[WWE] Late-Night News Dump

– Spanky’s bio has been added to WWE.com. Still missing? The Dicks, Boogeyman and Joey Styles. Styles, according to PWInsider.com, got rave reviews backstage after his Taboo Tuesday appearance, and many think that the job is his to lose.

– Also on WWE.com: the latest power rankings, a hot video of Candice doing a GoDaddy.com commercial, a ByteThis! preview (Matt Hardy and real-life girlfriend Ashley will be the in-studio guests, and our new ByteThis! recapper Matt Gardner will have a report up later this week), Matt Striker talking about immigration, the top Batista Bombs, WWE Unlimited clips from RAW commercial breaks and more.

– USA Network pulled ads for last night’s RAW from the air on its Web site that mistakenly tied the Batista/Coachman match to the J.R. storyline.

– Randy Orton is engaged.

– RVD has updated his Web site with a new commentary where he discusses Joey Styles, Batista and more. Lance Storm has also updated his commentary and site Q&A.

– Matt Striker pissed off Benoit, JBL and Holly when he was backstage at Smackdown a week or so ago where he worked a dark match, getting kicked out of the lockerroom for saying RAW was more professional. Other rumors going around, according to PWInsider.com, are that he turned JBL down when offered a trip to get some drinks, that he’s overstepping his bounds when putting matches together with more veteran counterparts, and that last week he hung out with indy workers backstage more than the rest of the roster.

– The AP has a story on The Hurricane and his name change to his given name of Gregory Helms.

– Edge will likely be working an injury angle on Smackdown since he has a hurt pectoral muscle that will need some time to recover. (Credit: WrestlingObserver.com)

– PWInsider.com is reporting that Paul Heyman’s deal expires next month (although other reports have it expiring later, but within the next few months), and that he has been telling people he has a screenplay, TV projects, and a MMA/wrestling hybrid project in the works. He has clashed with Stephanie McMahon and others at WWE in the past, and while some may think these stories are being planted by Heyman himself in order to drive up his value as he enters contract negotiations, it’s impossible to predict how this one will turn out. He has been writing OVW TV of late, which has been praised on the Internet, although rumors have gone around that some writers — while kissing up to Steph — have panned his writing in internal meetings. We at InsidePulse.com feel that WWE will likely do everything it can to make sure that Heyman doesn’t end up booking TNA.

– Yoshihiro Tajiri has recently re-upped with WWE signing a 2 or 3 year deal. (Credit: PWInsider.com)

– Some in WWE are talking about giving Greg “The Hammer” Valentine more of an on camera role, which goes in line with the push to have more “Legends” involved in programming. (Credit: PWInsider.com)

– Kurt and Karen Angle are truly separated in real life, going back a few months. (Credit: WrestlingObserver.com)

– The November 4 episode of SD did a 2.6 broadcast rating with a 4 share. (Credit: Nielsen Media Research and PWInsider.com)

– Christian (Jay Reso) used the name “The Canadian Rage” Christian Cage before joining the WWF, so there’s a chance that he’ll be able to use the name “Christian Cage” in TNA or elsewhere, although as of now it’s not clear. This may be why TNAWrestling.com is simply saying “a surprise” signing was made (if in fact Christian IS the surprise they’re talking about). Other “big name former WWE free agents” that have been rumored to be in talks with TNA include Andrew “Test” Martin, Charlie Haas, Shannon Moore, Ultimo Dragon and of course Bret Hart. We’ll have more on all of this as it happens.