More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks

Ok, so moving across town actually costs money. It’s not as expensive as moving across the country, but it still puts a dent in the finances.

As a result I’ve not has as much money to spend on music. Plus I’ve actually moved farther from my shop of choice, making the trek seem less than appealing. When I finally do make the trip to the shop I’ll probably end up coming home with close to a dozen albums and a couple of singles. But in the meantime, here’s ten albums that are presently available that I intend on purchasing.

Ten Albums That I Need to Cop

Danger DoomThe Mouse and the Mask

I dig collabos. I dug Madvillainy. I dug Jaylib. I’m kind of becoming a fan of MF Doom (whom I once shunned because he was a backpacker favorite). I have yet to hear anything by Dangermouse that I didn’t like. I don’t find the “Adult Swim” hook nearly as appealing as appearance by Ghostface.

Prince PaulHip Hop Gold Dust

I’m not sure that there’s a more intriguing phrase in the English language than “unreleased Prince Paul material.” How can you not be interested in this? You’ve got De La and Gravediggaz. I’m completely sold on this one.

Sadat XExperience & Education

I was a huge fan of Wild Cowboys. That album got some crazy play back in the day. Sadat was always my favorite “Nubian.” I didn’t give The State of New York vs Derek Murphy nearly enough attention. But I’m guessing once I pick up the new joint Sadat will warrant his own minidisc.


I’m more intrigued by this collabo than craving it. It seems about a decade too late for anyone to really care about it. Still both artists are undeniable talents. Gza never disappoints lyrically (only his beats ever really leave anything to be desired and Muggs should have that covered.) This isn’t #1 on my list, but I’ll pick it up.

Sheek LouchAfter Taxes

He’s not the most gifted of the Lox, but he can pull his own weight most of the time. His debut might not have been great, but it was better than expected. Sheek is sure to have some decent beats and at least a couple certified bangers.

Fat LipThe Loneliest Punk

Another album that’s nearly a decade too late, but I’m kind of fiending for this one. I picked the single when it dropped those many years ago, and the Spike Jonze doc got some heavy rotation a couple years ago. I think that Fat Lip is like a West Coast ODB and I’ll hold him in a similarly high regard.


Poor Az. This guy is doomed to be known as a “poor man’s Nas.” I’ve got all of his studio albums (even The Firm). Az has skills, but he’s been stuck in the shadow of Nas and Jay. I really can’t wait to check this one out.

OCSmoke & Mirrors

I’ve actually got to pick up OC’s previous album, as I missed it when it came out. OC is another under appreciated lyricist. His verse on the second Crookly Dodgers was nice. Y’know that I just realized; in that 94-96 Hip Hop heyday BK was thoroughly represented. Biggie, Jay, Jeru and OC all came from the Borough. It’s just sad that two have been forgotten. Hopefully this new joint will get OC some new millennium props.

Kev BrownI Do What I Do

I really liked Kev Brown’s Black Album remix joint, so I’m willing to give this a shot. I don’t know what I’m really preparing myself for. I’ll be honest, I’m probably only going to get this if HipHopSite still has The Brown Album instrumentals throw in.

Alchemist1st Infantry (Instrumentals)

Yup I’m a fiend for instrumentals. Who hasn’t been craving an album full of Alchemist instrumentals? His debut was solid, but those rhyming on them bogged down a few cuts. And of course there’s Your Boy Al and Hold You Down. What can I say, some people like screwed and chopped versions, I dig instrumental versions.

Well that’s what I expect to be picking up in the next couple of weeks. If I do I’ll let you know.

Classic Nuts

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Five Albums That I Can’t Wait to Drop

1. The Roots – Home Grown: The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding The Roots Vol. 1
2. The Roots – Home Grown: The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding The Roots Vol. 2
3. Ryan Adams – 29
4. Redman – Red Gone Wild
5. Juelz Santana – What The Game’s Been Missing!

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