[DSW] Deep South Results from 11/3/05

Thanks to Larry Goodman for the following:

Deep South Wrestling results from Thursday night in McDonough, Georgia.

1. Roughhouse O’Reilly defeated Eric Perez.
2. Arch Kincaid & Thomas Penmanship defeated Joseph & John Slaughter.
3. Lash LeRoux defeated Damien Steele.
4. Derek Neikirk & Mike Knox (Team Elite) defeated Silverback (Ryan Reeves) & Nick Mitchell.
5. Mac Daddy Johnson defeated Ray Gordy. This wasis Johnson’s new heel persona debut.
6. Kid Kash defeated Antonio Banks. DSW debut for Banks under his development deal.
7. The Miz defeated Palmer Cannon.
8. High Impact (Tony Santorelli & Mike Taylor) beat The FBI (Nunzio & Big Vito) via DQ when the Regulators (Mike & Todd Shane) ran in. The Assassin also ran – sort of – in but also got mugged by the Shanes. All the babyfaces charged in to save and clean house. Assassin then “fined” both Shanes $2500 ea. and “indefinitely suspended” them.

They announced next week’s show is their pilot episode taping. And also they will now be charging for tickets ($3 each, but $1 for kids 10 & under).

Announce teams were Steven Prazak/Ted Guinness and Nigel Sherrod/Bill DeMott.

Building was about 90% full.