[SD] Taping Results for SD and Velocity From Indiana (Spoilers)


Sylvan pinned Funaki after a DDT. (Velocity Graphics,
but no announce team until after this match.)

LOD pinned Nunzio/Vito after the Doomsday Device.

Bob Holly pinned Simon Dean after an Alabama Slam.

Kid Kash pinned Scotty 2 Hotty after a moonsault.
Scotty might have been injured here as well. The
moonsault was a double jump where Kash stands on the
top facing center ring, jumps to face away and then
jumps to actually do the moonsault. I could tell when
he was in the air it wasn’t going to land right. It
looked as if Kash’s knees went straight into Hotty’s
arm and/or head. Probably an arm injury based on post
match reaction.

Spanky and London over Burchill and Regal when Spanky
pinned Burchill. Finish was a double team enziguri
from London into a Spanky Stroke for the pin.


Rey over Orton by DQ when Coboy Bob interferes. As
the Ortons work over Rey, Matt Hardy comes in and
cleans house on the heels.

In ring interview with MNM to do the stupid Top Model
tie in. To make a stupid segment short, MNM brings
out Michelle, insults her, Michelle slaps Melina,
Melina retalliates and back Michelle into corner,
which of course brings in the Mexicools to save the
day because they love Top Model or something.
Mexicools beat up heels, dance with model.

Lashely pinned Jordan with the dominator in a Survivor
Series Qualifying match. (Lashley gets on to 5 man
squad to represent Smackdown)

Eddie over Kennedy by DQ in another qualifying match.
Ref bump allows Eddie to set up Kennedy for a DQ by
tossing him a chair right as Charles Robinson gets up.
Kennedy goes nuts and then really does hit Eddie
with the chair. (Backstage interview segment later on
tonight would show Eddie with a concussion).

Pierrothito pinned Buzz Stone (?) Couldn’t quite make
out the second guys name, no graphics on screen to
verify either. This was horrible and they blew
several spots. Nice elbow off the top for the finish

They did an interview with the “Dicks” backstage.
They really went all out with this one. Some phrases
said during this gem were, “Dicks take a pounding”,
“cocky”, “rock hard”, “Can LOD beat the Dicks?”, etc.
This may come across dumb on TV, but in the arena,
everyone was laughing and I just don’t see how they
can be heels if they keep doing this. The crowd loved

JBL pinned Benoit with the clothesline from hell after
Booker T interfered when Benoit seemingly had it won.
This was another qualifying match.

Edge vs Batista. Edge did not end up doing anything
physical. It was all a set up from Bischoff. After
Batista and Edge were in the ring, Bischoff showed up
on the big screen and Teddy Long told him to get out.
Blah blah blah, Masters jumps Long’s security guards
and puts Teddy in the Masterlock. Then they jump in a
car and leave. The major faces (including JBL) from
Smackdown run out to help Teddy. Teddy tells them to
go get the Raw guys. So the faces pile in JBL’s limo
and speed off. This sets up the master plan. So
Batista is in the ring and Kane’s pyro goes off, he
comes down the aisle, then Big Show enters from the
other side of the arena. Edge, Show, and Kane gang up
on Batista and lay him out to end the show. The non
major faces from Smackdown kept coming in one by one
and were quickly dumped by either Big Show or Kane.

Before we get to the results which I will send in
shortly after sending this, tonight’s potentially
major news is that Batista was injured. Odds are it
was from the double chokeslam from Kane and Big Show
to end Smackdown. After they stopped taping for TV,
Orton came out for the local main event (Batista vs
Orton vs Eddie) As Orton was on the mic, Batista was
still down. There was no ref in the ring until Orton
called for one right before he put the boots to
Batista. Therefore, I don’t think Randy had any
communication from Batista that he couldn’t continue.
As soon as Jimmy Korderis figured it out, he threw up
the X symbol and it was an obvious visual scramble to
get out of there. Within a minute or so, they set up
a quick spinebuster spot and Batista just rolled over
and covered Orton for the 3. (no Eddie because he was
selling the concussion angle from earlier in the show)
Once the match was over, help came out from the back
and Batista did get up eventually and walk out with
the two assistants, however he didn’t acknowledge the
crowd at all or hold up his belt. He just got out of
there and straight to the back.

Credit: Meltzer and Friends, Inc.