The RAW Events

The RAW Events
— Hope everyone’s Halloween was a happy and safe one… and if it was, then please send me your chocolate candy now!!! I was a little candy deprived this time around for certain reasons, but hey doesn’t mean I cant trick or treat off everyone else! And if I can’t, well I still got the fangs to scare the candy out of ya! But that’s beside the point, and that holiday is finished and done and I’m over it so everything is all good now. So now where here on Monday, with a “new” Raw of sorts with the “debut” of a new voice, the game of the year in my view Colts vs. Patriots (which I’ll be giving updated scores as I watch simultaneously with Raw) and guess what? Another test tomorrow… surprise, surprise huh! But let’s get things rolling.

Ft. Wayne, IN.
Hosts: Joey Styles, King, & Coach

The MAIN Events

– Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
Just have to say that is about time that Shelton finally makes his way out of HEAT purgatory and fights back on Raw in a meaningful match- up. Usual match between these two and a lot of stuff I missed in between, sorry I was hungry. Carlito reverses the roll up near the end and uses the ropes to pick up the win.
Winner: Carlito (3)

– Victoria & Candace Michelle vs. Mickey James & Trish Stratus
You know, after a while, you do have to give this woman division credit… division in the sense of Victoria, Mickey, and Trish of course. They’ve actually managed to pull out some decent matches and seem to be actually really trying. Well few stuff to note, Candace Michelle uses a very “very” unique half-like terantuala on Mickey during the match. And a nice move with Trish and Mickey to use Michelle as a battering ram against Victoria who was tied up in the corner. But Candace’s wand is the one that picks up the win for the girls as Victoria hits it across Mickey’s head.
Winner: Victoria & Candace Michelle (5)

– Gregory Helms vs. Rosey
Rosey fights off with a vengeance after being ditched by his super hero partner, but hey we all have to go our own ways eventually right!? I mean just look at Robin with Batman, and well err… yeah. Should be interesting to see where they take Helms character now with the makeover. And just as about Rosey was taking things up top, Helms gets the kick down low knocking the redwood down to the mat and hitting the shining wizard for the win.
Winner: Gregory Helms (6)

– World Tag Team Title Match: Hardcore
Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Kane & The Big Show (Champs)
As you would expect, the former tag champs don’t get the best end of this contract rematch clause as they start getting torn apart to begin the match. But just as I finish typing that, the tide turns with Kane getting nailed in the face with a trash lid and Show falling outside. Double choke slam nearly ends things early from Kane but gets blocked as they match spills out to the entrance ramp. But it only delays the inevitable as the double choke slam levels Cade out on the announcer table to retain the titles for the champs.
Winners: Kane & The Big Show (4)

– Kurt Angle & Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels & John Cena
Kurt wants a redo on his entrance because he wants some respect other than the usual “You Suck” chants he gets. And lets the crowd know if they don’t do it right, that they’ll try it again and again until the get it correct. And of course, the second time isn’t the charm. And the third isn’t either. So Angle’s had enough and walks out on the main event. (Damn it!!! Colts 21- Pats-7)

– Intercontinental Title Match:
Rob Conway vs. Ric Flair (Champ)
Ric struts his stuff and even makes it a point to have Lilian announce that he beat HHH on Taboo Tuesday, gotta love it! Is Conway suppose to be the new “Legend Killer” cuz the last time I looked Orton still had that title? Common, what your telling me that WWE writers cant think of anything else for the “Con-man”? Sigh. Flair is really into the match, making sure to glance over in H’s nose every now and then. But backfires as Conway gets a few cheap hits in to take over the match, getting a 2 count in between. And the claw of death down low connect to give Flair back the momentum, “Woo!” Forearm off the top ropes connects for Flair to put in a little more damage before the figure four is applied and the rest is academic. Tap, tap, tap!
Winner: Ric Flair (1)

– Kurt Angle & Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels & John Cena (ROUND 2!)
One stipulation was taken care of as the crowd gets “censored” during the chants, which seems to content Angle. And stipulation 2 is resolved with… Davari? Huh, go figure. (This is getting bad… Colts 28- Pats 7). HBK and Masters (who I’m still trying to figure out why he’s in the main even spotlight) is in the ring as Davari tries to get in a fast count. Cena gets in the ring and tries to cover himself as the face team barely gets a slow 1! HBK moves back in and gets a few hits in before tagging Angle in. A few back and forth spurts go between the two teams with Davari still favoring Angle/ Masters finding everyway to give them the advantage. HBK begins to clean house and goes up top but is stopped short as Angle tosses a chair inside the ring which nails HBK in the mid-section, but of course, Davari sees the chair in Shawn’s hands and calls for the DQ. All hell breaks loose as HBK and Cena get crushed at the end with Angle celebrating the win. (Touchdown PATS! 28-14)
Winner: Kurt Angle & Chris Masters (2)

Quick HEAT

— Show starts off with the entire Raw roster out in full force around the ring as well as the introduction of Joey Styles to the announcer booth (which should be good.) Bischoff makes his round to the ring and lets us all know that he has made a 10-man Survivor Series match with Raw vs. Smackdown. Along with a few other matches that include HHH vs. Flair in a last man standing match and Angle vs. Cena for the WWE Title. But the main thing he wants to do is announce who the 5 Raw spots will go to in the survivor match. Two of them will go to the new tag champs of Kane and Big Show. The Raw captain will be HBK, but the other two spots are still in the air. So tonight Carlito will face off against Benjamin to decide one spot while the other… well things switch to Edge here for a while. Eric shows a clip of Taboo Tuesday in how Edge pretty much ditched Raw. So to teach him a lesson, Bischoff is sending Edge to Smackdown Friday night to go against Batista in a street fight. And that Edge wont be allowed back until he gets the job done. Good segment.

— Taboo Tuesday Recap

— The new tag champs meet up backstage to let us all know that they’re going up against the old tag champs tonight in a Hardcore match, with Kane letting the Big Show know he ain’t gonna show any mercy. (And the Colts just scored to go up… again. 14-7)

— Kurt’s backstage packing his bags as Bischoff tries to pursued him otherwise. And gives Bischoff two stips to get back his main event: 1- Make the crowd stop chanting “You Suck” and 2- Get a special referee for the match which Eric agrees on.

— HHH makes his way out to a lazyboy? So when did Raw start having a lazyboy on the side of the entrance ramp? After the Flair win, Trips attacks Ric with a chain but doesn’t give him the results he was looking for as Flair fights back, sending the brawl through the crowd before its broken up.

— Lita tries to “persuade” Bischoff to change his mind about Edge fighting Batista this Friday on Smackdown, but the man holds his ground and kicks Lita out.

RAW Analysis
— What can I say? Just another Raw, although it wasn’t all to terrible as it has been the last few weeks, and the plus side was no McMahon’s, which who have ran out their TV returns fast. Plus, it’s saved me some dread of watching the Monday game which is currently seeing Colts up 28-14 and looking to aim 3 more points to their lead. But however, there was one redeeming quality that I found in tonight’s show… Joey Styles. You know, it’s just something fresh other than JR of course and his usual replacements of King and Coach. Styles sounds generally interested in the product, which is saying more than other people watching WWE right now. Plus he has that energy, not over-the-top ala JR, but energy that wants to at least make you check things out. SO hopefully he stays for the long run. Other than that, good to be back… plus you know the usual pimping, USC Trojans- 51 Stanford-21, UTEP Miners- 41 Tulsa-38. Oh yeah, and just wanted to say hi to Cristal, who I hope is reading this. And to those of you who you are, as usual, lemme know what you think. Till the next EVENT, I’m out. Peace.

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