrow Joshua Green – Energy Projection (from eyes)

The First Generation of Morituri
Carol Rayweick – died before manifestation of powers
Macintire Kenlin – died before manifestation of powers
Lorna Leigh Raeburn (Snapdragon) – plasma blasts
Harold Carl Everson (Vyking) – Energy redirection, lifeform detection (referred to as ‘imaging’; could detect primarily other Morituri and alien lifeforms)
Robert Greenbaum (Marathon) – Strength, strength grew the longer he refrained from using it, charging up as time passed; also carried a defensive shield
Jelene Anderson (Adept) – Hyper-invention and hyper-intelligence (limited to physical contact with object to be examined), Chemical Mimicry/Creation (can create objects and organic substances beneficial or harmful to the object analyzed. Was developing cosmic awareness before death due to the ‘Morituri Effect’.
Louis Armanetti (Radian) – Full spectrum E-M emissions. Needed ‘focusing sleeves’ on his uniform to concentrate his emissions effectively.
Aline Pagrovna (Blackthorne) – Disrupt molecular bonds, causing things to melt and break.
Col. Elizabeth Luis Nion – Plant Control

The Second Generation of Morituri
Pilar Lisieux (Scaredycat) – Projecting Empathy (limited to fear projection), superhuman speed
William Deguchi (Scatterbrain) – Telepathy (initially could only use to project to all individuals in a given area and only thoughts; later could project mental states – drunkeness, perfect clarity, etc. After encounter with the Fourth Generation Morituri telepath, his power began to expand into clairsentience (if not for the ‘Morituri Effect’ Deguchi may have achieved ‘cosmic awareness’). Because of neural damage sustained during training session in ‘The Garden’, Deguchi wears a leg brace.
Ruth Mastorakis (Toxyn)- Produce beneficial/harmful biochemical agents capable of affecting organic/inorganic materials and lifeforms

The Third Generation of Morituri
Greg Mattingly (Backhand)- Redirect energy
Domenica Contreras (Brava) – Superhuman strength
Burke O’Halloran (Hardcase) – Molecular control (limited to enhancing the molecular density of any object to make it nearly indestructible. Could perform this on living beings, but rendered them immobile – and was possibly fatal if they closed their mouths so they couldn’t breathe).
Walther Feyzioglu (Shear) – Slice through objects on the molecular level Could only do this up to one meter away.
Akiya Bandaranaike (Silencer) – Vibration Control (could nullify vibratory patterns to inhibit sounds). Also used this power to induce fatal heart attacks in members of Fourth Generation Morituri (as one member was an energy-based being, there was indication that her power was progressing into a EM-controlling ability similar to Radian’s).
John Crenosa (Wildcard) – Power Duplication (limited to other Morituri)

The Fourth Generation of Morituri
4 unnamed members
Morituri #1 – massive psionic powers, including telepathy and psionic energy blasts.
Morituri #2 – unknown, but appeared to have (possible?) growth or super-strength.
Morituri #3 – unknown, but appeared to have some sort of avian/aquatic growths.
Morituri #4 – unknown but energy-related; mutated into unstable energy form contained in special shielded area.

The Fifth Generation of Morituri
Jason Edwards (Revenge) – Energy conversion – on touch, could cause solid objects to convert to any chosen form of energy.
Dan Baker (Scanner) – Clairsentience (believed at first that he had ‘superhuman senses’)
Yoko Wantanabe (Burn) – Pyrokinetic
Fiona Windsor (Lifter) – Telekinesis, telekinetic flight

The Assassins
Tam Van Ok (Ghost) – Invisibility (limited to the EM spectrum; could be detected by psionics)
Zakir Shastri (Tiger) – Energy claws capable of cutting through most objects
Julio Gonzales (Wind) – Supersonic speed

Strikeforce Morituri: Electric Undertow.

This took place five years after the events of the last issue and dealt with the fate of the VXX199. They were waiting behind the moon, slowly modifying mankind’s culture to their requirements, planning to induce spontaneous combustions in the population and then harness the psychic energies released. The four remaining Morituri learned of this, thanks to some bizarre allies (including the sentient A.I. hologram of dead Morituri Scatterbrain), and travelled to the VXX-199’s base, where they destroyed its CPU, ending this second alien threat

If anyone wants to read more go find issues of the series in the back issue bin at your local comic shop. Also demand a Trade from Marvel. Strikeforce fans have been wanting one for years.

Also feel free to check out some sites like:



As for the writer: Peter Gillis he did do other Marvel comics:

Adventures of the Thing 3
Avengers Spotlight 21
Bizarre Adventures 30
Black Panther (v2) 1-4
Captain America (v1) 224, 238-239, 246
Captain America Annual 7
The Defenders (v1) 131-152
Dr. Strange (v2) 74, 76 – 81
Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme 1-4
Eternals (v2) 1-8
The Incredible Hulk (v2) 227-229
Iron Man Annual 5-6
John Carter, Warlord of Mars 28
Marvel Comics Presents 20, 22, 61, 65
Marvel Fanfare (v1) 8
Marvel Premiere 54
Marvel Super-Heroes (v3) 3
Marvel Two-In-One 45, 51
Master of Kung Fu 102
Micronauts (v1) 59
Micronauts (v2) The New Voyages 1-20
The Mighty Thor Annual 12
The Savage Sword of Conan 169
Solo Avengers 16, 18, 20
Strange Tales (v2) 1-19
Strikeforce Morituri 1-20
Super-Villain Team-Up 16-17
The Tomb of Dracula (Magazine) 5
What the?! 1-2, 5-6, 17
What if? (v1) 18-19, 23, 25, 29-30, 40, 42-47
What if? Special 1

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1
The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 9

Essential Tomb of Dracula 4
The Tomb of Dracula (Magazine) 3

So there’s a lot out there.

He currently maintains a blog that leans left-wing


Welcome. That was fun to do.

Blake asked

Top ten most productive writers

I’m thinking most productive would mean they do a lot of work for Marvel. We’ll do the current list. (if we did old school you know the big names that would be present.)

I’m just telling you now most of these writers are my favorites

1. Brian Michael Bendis (he does a ton of books: DD, New Avengers, Pulse, Ultimate Spidey, and Powers. Although some he’s dropping now.)

2. J. Michael Straczynski (He does: Amazing Spidey, Supreme Power, Fantastic Four, and Book of Lost Souls. He will also do Surfer and Bullet Points next year)

3. Sean McKeever (He’s doing Sentinel, Spidey loves MJ, and Marvel Adventures Spidey. He has also done work on Hulk, Gravity, and Inhumans)

4. Mark Millar (He’s doing Ultimate FF, Ultimates 2. He also did Wolverine and MK Spidey this year)

5. Robert Kirkman (He’s got Ultimate X-Men, Marvel Zombies, What If, and Marvel Team-Up on his list. Also he’s doing Invincible. (I mention for Marvel Team-Up) and did Jubilee and FF Foes this year)

6. Paul Jenkins (he’s got: Generation M, Sentry, and Mythos all on his plate. He also did Spectacular Spidey and Thor)

7. Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men the End and New Excalibur. He’s also doing Daughters of the Dragon and Decimation right now are on his list currently. He’s an X-Men main stay most of the time)

8. Garth Ennis (Taking you to the darker side of Marvel here with Punisher and Ghost Rider on his list.

9. Daniel Way (Now Daniel is doing a few books: Wolverine, Hulk, Punisher/Bullseye, Nighthawk and an issue of What If.)

10. David Hine (Mutopia X, Son of M, Colossus, and X-Men 198 are on his list. He also did DD Redemption and District X.)

Some others to note:

Michael Oeming
Peter David
Fabian Nicieza
Reginald Hudlin
Craig Kyle
Dan Slott
Warren Ellis
Roberto Aguirre-sacasa
Brian Vaughan
Peter Milligan
Ed Brubaker

I can go on but heck it’s a good list as of now.

Wow, you’re not including Ed B, BKV or PAD in the actual top ten? I think I just lost a little respect for you Jim”¦just a little 🙂

Top ten most productive arstists…..

1. John Romita Jr (Sentry, Wolverine, Black Panther, Amazing Spidey, and more. John is a great artist and busy one)

2. Chris Bachalo (My friend Rich would kill me if I didn’t list him. He does Colossus, Uncanny X-Men, Runaways, plus did Age of Apocalypse

3. Frank Cho (Shanna, New Avengers, MK Spidey are on his list and he’s doing more)

4. Pat Lee (MK Spidey, Iron Man HOM, and he did FF/X-Men for Marvel)

5. Aaron Lopresti (Did Excalibur, New X-Men, doing Sentinel Squad 1)

6. Steve Dillon (Doing Punisher/Bullseye, Nighthawk and did the Bullseye series)

7. Jim Muniz (doing X-Men 198, did MK 4 and Hulk Destruction)

8. Scott Kolins (He did some Marvel Team-Up, Thor Blood Oath, She-Hulk and Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes )

9. Brandon Peterson (Ultimate Galactus, some Ultimate X-Men and Strange all this year)

10. Tom Raney (Also did some of the Ultimate Galactus, Ultimate X-Men and some Uncanny X-Men this year)

Others of note:

Andrea Di Vito
Salvador Larroca
Mike Deodato
Mike Norton
Sean Phillips
Paco Medina
Michael Ryan
Travel Foreman
Pablo Raymond
Manuel Garcia
Mark Brooks
Scot Eaton
Michael Wieringo

There’s your list Blake. Bet Daron won’t like mine though lol. I don’t have it in favorites order and I didn’t go old school.

See above”¦

Patrick emails

Howdy Jim and Daron, how’s it going?

Going good here.

Not bad here.

I stopped reading comics several years ago, back around the time Xtreme X-men came out, and didn’t pick back up until a couple years ago. I haven’t really read an X-Men comic since, and I just had a question of sorts. I was reading the Sinister history you wrote up, and had some questions regarding Gambit:

1. Where (time/issue) did Gambit encounter Sinister in the past for his brain surgery.

Depends on what you want to believe.

If you believe X-Men the End then Sinister created Gambit as a clone of himself and the baby was kidnapped.

If not we go to the flashback in Uncanny 350 in which we see Gambit meet Sinister. But of course we also know Gambit also traveled in time to meet him earlier.

Also this little brain thing was shown in Gambit # 14.

2. Is that what the mystery vial from “The Trial of Gambit” contained?

The vial itself was the piece of Gambit’s brain that Sinister removed to limit the young man’s power to a controllable level.

But much older when he traveled back into time he had asking Essex re-implant the grey matter his future self had excised back into his brain. This gave him advanced kinetic abilities, enabling him to return himself and Courier to the present several months after they had left. Gambit hoped that he’d be able to control the power now, unlike his younger self.

A side effect was that his powers now were an external field around his body, enabling him to touch and kiss Rogue without her absorbing him.

3. Were his powers altogether different at full capacity? Or just amplified?

He was way way too powerful. So powerful he had no control over his abilities. With that piece of brain and without any real teaching he was oto dangerous for even himself

And lastly, I just want to tell you and Daron I look forward to the Handbook every week!

That’s great. I’m glad you enjoy the column. We do our best for people like yourself and our many e-mailers.

Seconded”¦even if you do like Gambit 🙂

Thanks bunches,


Robb emails

So wait on the X-Men/Iron Man thing, which X-Team is going to fight? Or is it just him versus everyone? Cause if you count the normal teams, I think he could probably take Astonishing all at once given prep time:

Hmmmmm good question. That has never been clarified though. But let’s see how you do this.

1.He could use Hulkbuster armour which increases his strength to super hulk levels to take out Colossus, and since Wolverine is not super-strong he won’t be able to pierce the armor then some strength blast should knock him out until IM can take him out alone.

That be a smart way to deal with them. Hulkbuster armor would work out tons.

How again would Wolvie not pierce the armor though. His claws are still adamantium “able to cut through anything” aren’t they? Did that change?

2. If he could add some type energy shield, that would cancel out Cyclops blasts and since Cyke isn’t invulnerable, a Repulsor blast could take care of him. Or a punch.

Let’s see the designs for the armor here:

Shell Composition: Its composed of impact resistant carbon-composites overlayed on top of layered “flex-metal” which can condense itself like a 3-dimensional accordian pleat. Micro-Scale suit tiles fabricated by genetically engineered metal affinity bacteria which assemble themselves in specific orderly arrays, then expire, leaving behind various metallic deposits which form all the metal shapes and micro-electronic circuits.

Power Source and Energy Information: Beta Particle Generator. Solar power converters. Laser Absorption Grid.

Control Systems Interface: Cybernetic Interface directly attatched to the artificial nervous system of Tony Stark.

Weaponry: Repulsors (Mark 3): Repulsors are electron beams which require laser ionized path of air to travel through the atmosphere. Beam is moderated using a pulsing beam and and early form of adaptive optics. The repulsing effect is limited to the surface of an object. Objects are jolted away from the beam path by the combination of ionized air and the accelerated neutron beam. This armor used the third generation palm repulsor. It was the smallest to date — a cluster of 3, 18mm for improved heat dissipation.
Unibeam: Multi-band light and force beam emitter. Can be adjusted for a variety of effects such as search light, heat beams,tractor beam, lasers, image inducers, ultraviolet light, and electromagnetic pulse.

Magno-Hydrolic Pseudomusculature: Greatly enhances the strength (rated at 175 tons) of the wearer to match that of the Hulk’s (in his form with intelligence….not the savage form).

Sensors: Gamma Radiation Sensors.

3. Since in the Onslaught crossover he used armour that blocked out Telepathy he could use that to cancel out Emma Frost’s TP cause she is in no way Onslaughts level. Plus he could probably shatter her diamond form either with the Hulkbuster armor, or some sorta super repulsor laser thing.

Yep that armors specs can be added with the shield.

4. See that then leaves Shadowcat but since she can be affected by Electricity, he could just make his repulsors fire that instead of what they currently use. If he did that of course, would just have to more physical with Colossus and Cyclops since they absorb that type of energy.

Very nice way to deal with that team. Smart thinking on your part.

Then you have Adjectivelss which might be a bit more difficult but since his armor (all types) can absorb extreme cold to recharge him, and he’s immune to magnetic attacks, all he would have to worry about is Havok. Again though Havok isn’t the greatest of leaders (at least in how he is portrayed currently) so that kills the team work angle, and if Tony Stark managed to create a shield which could absorb and manipulate Odin Force Thor’s energy blasts (Thor Buster armor), he could probably come up with something to absorb Alex’s Plasma energy blasts.

Really once Havok is gone, all he would have to do is snipe them off in the air . Polaris might be able to throw stuff but I highly doubt she will be able to do much.

Ok now I’ll show the Thor buster Armor specs:

Shell Composition: Reinforced lead coating and stardard armor steels.
Power Source and Energy information: The armor is powered by an Asgardian mystical element, similar to that in Thor’s hammer.
Control Systems Interface: Cybernetic interface and battle computer.
Weaponry: Type X Repulsors: Experimental repulsors that can be delivered in a power blast or kinetic punch.
Equipment: Life Support: Asgardian magic, keeps the wearer breathing easy.
Boot Jets: The boot jets are actually magically based, allowing the armor to float.

Energy Absorption: Absorbs Asgardian energy from Thor’s hammer to the Enchantress’ magic and can then manipulate it.

Eye Flaps: Protect’s Tony Stark’s eyes from being blinded by energy output flashes.
Notes: The Thor Buster armor was designed by Tony Stark as a precaution agaimst Thor — if his good deeds went bad. The power source for the armor was originally part of a new type of power generator that Thor left Tony Stark to possibly use as a new energy source for mankind.

So I can see it working.

Then you have would have Uncanny which might be a bit more difficult but again something similar to the Thorbuster armor could cancel out Storm. and then all he would have to do is come up with something to take out Rachel Grey and Psylocke. I think Rachel should be pretty easy (since she’s kinda crazed..and stupid) and he could probably out fly and even out think Psylocke (remember she gets really arrogant and tends to underestimate people). Then he would just have to physically take out X-23 (if she’s around), Bishop, and Wolverine.

I think you found out how to take out the X-Men. As I said given prep time and more Iron Man can do it. The only factor is having the right armor for the job. You picked some good options.

Oh, if we are doing current teams, remember Sage is a part of New Excalibur and the whole “Iron Man not killing people” is weak excuse, cause push come to shove IM would probably just create a army of Iron Man based robots or just call the Avengers and his new shiny friend the Sentry in “real (comic book) life”. I mean true battle wise they might be able to come up with something but I think he would come freakishly close.

You have a good point. If Tony got pissed he’d call in the New Avengers for help. I mean that makes the most sense. I mean team vs. team it might really be interesting. Who’s Wolverine side with is a good question to.

The Sage limitation is a red herring. We’re talking about the X-Men here people switch teams all the time. And if Tony has enough prep time to create “ridiculous” X-Men Killing Armor #4 then I’d say the X-Men have enough time to get Sage or whoever they want for this fight.

Of course as Colin pointed out, the X-Men only need to bring out Forge and have him create an “Iron Man Busting Armor” to deal with old Shellhead. Can you imagine 10 or more X-Men in “Iron Man Busting Armor?” I almost feel sorry for old Tony”¦

I have to admit though that I think it’s pretty funny that all the pro-Iron Man people seem to need to severely limit the X-Men (like no telepaths – a good 5th of the X-Men or, this person isn’t on that team), while Tony is given every sort of possible advantage. Why is that do you think?

My problem with this “fight” is the same I have with all “who would win” battles, and that is that there are no rules or boundaries set up. So everyone is just arguing on different playing fields. Now I love the argument, but let’s try and set some ground rules an make it a real argument.

Jason emails

Awesome article on Omega Red. Is there anyway you let me know what issues he has been in? I don’t think it’s been a whole lot, but if you could, that would be great, thanks

Sure thing

X-Men 4-7, 17-19
Iron Man 295-297
Cable 9-11
Generation X 10-11
Daredevil 368
X-Factor 138
Maverick 10-12. 1 shot
Quicksilver 6,8-9
X-Men Liberators 2-4
Uncanny X-Men 380
Wolverine 170, 173-175

Beej9181 emails

Hey Jim, good work as always.


Because I’m a bandwagon jumper, I read the House of M issue of New Thunderbolts and the two issues wherein the team fights the New Avengers, and was largely unfamiliar with the characters as I’ve never read them before. Songbird I knew from Avengers Forever, but I was mainly curious about Photon.

Captain America and I think Iron Man both call him Genis. I can only assume this means that Photon is in fact Genis-Vell, son of Captain Mar-Vell and former Captain Marvel himself? What happened there?

Yep it’s the same Genis-Vell. Recently, Genis came to Earth and joined the Thunderbolts. His interest in Songbird caused Atlas to attack him. Genis has since recovered.

Genis’s use of the ‘Photon’ name caused him to quarrel with Monica Rambeau, who has also called herself Photon and ‘Captain Marvel’. In the end, Genis was allowed to use the Photon name and Monica agreed on a new codename, Pulsar.

For a time, he went insane and threatened the universe. He’s been cured and of course now a Thunderbolt

nalydpsycho posted

Comment: I think Shadowcat’s tech disrupting power is electro-magnetic based, so as long as Iron Man’s suits are immune to electro-magnetic pulses.

Question: Speaking of Mandarin’s rings. Could you go over his rings of power?

Sure thing.


LITTLE FINGER: “Ice Blast” – The ring emits waves of cold which can be used to stun an opponent. The ring usually causes the air in the path of its blast to turn to ice, and can lower an object’s temperature to nearly absolute zero.

RING FINGER: “Mento-Intensifier” – The ring magnifies the wearer’s own psionic energy, allowing him to place one or more people under his mental control and to transmit orders to them mentally. This ring can affect only one person at a time and only at a distance of ten feet.

MIDDLE FINGER: “Electro-Blast” – The ring emits electricity in amounts and intensities mentally determined by the wearer. The maximum voltage attainable is not known.

INDEX FINGER: “Flame Blast” – The ring emits infrared radiation, or heat, at intensities mentally determined by the wearer. Usually the heat produces flame through incandescing the molecules in the air in the path of the blast. The heat beam can be used to trigger chemical explosions. The maximum amount of heat it can generate is not known.

THUMB: “White Light” – This ring can emit various forms of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum.


LITTLE FINGER: “Black Light” – The ring can create an area of absolute blackness that seems to absorb all light used within it. Although “black light” is a term used to refer to ultraviolet radiation, the darkness created by the ring is probably a form of the “darkforce” used by Cloak, Darkstar, and the Shroud.

RING FINGER: “Disintegration Beam” – The ring emits a beam of energy that destroys all Ponds between the atoms and molecules of the object it strikes. This ring needs twenty minutes to recharge after use.

MIDDLE FINGER: “Vortex Beam” – The ring causes the air to move about at high speed in a vortex. The vortex can be used as an offensive weapon, as a means of levitating objects, or as a means of propelling the ring’s wearer through the air.

INDEX FINGER: “Impact Beam” – This ring can project various forms of energy, most frequently that of fast neutrons with the concussive force of 350 pounds of TNT. The ring has also been used to project intense sonic vibrations and to create magnetic waves to attract or repel objects. The ring may be capable of emitting other forms of energy as well.

THUMB: “Matter Rearranger” – This ring can rearrange the atoms and molecules of a substance, or speed up or slow down their movement, so as to produce various effects. The ring has been used to condense water vapor in the air to liquid water, to solidify gasses, and to create lethal poison gas from the air. The ring cannot transmute elements, nor can it rearrange the atoms and molecules of Iron Man’s magnetic-beam reinforced armor.

Legion posted

Just wanted to comment on one part of the Iron Man/X-Men thing before I put my question. Daron said “Second, I’ve never seen any of Havok’s teammates melted when he uses his blasts even when standing right next to him, so I don’t know why this would start now.” I do remember right after the Age of Apocalypse ended, Havok lost control of his powers and let off a tremendous amount of energy that almost killed himself and the team. I can’t remember what happened exactly, but I can pull the comic out sometime if need be.

Good idea. I remember that myself though:

Havok’s powers raged out of control, destroying a dam. He was put threw hell at the time. He lost his friend Strong Guy, was tortured by Sinister and Malice, Wolfsbane left the team and more. So you can say he was full of rage.

We’re also talking about out of control expulsion of energy, not him blasting at someone. And even if this were an issue, I think it’s safe to say that he would stand right next to his teammates while letting off such a blast.

Anyway, 2 questions.

1.) Did they ever sort through the mess that was “The Draco” and fix Nightcrawler?

His family life, however, was complicated with the opening of a portal on Isla Des Demonas that led to the “demon” Azazel, who revealed himself to be Kurt’s biological father. Kurt’s teleportation powers were part of a very long-range plan of Azazel’s to open a large portal back to Earth, using all his children, including known mutants such as Abyss. Kurt rejected his father’s plans and the X-Men escaped back to Earth, where Kurt took some time to get to know his half-brothers.

2.) Way back a long time ago when all the X-Titles did the ‘Revolution’ and ‘Counter-X’ thing, Kitty was kidnapped in the first issue of the big change. Now I don’t remember what happened to her or that she was even saved. But I do remember her showing up and leaving the X-Men when Colossus died. Was it ever explained what happened to her when she was kidnapped? Or how she escaped at all? I remember wondering if they were ever going to save her and then all the sudden she’s back and leaving? Maybe I just missed the issue where they explained it.


Kitty took a leave of absence from the team and went to Genosha. It is unknown what happened while she was on the island, but it had quite an impact. Possibly, it was related to her father, who had been staying on Genosha for quite some time.

She also did have that space adventure in X-Men 100, which sort of made her not come back for some time. No one knows when she came back or what happened between that time but we know during the mission she was left on a space craft which came crashing back to Earth. No one knows what happened afterwards

Kitty’s had that problem before. She just goes missing in the series and no one explains anything. Blame the editors and writers.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.


House of M

Wolverine 35

We start in Mexico where Wolverine has run out of his room. He’s gone looking for the rebels.

Back to Shaw’s office where Mystique and Shaw talk till he gets upset enough to send her to the brig

Shaw then has his scientist try to find out if Fury is dead from his files and more. He also finds someone looked at Fury’s file before. He went to talk to Mystique after.

We find out Mystique had followed Logan. Logan in the base found a hologram version of Fury they looked the same as the last time they met. They talk and we find it was all a trap as the place explodes. Wolverine gets Mystique out and they head home.

Back in the present we find that Mystique had been Fury the whole time during the mission and had read the file. Shaw sets her free still angry but tells her to find and bring back Logan.

New X-Men 19

We begin with Garrison who has Doug and Karma cornered. He is ready to kill them when Tagg comes and saves them with his powers making Garrison commit suicide.

The Hellions and New Mutants continue their fight which Laurie forced happen with her powers. Only one member wasn’t effected. Mercury.

She had to stop the fight. The only way to do it was to kill Laurie. She did and many of the group had already fallen by then.

They stopped fighting and dealt with Peirce and his men killing them and then begin dismantling the operations of Project Genesis, destroying machinery and freeing the prisoners.

Sunfire arrives with S.H.I.E.L.D. forces and they murder Ashida’s guards. He tells them all to surrender after the place crashes down. The fight is about to begin as the flash of light hits that changes the world again.

That’s it for this week. A rather full column No notes for me other then next week we have more House of M, which is close to the end now. Daron you can sign off first if you like.

You know I’m beginning to think that you just like to get in the last word”¦

That’s it from my end. Reporting from my corner of the Marvel Universe I’m Jim Trabold. Have a great week and see you at the comic shop.

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