OVW TV Report for October 29, 2005

OVW presented it’s biggest title match in history in unedited uninterrupted form this weekend on the WB in Louisville, Kentucky. The WWE developmental television show, penned by Paul Heyman, featured the Jeter vs Cappotelli title match that has been the centerpiece of Heyman’s booking since he started writing the tv shows, along with a great bout between former OVW Champion Brent Albright and former ROH Champion CM Punk.

The Jeter vs Cappotelli match was great. Before the match began, OVW announcers Dean Hill and Al Snow announced that all commercial breaks were being canceled, and the WB Network had agreed to air the match without interruptions, and the show would go long in case the match went over the tv time remaining.

Then a bunch of referees were shown dividing the ring in two, so Jeter and Cappotelli would have to wait until the bell rang to go at it. First out was Jeter, the champion, the heel with the title. Then came Cappotelli, in his first match back since breaking his leg in a freak accident in a spot show at the end of July.

The referees then left the ring on opposite sides, two at a time, in formation. One referee was left, the hysterically named “Goose” Mahoney. The bell rang, and the former Thrillseekers, in their first match ever against each other, ran at each and locked up, but immediately began swinging away wildly. The brawl that ensued also had its share of great spots, including Jeter applying a Walls of Jericho on the second rope onto Cappotelli in the corner, and Cappotelli kicking out of Jeter’s superkick with authority. Finally, after almost 25 minutes of intense action, Cappotelli, clutching his left leg (which Jeter had been working over, it’s the leg Cappotelli previously broke) hit a picture perfect superkick. Referee Mahoney dove to the canvas and started counting. One, two, and before he could hit the fatal three count, he was pulled from the ring. Then the cameras revealed, it was Mr. Kennedy, former OVW top heel and current hottest thing on Smackdown, who pulled the referee by the feet out of the ring. The referee and Kennedy were arguing when Cappotelli flew over the top rope and wiped out Kennedy while the referee hit the floor with a dramatic thud. Cappotelli and Kennedy started fighting, with Kennedy gaining the advantage and sliding the title belt to Jeter. When Kennedy turned around, he was greeted with a vicious superkick by Cappotelli and knocked down. Cappotelli returned to the ring, where Jeter swung the title belt for all he was worth. Cappotelli ducked, but Jeter dropped to his knees and hit a low blow, and then slammed Cappotelli in the head with the title belt. Cappotelli crumbled to the canvas as Jeter threw the title out of the ring and made the cover. Mahoney got back into the ring and made the three count. Kennedy came into the ring and hugged Jeter to close out Heyman’s historic episode of OVW.

The Jeter vs Cappotelli episode also featured a fantastic “first time ever” matchup between former OVW Champion Brent Albright and former ROH Champion CM Punk. While Albright won the match, Punk escaped the Crowbar submission that Albright has made everyone else tap out to, and also snared Albright in his own version of the crowbar, which Albright tried to roll through three times but could not escape. Albright finally had to reach the ropes to force the break. Punk also slapped Albright around during the match, and manhandled Albright in a way no one else has ever done in OVW.

In the evening’s sex quotient, Maria Kanellis and Ken Doane’s personal valet Sosay finally got into the cat fight everyone’s been waiting to see. The two were actually wearing the same style dress, and Sosay started insulting Maria, who challenged Sosay to come out to the ring. The two then started tearing into each other in front of the crowd, and ripped each other’s dresses off, down to their bras and panties. Maria finally took over, and was going to finish off Sosay, when Ken Doane appeared and grabbed Maria by the hair. But Bobby Lashley saved Maria, and speared Doane out to the floor. Next week on OVW TV, it’s Doane vs Lashley for the OVW TV Title.

In other news on the show, Elijah Burke made quick work of Doug Basham.

OVW offers its tv shows on monthly tapes and DVDs. Check out www.ovwrestling.com for more information. OVW returns to the New Davis Arena tomorrow night for another tv taping. The arena is at 4400 Shepdersville Road in Louisville, Kentucky. Directions are available on the OVW website.

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