[OVW] More Spoilers

According to Eric Hall:

OVW announced last night that Johnny Jeter would defend the OVW Title in a rematch against former Thrillseeker partner Matt Cappotelli next Wednesday Night at the New Davis Arena in Louisville, Kentucky. The stipulations for the match will be revealed at the start of the show next week. Also next week is Doane-Albright V, the fifth match in the heralded Doane vs Albright series. Based on Doane’s recent feud with Bobby Lashley, and Albright’s match last week with CM Punk (which started an angle, not finish one), this could be very interesting.

OVW’s weekly Wednesday night taping was weird last night because I don’t know what was taped for television. The Doane vs Lashley match (in which Doane pinned Lashley, defending the TV Title) will air this weekend. Lots of people say this match is tied with Jeter vs Cappotelli for best match of the show last week, which was the best OVW show anyone can ever remember.

Chris Cage vs Nick Nemeth also looks like a sure fire bet for this weekend’s TV show. But I don’t know what else. They started airing some pretapes, including a great one where Cappotelli was looking for Jeter and ended up clobbering Rene Dupree with a chair, but they had a major malfunction with the tron and so the pre tapes didn’t air to the live crowd this week. They had some production problems all night, as the cameramen were running back and forth from the locker room. So I don’t know which matches will make TV and which won’t, or if all of this weekend’s show will be from last week. Maybe a little of both.

Last night, Cappotelli pinned Paul Burchill and then had a major brawl with Jeter; Ken Doane pinned Chris Cage in a match that saw Sosay, Maria Kannelis, and Micki James involved; Brent Albright had a match with Aaron “The Idol” Stevens that was great, and Albright put the crowbar on Idol, then Shelly, then Beth, but then got laid out by CM Punk. No decision was announced, which is rare for a Heyman booked show, but the angle called for a no decision and it made sense and was very heated; Punk had already pinned Cliff Compton earlier; Deuce Shade and Elijah Burke beat Rene Dupree and Nick Nemeth; Boogeyman made short work of local Robert Fury; Chet The Jet Jablonski and Seth Skyfire retained the OVW Tag Team Titles in a triple threat match against Tank and Chad (not announced as the Tolands, but as Tank and Chad) and Beast and Mike Mondo.