InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report 11.07.05

When the smoke cleared at Taboo Tuesday, John Cena was still standing as WWE Champion after pinning Shawn Michaels A lot of the RAW roster is on the ring apron, as Lawler introduces us to Joey. Bischoff makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. Boos erupt before Eric can even speak, but when he finally does he goes over Survivor Series. Eric goes over the main event and also makes HHto win the Triple Threat Match. This week, Cena & HBK go from enemies to allies, as they will team up to face Angle & Chris Masters on RAW. Can the Champ and the Showstopper co-exist to take out their sworn adversaries?

For the past couple of weeks, Theodore Long and his SmackDown troops have embarrassed Eric Bischoff and his RAW soldiers on their own home turf. At Taboo Tuesday, SmackDown’s Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy defeated Chris Masters & Snitsky, and Batista defeated Coach in a Street Fight. Will Eric Bischoff have anything to say after his brand went 0-for-2 at Taboo Tuesday?

Also at Taboo Tuesday, Ric Flair defeated Triple H in a bloody Steel Cage Match to retain the Intercontinental Championship, Trish Stratus retained the Women’s Championship by winning the Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal, and Kane & Big Show overcame Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch to become World Tag Team Champions. Will we find out what’s next for RAW’s other champions?

Find out all this and more when Monday Night RAW invades Fort Wayne, Indiana, to sort out the fallout from Taboo Tuesday. Don’t miss all the action this Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

LIVE from Fort Wayne, IN
Hosts are Jerry Lawler, Joey Styles, & Johnathan Coachman

H/Flair a Last Man Standing match and Cena vs Angle for the event. Eric already announces 3 slots for the 10 man, them being Show and Kane and HBK as the team captain. Carlito wants to step up to fill the empty void, but Benjamin disagrees. So Bischoff makes Carlito vs Benjamin to decide who gets one of the spots. That leaves one empty spot, and Murdoch wants a rematch for him and Cade. So, it’s a hardcore match for the World Tag Team Championships. Shane Helms wants a match with Rosey, so he gets that. Eric looks as though he’s through with everything, when he calls Edge and Lita into the ring. Fans chant “slut” at Lita. The footage of Edge saying he doesn’t care about anything except for himself is shown, and the fans chant “ass-hole”. Edge repeats that he doesn’t give a damn about RAW, so Eric sends him over to Smackdown! this Friday for a Street Fight with Batista. Everybody sings the Goodbye Song as the two walk off.

Commercial break.

Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito
We pick up the match with Carlito getting backdropped out by Shelton. Benjamin follows it up with a rolling necksnap from the apron! Back in, Benjamin looks to have injured his knee on the move, and Carlito goes right to it. CCC applies the leg grapevine and gets Shelton’s shoulders down for a near fall. Benjamin eventually fights back and just launches Carlito into the air! Shelton counters a vertical suplex into the northern lights suplex for 2. Benjamin goes up, but he misses the top rope clothesline, allowing Carlito to pick up 2 with a DDT. CCC misses a clothesline, and Benjamin hits a somoan drop. Dragon whip is dodged by Carlito, and it’s back to the knee. Carlito goes for what looks like a half boston crab, but Shelton counters it into a roll-up attempt. Carlito counters that and uses the ropes to pick up the 3.

Backstage, Trish tries to tell Mickie James something but can’t get it out.

Commercial break.

Trish Stratus & Mickie James vs. Victoria & Candice Michelle
James and Mickie start, and James runs into a powerslam for 2. James gets worked on on the outside, and in comes Candice Michelle. The two heels tag in and out, but Stratus loses patience and cleans house. Mickie goes for the victory roll, but Vic reverses it and picks up 2. The ref deals with Trish, allowing for Victoria to hit James with Candice’s wand for 3!

Commercial break.

Video package recaps Taboo Tuesday.

Backstage, Kane and Show go over strategy.

Commercial break.

Gregory Helms vs. Rosey
Rosey kills Helms with some clotheslines. Helms steps out to catch his breath, but Rosey follows him and makes him eat barrier. Back in, Greg begs off Rose, sucking him into the 2nd turnbuckle. Rosey oushes him off and goes to the top rope, but Helms pushes him off. Shining Wizard gets 3!

Commercial break.

Kane(c) & Big Show(c) vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch – World Tag Team Championship match
Cade and Murdoch bring a shopping cart full of weapons to the ring. Murdoch throws a garbage can to start, while Cade eats boot. Show lays a trash can over Trevor’s head, but Cade pulls down the top rope when Show hits it. Murdoch hits Kane in the face with a trash can lid, and the former champs double team the monster. Crowd chants “Big Show” as Murdoch gets an atomic drop, followed by a neckbreaker by Cade. Kane looks for a double Chokeslam, but he gets kicked low. Clothesline puts Lance down as Show gets back in the match. BS gets a back suplex on the trash can on Cade, and Murdoch gets his head stuck in the trash can on the outside. Lance looks to be running off, but Show and Kane follow him to the entrance ramp. Kane clears the announce table, and it’s a double Chokeslam! Kane and Show get the win!

Commercial break.

Angle comes out for his main event match, but he grabs the mic and complains. Apparently he’s finally had enough of the “you suck” chant, and demands to do his entrance over again. So, the fans chant it even louder. Kurt gives the fans one more chance, and you can guess how that goes. Angle goes over what all he has done for this business, and the fans even cheer at the mention of his wife leaving him. Kurt says that the main event can go to hell and walks out.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Angle agrees to be in the main event as long as the fans don’t chant anymore and he gets a handpicked referee.

HHH makes his way out to the entrance ramp where he has a chair waiting for him.

Commercial break.

Rob Conway vs. Ric Flair(c) – Intercontinental Championship match
Ric asks for Lillian to add on his HHH victory to his entrance. Flair gets a hiptoss and shares some looks with HHH. Ric dodges a leapfrog and dishes a slap. Some strutting angers HHH, allowing Conway to hit the distracted Flair. A couple of neckbrekers get 2 for Rob. Ric comes back and applies the Figure-four Leglock as HHH makes his way down with a steel chain. Flair holds onto the ropes as Conway taps.

Afterwards, HHH and Ric duke it out into the crowd.

Smackdown! Rebound.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Lita tries to seduce Bischoff for Edge’s sake, but it’s to no avail.

Chris Masters & Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels & John Cena – Special Guest Referee Davari(sp?)
Apparently the crowd is being censored for Kurt’s sake. Wouldn’t he still hear it in the arena? Big pop for Cena, as it looks like the match is about to get underway when Davari comes out as the ref. So he just happened to be in town? We take a break before the bell and return with Shawn in the ring with Masters. HBK and Davari stop to have some words, and Masters gets a roll-up for a quick 2. Angle comes in, but HBK manages to tag in Cena as well. Double reverse elbow gets a slow 1. Masters comes in, but he gets fisherman suplexed for a slow 1. HBK comes back in, but Masters overpowers him and tags in Kurt. Fans bring out the “Angle sucks” chants, as they’re actually not censored. Masters gets tagged back in and hits a backbreaker for 2. Kurt tags back in, but Michaels kicks him off. Angle Slam is countered into the DDT, and in comes Cena. 5 Knuckle Shuffle looks to set up the FU, but Masters hits John in the back. Kurt applies a headlock and gets a cover for 2 as the fans rally behind Cena. Masters comes in and starts the choking. Vertical suplex gets 2 for Chris. Angle gets a backbreaker for 2. Cena hits a back suplex, and HBK and Masters get tagged in at the same time. Michaels cleans house and looks to drop the elbow, but Masters gets a chair thrown to him. He uses it on Shawn, prompting HBK to take it. Davari takes the chair and DQs Shawn.

Afterwards, HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music on Masters, but Angle and Davari clean house together as the fans chant “you suck”, uncensored.


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