Metric – Live it Out Review

Link: Metric

The Inside Pulse:
Metric are one of Canada’s hidden treasures, still fairly unknown here and presumably fairly unknown with our neighbours to the south. They’re just release their second album, a follow up to the strong Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? The question is, will they fumble the ball and be another victim to the Sophomore Album Curse?

Well crafted synth-heavy rock tunes. There’s a definite consistent level of quality this time which seems to be a rarer and rarer thing in today’s single-centric music industry. Emily Haines’ voice, she has one of the best indie-rock voices to come out in ages. Overall a more solid effort than the previous album.

While the total package is better than the previous album there’s no thing on here that jumps out at you like Succexy or Dead Disco did on the last album. The songs also tend to blur together and can be a bit repetitive.

The Killers with the Pretenders with maybe a dash of Beth Orton.

Reason to buy:
If you loved Metric’s first album check this out you will absolutely not be disappointed. Also if you love the Killers check this out too and see synth-rock done right.