Desperate Housewives – Recap – Episode 2-6

“I Wish I Could Forget You”

Previously, on Desperate Housewives: Bree re-buries Rex away from her future gravesite, Carlos picks a lawyer who won’t hump Gabrielle, and Susan drives Zach away from Wisteria Lane just in time for Paul Young to come back in search of him.

George can’t seem to consumate his relationships, but thinks that Bree will be different. After a duck dinner, George makes his move but Bree ends up getting a rash and having to push George out of the door as George has to admit that this excuse was original for once.

You’re watching Desperate Housewives. Sorry.

Susan’s mother is getting ready for her wedding, as it turns into talking about Mike popping the question, but Mike tells Susan to wait for the question even though he hints at popping it.

Dr. Goldfine and Bree talk about George, as Goldfine wonders if Bree is subconsciously avoiding adultery against Rex, but Bree puts up a front, saying that Rex is a corpse, but Dr. Goldfine notes that Bree must not feel that way deep down, since she rubs the void where her wedding ring used to be every time she mentions Rex’s name.

Lynette is criticized by her co-workers about her choices of suits when she arrives to work. She’s going to have to do much better for her big presentation coming up.

Gabrielle doesn’t look like a pregnant, suffering wife, and David wants her to go get changed into something more conservative, as one of David’s past opponents on a trial comes around asking for Crystal to remove the restraining order on him, since Louis figured that Crystal loved him. After all, she did ask for his phone number…for a check that Crystal was trying to cash. David calls Louis a creepy man and tries to walk away, but Louis pulls a gun and shoots all the bullets in the gun, every single shot missing David as Louis throws the gun at David, with David catching it and turning around to face the just-arriving officer, telling him to freeze as David doesn’t freeze and he gets shot in the shoulder.

Back on Wisteria Lane, Gabrielle and Bree have a phone conversation about Paul Young being so brave as to mow his lawn when he was supposed to be the one who murdered Martha Huber. They call the police when Susan arrives from grocery shopping, and Susan notices Paul, dropping her groceries as Paul does his best to be the good guy. The police arrive, saying that they have no warrant for Paul Young’s arrest but since Susan claims that Mike knows everything about the bad things Paul has done, he’ll admit to anything. So they go to Mike’s place, where he admits to nothing, not Martha Huber’s journal implicating Paul or the confession that Paul gave him in the middle of nowhere, as everyone believes that Susan is crazy.

Lynette bought a new suit, but Tom doesn’t gasp at the look of it but rather the price tag on the dress, saying that he made sacrifices with the suits he wore because they had so many children to support at the office.

Bree’s rubbing her wedding ring void, and then decides to call George, offering him a chance to set up plans for a romantic hotel, as George celebrates.

Mike explains why he didn’t confess anything to the police, since Mike kidnapped Paul Young, coerced a confession out of him with a gun he shouldn’t have, and the journal also implicates Susan being blackmailed by Martha over the arson that resulted in Edie’s house being destroyed. Mike wants to get Paul, but he wants to get to Zach first.

David is in the hospital, as he thought he was going to die as he waited for the ambulance in the courtroom, and thanks Gabrielle for not making jokes about a lawyer getting shot.

Lynette has a great new suit, but intends to return it after the presentation. Nina notices a tag on the skirt, however, ripping it off and making the return null and void, obviously.

Carlos’ trial begins, but before it can get started, David quits because he’s in love with Gabrielle. Gabrielle threatens to get a gun and shoot him right there, but David doesn’t budge.

Paul comes to the Mayer house, bringing out a flyer left in his mailbox (for some reason), as Paul thinks that Zach’s still in Susan’s house but Susan then admits to giving Zach money to go to Utah.

Carlos thinks Gabrielle set him up so that she could have sex with David, but Gabrielle is offended since she has been nothing but faithful since his imprisonment, and she’s going to take that extra mile to get Carlos out of jail.

Bree and George check into the romantic hotel, but the thought of Bree doing it gives her that rash again before George finally agrees to a sex-free weekend full of antiquing with Bree, as the rash magically goes away.

Lynette arrives home and decides that luxury might be right for the Scavo family, and gives Tom a great set of golf clubs as he thinks it’s making him a better parent already.

Bree wants to go horseback riding, but George tells Bree to take the antihistamines despite her drinking wine. Bree’s almost out on her feet as Rex takes her back to the hotel, and it seems like George is about to make love to a passed out woman. But it isn’t so, as Bree wakes up at 3:21 as George got too guilty to do it and instead watched her sleep, which is almost more creepy. Bree wants George to be patient, and he can be patient for a little longer, but warns that he can only take so much rejection before he leaves. Bree doesn’t want George to leave, finally agreeing to make whoopee with George as 4:30 rolls around and Bree’s the one off the bed, rubbing her void.

Gabrielle is ready to have an affair with David, or so David thinks before Gabrielle tricks him into sexually harrassing her, threatening to have him disbarred if he doesn’t show up in court tomorrow because David’s not really in love with Gabrielle.

Paul Young is gardening as Mike arrives to get Paul off Wisteria Lane, but Mike wants to know what Susan told Paul first.

Susan’s wedding dress is on, and Mike arrives to tell her something important. But it’s not what Susan’s mother expects: Mike wants to know if Zach really got money to go to Utah, and Susan finally admits to doing such a thing, and there goes Mike. Susan is in tears as she looks over at Paul Young, who retreats back into his house as the Housewives come to console Susan, bawling in the middle of the street in her wedding dress. Be a heart-wrenching scene if she wasn’t wearing the wedding dress, it’s the dress that makes you wonder why they didn’t play the “Susan’s being stupid” music.

End episode.