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The House of M has ended…

My column hasn’t.. it just needs a new name..

Email me for ideas so you can help break the internet

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Hey kids.. that’s right, I need a new name for the column. House of M was nice, but it’s over – and we need to live in the NOW! So, I’m taking open ideas. The winner will appear next week or the week after, depending on how great the response is.

I also have an update on my 198 project later. Now though… THE NEWS!

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Jae Lee is taking this REALLLY seriously, and thank God he is. You are taking Stephen King, arguably one of the most well known writers in the world – and giving him to the House of Ideas. The art team of that book has to be perfect if you want the street cred that this book is going to throw out to mean something.

You don’t want to just make people go ‘Mmmm ok.’

You want them to go ‘WOW! This is like ART!’ and mean it.

Jae Lee discusses just how seriously he is taking this entire affair, and I expect it to easily be his greatest work.

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Rising-star Scot Eaton, artist on SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN and a sold out run on FANTASTIC FOUR: HOUSE OF M, has signed an exclusive with Marvel Comics, and Scot is pleased to call the House of Ideas his home!

Fantastic Four: HoM was probably my favorite of the series, along with Spidey. Eaton has a nice fluid style which is exactly what most of the long term hires have. His work on Sigil over at that CrossGen thingy was excellent… and I look forward to seeing where they toss him in the future.

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The new cover continues the “variant” Spider-Man theme based on Mike Wieringo variant cover to Part 1 of the story, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (see below for that cover and the “Black Costume variant from Marvel Knights Spider-Man #19).

WOAH! Ok, so the Inside Pulse forumers have been going crazy over this. What does it foretell in the Other story. Some are stating that it might even mark the return of Ben Reilly… possibly taking over where Peter can’t perform due to whatever sickness he has.

I’ll be honest with you – I only started reading Spidey with JMS… so I’m a bit dumb on the whole ‘Ben Reilly’ topic. It would take quite a bit of explaination for me to be ok with it. I’m sure that there is a good story behind it… and I have no doubt believing that Peter David and JMS could pull it off… heh, first Reggie Hudlin smack of the column. Check.

Here’s the pics for perusal:

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Marvel has entrusted two of the Decimation mini-series to writer David Hine — including December’s six-issue Son of M with artist Roy Allan Martinez, which
concentrates on the post-“M” life of Pietro Maximoff, and January’s five-issue X-Men: The 198 with Jim Muniz on pencils, a title that follows a group of the few mutants who are left.

So it seems The 198 isn’t going to be solely about listing off the mutants that are left. (See below) It’s going to be another teamish book… not sure as it’s been left very vague, but for as much as I was a bit harsh on House of M the story – the follow-ups all have me drooling.

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The Ultimates have a traitor in their midst, the team has been systematically pulled apart, and now the traitor is readying to bring the hammer down in Ultimates 2 #9.

OOOooo all the speculation comes to an end, of course, at a wedding. Television and comic book weddings all mean one thing – CARNAGE! …okay, not the red symbiote guy.. I mean pure and utter destruction. So somebody is probably dying at the wedding.. and fingers point to Black Widow. Thusly, my stance is that Black Widow is our traitor. Her name is Black Widow for God’s Sakes.. my original vote of Nick Fury keeps getting further and further from legitimacy. What do you all think?

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In a goodbye message from “your Scottish sweetheart” at, writer Mark Millar has officially informed the world that he will “disappear” for six months on doctor’s advice – adding one more to the list of prominent comic book creators who’ve suffered or are suffering from chronic health problems.

What is it with comics that cause health problems!? I’d like to believe it’s all that graphite, ink, and happiness going right into your brain – like a cancer of pure sunshine. It’s like a devious maniacal hatefilled boil of enjoyment that causes people to just get all sick from how close they are to busting a gut from enjoyment.

Not to make light of the situation, as I am a fan of Mark Millar’s work – but what else can I say other than -Get better…- thanks.

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More often than not, the two find themselves chasing B-list villains who’ve jumped bail or who’ve broken out of jail – great folks like 8-Ball, Whirlwind, Humbug and Freezer. Hey – somebody has to bring them in.

Misty Knight and Coleen Wing are coming to town. Again, this is a bit beyond my comic ken… but you can’t hear that a book is going to be about forgotten b-rated heroes facing forgotten b-rated villains and go ‘Meh.’

No, this is going to be a fun book for the 10 issues it’ll last. Not to mention that the art is looking great. It does have a bit too much Frank Quitely in there for me… but I know lots of people like that. Hopefully we lean off the smooshy Quitely faces, as that will be a turn off for me right at the get go…

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Marvel is once again doing a WHAT IF event – this one seemingly placing the big Marvel’ers in various different ages… different countries and time periods.

Traditionally, each What If? tale took place in its own universe. But for the first time, this year’s 6 What If? one-shots will all take place in the same universe: the newly introduced Earth 717.

This is so far the only thing that makes me go ‘hmm… maybe interesting’. There is a great line of books that could be born with this kind of title. Marvel has forever needed an ELSEWHERE type line of books – maybe this is where it starts. I just hope that the 717 is the only Earth we get to see.

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(This one is actually from Newsarama)

Guess what kids…

That’s Thomas Hayden Church. Speculation on him is over… now where’s Topher Grace?


Oh… hey… remember this one… yes, well we have a photo of Blackheart! Standing at his sides are Abigor and Wallow.. but for a guy that used to look like a giant black flowing cloudy thing – and was my favorite character in Marvel Superheroes because of his most vicious combo attacks… he doesn’t look all that tough.

Check it out right here.

/// X-3

Brett Ratner is quoted as saying: “He just wants to get out with a win—as opposed to wanting to break records with a 110 mile per hour fastball.”

OH MY LORD! Why not just admit that ‘I’m making a suckbomb’. Oh I fear so much… I fear… somebody… hold me. Please!

Am I taking this quote a bit too harsh? Yes, slightly, but I really don’t believe any director should come out of his little hidey-hole and say ‘I just want a movie that makes money… not make people think of it as legendary’. That is exactly what he’s saying. It is official, I am no longer wondering about X-3. I am, in fact, worrying.


HOUSE OF M #8 – It’s over kidsssss… that’s right, completely over. We are back in the 616 and we got our 3 issues of power spread out to 8. The last issue though is the clincher – and sets us up for Decimation. I don’t qualify House of M as a success, but I do admit that half of it was amazing. Two amazing moments in the book that made me get shivers.. that qualifies as good to me.

POWERS #14 – This is easily turning out to be one of my favorite Powers stories. It is just such a neat take on the ‘intergalactic’ superhero. It’s almost Busiek-ish in how great of a spin it is.

SENTINEL #1 – Picking us up right where we left off. This book is once again going to be fun, but it seems that there will be at least a slight darker edge to it. Makes me want to go watch Iron Giant. A fun read, but for most I’d admit that it’s probably more digestable… in.. err.. digests… yeah.

SPIDER-MAN HOUSE OF M #5 – As a Spidey Elsewhere – awesome. As a tie-in to House of M, I’m not sure how it even fits… by the end of it Spider-man is just a husk of who he was, but with a real reason to continue. I don’t know why he would join in with the cabal over in HoM… but hey.. good stories is good stories…

X-MEN COLOSSUS BLOODLINE #3 – It amazes me how this book can be powerful as a story.. but disgusting on art. It really feels, as I told Mr. Tim Stevens the other day, that it feels like someone drew this book on a matchbook cover and then expanded it to fit onto a comic page. If it was small.. it would be like the Mona Lisa.. but as a big comic page, it’s pixelated and yucky. Yeah.. Yucky!


Okay, so now you guys have your homework. Click that little link with suggestions for the next phase of this column. We did HOUSE OF H – so now we are into Decemation, but DECE’H’ATION sounds horrible.

Also, this is a prime opportunity for you folks to join the forums and join in the fun of the next few months of Marvel. The project I’ve set about is taking all the Marvel titles – and figuring out who the 198 are. At the end of each of these columns will be the link to my current list of the 198. If I’m missing someone, or you have a speculative question… please, post it up and join in the fun.

Here is the first six… and speculation abound.

So until next time kids — Make Yours Me!

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