The O.C. – Recap – Episode 3-5

We are! Back in black! Ready to rock and roll! Lets not waste any time and lets just get straight to it! Enjoy!

The O.C. – Season Three (Episode 5) – “The Perfect Storm”

We open things up with breakfast..of course. No cereal for Ryan. No bagels for Seth. What?! Kirsten says it’s time to try something new. She is cooking now to stay focused on things. Well by’s Eggs Benedict! Sandy wants a bagel, but no go. Except..he gets a call now from Dr. Kim. There appears to be a big event tonight. We learn that it’s a college fair at Harbor High. Dean Hess has attached a note to Ryan’s transcript regarding his violent behavior. Sandy worries about Ryan’s future and college choices.

“California…here we come…right back where we started from…California…here we come! Oh!!”

Marissa and Summer share a mirror as they put on makeup. Summer says her patience is infinite because she goes out with Seth. And now they talk about college. YES! Marissa is homeless, going to public school, and totally broke, so no college for her..says her. Then she gets a call from Julie. She tells her to stay with Summer for a bit longer. Summer says it’s no problem.

Julie appears to be at some hotel as a cop takes down a thug at poolside. Well THAT is a sight you don’t see every day!

Seth doesn’t believe Summer about seeing Taylor and the Dean together. They argue while they watch Taylor on her T-Mobile Sidekick..texting someone.

Summer: “I would like to give her a side kick!”

Ryan has lunch with Marissa and her new friends. Chili cracks some jokes and calls Ryan “pretty”. Then says he will take care of Marissa if he gets struck by lightning! Ryan and Johnny shake hands and Johnny wants to be home schooled like Ryan. Casey, Marissa, and Chili all go off to get some more food as Johnny and Ryan talk. The faster they become friends..the better it is for Marissa says Casey. a way.

Summer stalks Taylor and Taylor catches her. Summer says if she wants crazy..she will show her crazy! Summer then tells Taylor that Dean Hess was kissing another lady teacher in the gym! HA! HA! That is great! Taylor is upset, but can’t show it. Summer walks away all smiles!

Kirsten and Julie talk about money and investments and stuff. But Charlotte drops by and Julie leaves. She was looking at the rock on her finger. Maybe going to sell that? Could be a good idea. Charlotte is her to snoop around and sees that Julie is very vulnerable now. I see an idea forming in her EVIL mind!

Summer wants Marissa to go with her and Seth and Ryan to the Harbor College Fair thing. But she says no! Not in the college mood or something.

So it’s college fair time! Ryan feels like a fugitive at the school now. Seth looks at schools in the Northeast and Summer reminds him that he hates the cold! They then see the Dean and Taylor arguing with each other like a couple! And now the Dean sees Ryan here and he and Sandy get into it. It’s a public event, so Ryan can be here. Sandy does the lawyer thing on the Dean and Dean Hess says it’s a waste of time. None of the schools will accept Ryan with his “record”. Sandy doesn’t think one mistake should affect his future. Ryan overhears them and walks out of the school!

Seth enters the pool house and sees things messed up. He suspects that Ryan has skipped town, but he is there. Ryan says he is done with school, though! Seth doesn’t know what to think about that.

Ryan calls Marissa and Marissa is not too happy about his decision. Johnny is there and asks if everything is okay. Nope..Marissa doesn’t know who Ryan will listen to, but it’s not her. I see something else coming.

Julie arrives at a home and she wants to buy it, but the realtor says that “this wasn’t right for her”. And holy comes Charlotte. She wants to buy the same house. She has business in this area and this would be the perfect place. Julie is none too pleased as she leaves.

Summer has been avoiding Seth all day because he doesn’t believe her about Taylor and Dean Hess. Summer has a plan! She is writing a letter to Taylor asking for forgiveness. But she is writing it as if she was the Dean! Just so they can get back together and then Summer and Seth can expose them and use it as leverage to get Ryan back in school! She’s always thinking..that one! Keep her..Seth!

Kirsten gets a call from Ryan’s tutor. She wants her last paycheck and the news is out. Sandy is there and Kirsten tell him. He isn’t happy.

Sandy: “One kid dropping out of school, and one kid lying! And I thought today would be boring!”

And here comes Johnny to the cafe where Ryan is at. Well..what do you know! Johnny is not here to talk him into anything. Johnny will be surfing after school. A great career there. Johnny offers Ryan a job opportunity. He has a uncle that has a fishing company and Ryan seems to like that idea.

Ryan returns home. He has a job and he wants Sandy to sign a “guardian release form”. The job is on a boat and it is away for weeks at a time. Sandy thinks it’s a joke. Sandy says he has to keep trying, but Ryan doesn’t agree. Ryan needs to make his own decisions now and he is asking Sandy to go. Sandy signs it. Kirsten and Seth don’t seem happy about that at all!

Time to sail away! Ryan arrives for work. The boat leaves tomorrow. And Ryan looks ready to go, but he has a few loose ends to tie up first. Don’t we all is right!

Kirsten thinks Sandy should do something. Sandy says they let Seth do it, but Kirsten says it was the summer time and they knew he would come back. Marissa arrives at the Cohen house and she has no idea what is going on. Sandy and Kirsten give it away as they talk about Ryan leaving. Marissa asks where he is going?

Summer works on her letter to Taylor. Seth comes in and there is no time to waste.

Seth: “Ryan’s about a yellow slicker away from becoming the Gordon’s Fisherman!”

Summer doesn’t know what he is talking Seth tells her. Sandy appears to be putting the “Sandy Jedi Mind Melt” on Ryan by agreeing with him. But Seth doubts it will work with Ryan. Seth has a Sidekick! Damn him! I want one! It’s the pink one with little jewels. Fantastic! They are going to text Taylor an invitation from Dean Hess to meet up at that shady hotel where Luke and Julie got it on! And where Ryan and Theresa might have had their baby! It’s the Den of Sin. Seth has got a room and he suggests if they had a little extra time..they could..well you know. HA! HA!

Ryan comes over to talk to Marissa. Ryan needs her to understand, but she doesn’t. Though, she says she does. Women!

And now it’s time to close in on Julie. Charlotte arrives with bad intentions in mind. Charlotte says that she bought Julie the condo. Julie is shocked. Charlotte says that Kirsten told her about Julie’s money problems. Charlotte hands over the keys to Julie. Julie can’t believe it. It can be a secret between them.

Seth and Ryan talk and Seth asks “what if Harbor let you back in school?” Ryan says it will never happen. Seth says they have a plan, though!

Time to eat. Marissa, Seth, Ryan, and Summer all have dinner with Kirsten and Sandy. Kirsten made Thai food! Marissa is bitter! She puts down seafood! BURN! Sandy carries on about Tofu to lighten the mood. That doesn’t work. Marissa is still upset. Summer chimes in with a parrot voice! It doesn’t help either. Nor does the fact that Johnny was the one that got Ryan the job. Marissa gets up and leaves! Summer’s purse is buzzing. Taylor took the bait.

Ryan runs after Marissa. Marissa tells him not to leave, if he doesn’t want to leave like this. Ryan has to. So Marissa says they have no choice but to leave things like this then. She then walks out!

Sandy and Kirsten try one last time to stop Ryan. They say the door is always open for him to return. Ryan says he must do this. And that is it. He walks out of the Cohen house. See you in a few weeks!

Marissa confronts Johnny about the job. Johnny was only helping Ryan. Marissa doesn’t see it that way..exactly. Marissa wasn’t honest with Ryan and now she doesn’t know where he is. Johnny says that he knows.

Time for some champagne! Julie and Charlotte toast. Charlotte makes the call to her friend..Glen. “She is in!” Here we go!

Marissa finds Ryan and she must tell him how she really feels. Marissa says she is mad at Ryan because he is doing the same thing that her dad did. He ran away on a boat to escape problems and Ryan is doing the same thing. It never worked for her dad! She calls him a coward and then leaves!

Taylor arrives at the hotel room. Seth and Summer open the door and SURPRISE!

Summer: “Welcome to the Terror Dome..Taylor. You’re busted!”

Summer tells Taylor that she saw her with the Dean. They have a list of demands for Taylor or they tell everyone. Taylor says tell whoever she wants.

Seth: “She’s like a block of ice!”

Summer has a huge mouth and a LARGE buddy list. She whips out the Sidekick and it’s on! Time to text some people the news! And now Taylor has no choice. Is she willing to roll the dice?

Sandy comes to talk to Dean Hess. Sandy fumbles with the Sidekick. But he pulls it out and he has a picture of the Dean and Taylor kissing! Trouble! Sandy then tells the Dean that Taylor told her everything. It was not just a kiss according to Taylor. She doesn’t want it to get out, and Sandy assumes that he doesn’t want it to get out either. Sandy wants Ryan back in school or it all comes out! What will he do now?

Marissa sits alone at the cafe. Seth and Summer come to tell Marissa that they pulled off the scheme of the century! But it’s too late as Ryan has already left. Except..he didn’t! He didn’t leave!

Ryan: “I don’t know what my future is, but I do know it’s with! Not on some boat in the middle of the ocean!”

Oh..good line. No..great line! Seth mouths that he wrote that! HA! Tears..tears! Seth tells Ryan the good news. Ryan is back at school! Marissa is still at public school, though. You can’t win them all.

Now the foursome all walk on the beach. I want a beach! They talk about Ryan’s career choices.

Seth: “Ryan Atwood..Fluffer! I will explain later.”

And we are out until next week! Good to be back!

Oh..don’t forget..“You Can’t Fight Fate!”..and look for my “Weekly Pulse” column Friday! And now I’m out! I promise!

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