Ashlee Simpson – I Am Me Review

Link: Ashlee Simpson

The Inside Pulse:
One of the worst 48 minutes and 59 seconds I’ve ever spent, as Gloomchen so eloquently put it, “I am fond of Ashlee Simpson’s jewelry line at Claire’s, but not so much her silly dipwad music. You can quote me on that if you want. ” Now I’m not a fan of her jewelry either. This is the followup to her immensely successful Autobiography. It’s full of a fairly wide variety of pop-songs, with disco, funk and rock influences, it also repeatedly made me want to stab myself in the ear.

Ashlee’s producers are trying several different kinds of pop-music which gives you some variety. Boyfriend and Kicking and Screaming are pretty catchy pop-rock tunes. I actually like Ashlee’s voice.

Unbelievably simplistic and juvenile lyrics. Vastly more miss than hit when it comes to her trying different styles. Self-inflicted injuries.

Avril Lavigne with some Gwen Stefani.

Reason to buy:
If you’re a masochist, or if you’re deaf and find her attractive and want to ogle the CD cover.

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