[MISC] Updates on Bret Hart, J.R. on RAW and Missing UK Wrestler

– The Toronto Globe & Mail has a story today on Bret Hart winning his $800,000 claim from Lloyds of London after Lloyd’s had tried to claim Hart wasn’t really hurt by the Goldberg kick which effectively ended his career. You can read the full story here.

– In ads for Monday’s RAW on USA Network, they are teasing a J.R. return by asking if Batista’s win over Coach means Ross gets his job back. This can be yet another change in direction after a very weird week of wrestling, or a swerve where they’ll have Vince answer the question by saying something like J.R. doesn’t get his job back ’cause Austin isn’t the one who won the match, but since Coach lost, Joey Styles will be taking his place. This is just speculation.

– The UK Mirror is reporting that, in the case of the missing UK wrestler Sweet Saraya (Julia Hamer), her husband and stepson have been arrested on suspicion of falsely imprisoning her. The full story can be found here.