The SmarK Rant for Prison Break – Episode 10

The SmarK Rant for Prison Break Episode 10

“Sleight of Hand”

“You did something right, John. I’ll have to call off those guys I hired to shank you. That was a joke, John.”

So after getting thrown off PI, Abruzzi tries negotiating with Bellick, who is now firmly established as being on the take. This doesn’t work, but Michael is happily gazing into the distance and likely thinking up a gameplan as we speak. So Abruzzi pitches an idea to Michael — give up the location of Fibonacci so that he can get in good with big boss Falzone again. And when Mike explains the situation to Linc, we get a flashback to the secret origin of Fibonacci, as he apparently witnessed Abruzzi murdering someone on behalf of the mob, and now he’s in witness protection.

Kellerman and Hale get nervous about the continued survival of Livejournal, which has Kellerman ready to put a bullet in his partner. Just if it’s needed, you understand. Mike and Sucre worry that discovery of the hole is imminent, which causes Mike to gaze into the distance intently. Linc has the unenviable task of trying to think up what he wants for his last meal, which puts him in a great mood.

Abruzzi calls Falzone to arrange a meeting with Mike, which produces our quote for the week, and Mike in turn calls someone via a phone number tattooed on his arm. You know, a PDA would be a lot less painful. Dr. Sara’s birthday is a real hoot, as she works and moans about how her father doesn’t visit her.

Out at the cabin, Nick tries bonding with LJ, as apparently his dad was also arrested for bad things which he didn’t do. Kellerman, who should be arrested for bad things he DID do, goes to see a shady superior, who verbally bitchslaps him and then breaks his hand while booting him off the case. Oh, SNAP. Literally. Veronica discovers that the VP’s brother was up to no good himself, involved with a dummy corporation that took in millions of government dollars and produced nothing. Mike spills to Falzone about the identity of the guy guarding Fibonacci, and from that he explains how to find him. Sadly, Mike’s extortion attempts are countered unexpectedly by Abruzzi’s own version, as he produces a picture of Veronica. Turns out that Fibonacci is being held in Canada, and that information is enough to give Abruzzi his standing with Falzone back.

Kellerman goes running back to the VP with his broken finger, warning her that she’s called in the kind of bad people who won’t do things the easy way. And speaking of which, the body count rises as our new baddie rubs out Veronica’s fiance and uses his computer to track her down. He gives his name as Pollock, but I doubt he’d be dumb enough to use his real name. Still, lacking anything else, we’ll go with that.

Falzone’s goons go after what they think is Fibonacci, but it’s of course the classic fake-out where you see the bad guys getting ready intercut with the victim in the house, and it turns out that they’re in two totally different places. In this case, Falzone gets nabbed by a Canadian sting operation, while Fibonacci is safely in Kansas. Man, Falzone had to be stupid to fall for THAT one. Abruzzi is smart, however, and we learn that he was working with Mike all along and now he’s back on PI and in the money again.

Linc’s momentous final meal choice: Blueberry pancakes. Well, wouldn’t be my choice, but they have sentimental value to the Lincster, so good for him. And yet another wannabe escapist, our token black dude C-Note, challenges Mike’s authority and sets himself up as a new nemesis and newest member of the team. He’s so gonna get iced by T-Bag by the end of the escape plan.

And then Veronica actually has a useful thought, as she puts together the giant useless money-sucking corporation and the VP’s campaign fund and thinks that perhaps the two may be related. Too bad for them Pollock is standing outside their window as we end for another week.

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