The O.C. – Recap – Episode 3-6

We are back and rolling along! Last week’s episode was a good setup for the future. Just a few things I want to mention before we get to this week’s episode.

First off..I didn’t say anything about the whole Charlotte/Julie thing. I don’t think that Julie will fall for Charlotte’s little scheme. Why? Because that IS Julie. She does that sort of thing! She will be on to her little game. Now will Julie be a good girl or the EVIL woman we know? Charlotte could play the villain and Julie could battle against her. Or Julie could join forces with Charlotte. Why would she do that? Well..if it benefited Julie..she would do anything. She could help Charlotte against Kirsten. Charlotte could get her money and Julie can return to power in Newport. Because you know that is what she really wants. But is Julie willing to turn on the Cohen family to get what she wants? It’s possible.

Now we have Ryan and Marissa. I don’t like the whole Johnny thing. I was watching last week’s episode episode with someone (hello muffin!) and they said to me…”I think Johnny got Ryan the job to get him out of the picture and have Marissa to himself.” I didn’t think so at first, but I could see that. Although, what about Johnny’s girlfriend..Casey. There has not been any real talk of their relationship. So why would he dump Casey for Marissa? Yeah..she is Marissa, but Marissa is no Summer! We have seen these love triangles before and I really hope they go a different direction with this one. I really do!

Now to Seth and Summer. Great stuff. They carry the show along each week. But when things are going good..something ALWAYS has to happen. It may begin this week. There have been hints that Taylor may jump in between them. I hope not! Summer and Seth were meant to be together! You can’t fight fate..remember?! I just hope we don’t get another triangle with those three. That would be bad. Worse than the Johnny/Ryan/Marissa one!

Hmm..nothing else really to talk about. So lets see what happens tonight..right now!

The O.C. – Season Three (Episode 6) – “The Swells”

We open up with some flashbacks! Yay! Marissa thinks about random stuff..but mainly Trey and Ryan and how she shot Trey and all of that mess. Now it was just a dream as she wakes up in Summer’s room. She makes a phone call to someone and it’s Ryan. Marissa tells Ryan that she is having these dreams again. She is scared, but Ryan says Trey is gone and everything is fine. Just go back to sleep says Ryan. Now Summer is up to comfort Marissa. Marissa explains to Summer that she can’t talk to Ryan. He is not much with words. He should understand, but he doesn’t.

Summer: “Well I am here.”

Marissa: “I just wish Ryan knew that was all he had to say.”

Interesting. Now Ryan has second thoughts. He is going to call her back, but he stops. Could be a Chino friend!

“California…here we come…right back where we started from…California…here we come! Oh!!”

Cohen kitchen once more now. First day back at Harbor High for Ryan. Ryan won’t get in trouble says Ryan. The house is alone for Kirsten and Sandy now. Sandy is selling the Newport Group to some people. Kirsten says she is ready to let it go. She hates it.

Summer and Seth talk about Ryan and Marissa. Summer feels a breakup coming on. Seth says they break up all the time. It’s natural. Summer says this time is different. Marissa could disappear this time since she is in public school. Seth says it’s only two miles away. They see Ryan. Ryan thinks he should give Marissa her space. But Summer objects. She and Marissa are coming over.

Taylor walks in and announces a school lock-in for tomorrow tonight. Sleeping in the gym! Yes!

Summer: “We can’t make it!”

Seth: “Yeah..we’re taking off my arm with a hack saw!”

But it is mandatory for the senior class. So they all must go. And Taylor wants Ryan and Seth to set up things since she did get Ryan back in school and all. True, but come on!

Now lets go to public school where they talk about the surf! The swells are up and decent waves are in town! Time to surf this weekend for Casey, Chili, Johnny, and Marissa. The lines are drawn in the sand. And now it’s time for Johnny and Marissa to talk. They have the same free period..of course! Johnny sees that Marissa has not been sleeping and suggests it is bad dreams. He is right, but Marissa can’t believe he is right! They go off to munch on snacks!

Charlotte and Julie talk. Julie tells Charlotte that she used to rule the gym, but not anymore. She has no money. Charlotte says the same thing happened to her when she got out of rehab. Everyone forgot about her. She threw a party to help. Charlotte suggests they do the same now. And she knows who can help throw it.

Summer tells Marissa they are going to the Cohen’s for dinner. Marissa will be a little late. She is hanging with Johnny at the beach. Everyone else will be there as well. But Summer thinks something is up. Marissa says goodbye.

Summer: “C-ya..wouldn’t want to be ya!”

Oh man..Seth is rubbing off on Summer! I love it!

Surfing time! Chili is out in the water, Casey is coming, so that leaves Johnny and Marissa alone. Time to talk? Not yet. she blowing off the dinner? Looks like it. Johnny asks if she has to go, and Marissa says no.

Cohen house and Summer arrives. She tells everyone that Marissa is not coming. Why? Because she is hanging with Johnny at the beach!

Seth: “Ryan..try not to punch Summer!”

Don’t shoot the messenger says Summer. Ryan says Johnny is her friend so she has to hang out with him. Hmm..Ryan doesn’t look too happy though.

Johnny and Marissa talk. Johnny tells Marissa that he and his dad had a fight and he hasn’t seen him in a few years. He was a drunk and abused Johnny’s mom. Johnny snapped and hit his dad with a baseball bat. He doesn’t remember anything. But saw his dad knocked out and all bloody. Johnny doesn’t know how he could do such a thing. Marissa can relate, though. You see..because the whole Trey thing. You get it? Marissa is the first person that Johnny has told that story to. And now Casey drives up and sees them talking. She knows something is up as well. Great!

Summer wakes up Marissa and Summer is looking hot! WOW! Sorry..back to the show. She is mad at Marissa. Summer finds suspicious articles of clothes around the room from random men. Marissa says that she would never cheat on Ryan. She explains that Johnny needed to her. Summer suggests because he likes her. Marissa disagrees. They just have stuff in common like violence.

Marissa: “I don’t know..he just gets me!”

Summer says Ryan doesn’t get her? Marissa didn’t say that. Summer tells Marissa to apologize to Ryan about last night.

Now Seth and Ryan carry heavy stuff around for the lock-in. Marissa finds them and tells Ryan what she was doing. She was talking to Johnny. Ryan asks “about?” and Marissa says “it’s personal!” Oh man! Marissa says nothing is going on. Ryan asks what is up? And Marissa says she is still dealing with all the Trey stuff. This conversation gets interrupted by Taylor. Ryan must get back to work!

Sandy meets up with the potential buyers of the Newport Group. An older man named Mr. Williams and a young man named Matt. Sandy doesn’t want the low-income properties near the water to be destroyed. They seem to agree and assure Sandy that the properties won’t be destroyed. Sandy believes them and shakes hands. But somehow..I don’t believe them! But it’s a deal!

Taylor’s mom arrives! Hmm..she looks a little young, but don’t they all. She has Taylor’s party favors and she acts all bitchy to Taylor. Taylor’s mom says Taylor is locking up all the kids so Taylor doesn’t have to spend another Saturday night all alone. That is not why she is doing that says Taylor. By the way, Seth overhears this whole conversation. Taylor is lonely..awww! Wow..that ass comment from Taylor’s mom wasn’t needed!

Summer and Marissa arrive at the beach.

Chili: “Hot chicks always travel in packs!”

So true. Wait a comes some more surfers and they call Marissa and Summer “groupies”! One is named Volchok and he just did that “Iceman” move towards them. Top Gun reference. You know..the thing he did with his teeth. Anyways..he likes to think that he owns the waves says Johnny. Now the surfers talk smack towards Johnny. Volchok tells Casey that it doesn’t look like she is dating Johnny as Johnny and Marissa go off together. That was random, but it gets the point across.

Three women meet up at the Cohen house. Kirsten can’t believe Charlotte and Julie are living together. Must be fun. Yeah..right! They talk to Kirsten about the party. They want her to throw the party for them. But Kirsten doesn’t think so. It’s too soon. They are disappointed, but Charlotte says she has got this. She leaves and goes to talk to Kirsten. She plays the “Julie card”. Charlotte is worried about Julie. Kirsten’s name on the invitation would be a huge draw. And now Kirsten is in! Too easy!

Marissa and Summer are still hanging out with Chili and Johnny. Well more Johnny and Marissa than anything else. They go to Chili’s room. Summer comes to look for Marissa and she finds them. Johnny and Marissa are goofing off together and Summer looks pained by seeing that. Like someone just jabbed a stick in her back! Hmm…

Summer calls Seth. She needs him and Ryan to get here NOW! But Taylor slams that phone call shut! Lock-in rules! Damn her! Seth tells Ryan what Summer said and Ryan is going. Taylor says he better be back by 9 p.m. or he is in serious trouble! Ryan doesn’t care!

Ryan drives on over to where Chili, Summer, Marissa, and Johnny are. Chili asks Summer why she doesn’t like him? She is already dating a dork says Summer. That gives Chili inspiration as it should. Summer loves dorks! This I know for a fact, but not the same Summer.

Anyways Casey arrives and she pulls back from a kiss from Johnny. She acts all weird and Marissa decides to leave to get a drink. Casey says she is fine, but she isn’t. Summer sees this and “oh crap!” Summer tries to call Seth but gets his voicemail. Which by the way is this:

Seth’s Voicemail Message: “This is Seth. It’s should know how these things work!”

I am stealing that one! Summer says “abort message!” Abort! But Ryan is already here. Summer says it’s a false alarm. She was worried about Johnny and Marissa, but all Ryan sees now is Johnny and Casey hanging out, of course. Summer tells him to go, but Marissa sees him. She asks what he is doing here? He was just checking up on…Summer, of course. That is what Summer said. She is low on gas or something. Good thing Johnny comes in and saves Ryan. They go get a drink and Summer smiles at Marissa. I’m sure she bought that.

Sandy is not fooled by Mr. Williams. Matt wants to work for Sandy now. Tells him not to sell the business. He will do all the boring stuff for him. Sandy has to ask Kirsten first, though. Of course!

Back to Charlotte and Julie. They are eating. Charlotte gets a phone call. The bill comes and Julie has no money, so she grabs Charlotte’s purse and she has A LOT of driver licenses and credit cards in different names! Julie is stunned. She knows her secret now. She gives the guy cash and leaves it at that.

Ryan asks what is going on. Marissa says she can talk to Johnny. About what asks Ryan? Marissa says about Trey. Ryan says she can talk to him, but Marissa already tried that. Ryan just told her to go back to sleep. Ryan says he can’t fix this..can’t make this all go away! Ryan and Summer leave for the lock-in. Marissa says bye. Not a GOODbye, though.

Seth calls Ryan from a pay phone. Ooooo..lip herpes! That was uncalled for! Summer says she is sorry that she overreacted.

Summer: “Oh my god..I’m Seth!”

Ryan says no problem. Summer tells Ryan to go back and talk to Marissa.

Johnny comes in and asks where Ryan is. He left. Johnny says Marissa should call him. It would make her feel better. Marissa wants a quiet place to talk. Johnny says follow me. And here we go! I see it coming! Johnny takes Marissa to Chili’s room. And oh my! Not what I was expecting. Johnny walks in on Casey and that surfer, Volchok, making out! Great! Johnny is all in shock and Summer and Ryan come in just at the end!

Marissa comforts Johnny as Chili and Ryan and Summer are all there. Johnny just needs to be alone right now. But Casey is back and she wants to talk to him. Marissa answers the door and they go out to talk. Casey says she could see where all of this was headed and Marissa asks what she means. It’s the long, secret talks between Johnny and Marissa. Casey says that Johnny is falling in love with Marissa..she just may not know it yet. Marissa is shocked..shocked I tell you! Casey is not going to sit around and watch it she cheated first or something like that! But now Johnny is gone. Going after Volchok or something!

Charlotte and Julie leave the restaurant. Julie wants answers!

Julie: “Who the HELL are you?!”

Julie tells Charlotte that she found all the cards.

Julie: “Please..there isn’t a lie in the world that I haven’t heard or told. So just give it to me will save us a lot of time!”

Charlotte says she was never going to hurt Julie. Julie knows that she was just going to scam her into this benefit party thing. Charlotte says they can work together. Julie thinks she is smoking something or drinking something. Charlotte says that they can raise the money and split it. She will then leave town. Julie says she is not a criminal, though. Charlotte says she hasn’t had to be one yet. She throws in the family thing and asks how she will take care of them? I was right..more or less.

Sandy and Kirsten talk about the Newport Group. Kirsten says go for it, if that is what Sandy wants to do. She is okay with it. She is over her father’s death.

Back to the lock-in. Seth tries to get Taylor to let Summer and Ryan slide. They may be a little late. No go for Taylor.

Taylor: “You can’t save people..Seth. They have to save themselves.”

Lets start the fun says Taylor. And everyone seems bored! Some random guy calls Taylor a loser and Seth feels sorry for her. Seth tries to help her, but Taylor doesn’t want it. But then the crowd turns on Taylor. So Seth saves the day! Capture the flag! The kids don’t like Seth either. Taylor asks Seth why he is saving her?

Seth: “I can take it..I’m used to it!”

Taylor thanks Seth and there is a moment there. Oh..Brother!

Johnny arrives at the beach to kick Volchok’s ass! They scuffle and Volchok pushes Johnny in the sand. Ryan runs in to make the save! He has seen this too many times and tells Johnny to walk away. Ryan, of course, turns around and punches Volchok and tells him to stay away from Johnny. Volchok laughs it off.

Meanwhile, Sandy and his protege, Matt, talk business and drink some vodka! Yeah!

Taylor and Seth talk at the lock-in. Taylor thanks Seth again. Taylor is breaking down as she will let Summer and Ryan slide.

Summer and Marissa arrive at the lock-in. Summer bangs on the door and she wants in. Taylor thinks for a second. Great! NO! Not this! Taylor looks back at Seth and then tells Summer that she can’t let her in! She smiles as she walks way from the door and back to Seth! Summer is pissed!

Ryan and Johnny eat at the cafe. They discuss fighting and stuff.

Summer and Marissa talk on the boardwalk. Marissa thinks everything is her fault. They talk about the Johnny and Casey breakup.

Summer: “It’s obvious, though. She saw him falling for you. So she hurt him before he could hurt her. It’s a classic girl move!”

Summer says that Marissa will soon have to deal with the fact that Johnny likes her. Marissa wishes everything would slow down. But that won’t happen as they now see Johnny and Ryan talking inside the cafe.

Summer: “Yeah..Coop..this shouldn’t be a problem for you at all!”

And we are out until next week!