Lost – Recap – Episode 2-6

Lots of people pointed out that Hurley was instutitonalized BEFORE he got the numbers, an important plot detail that I completely missed the storyline on. Kinda picking and choosing my mail this week as I’m not feeling great and I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me:

Who do you think is hotter Shannon or Kate?

Shannon, hands down. Kate’s got that rebel thing going on, but that doesn’t compare to the “is it incest or is it love?” quality of Shannon.

Re: Kate and the Message Bottle. At first that didnt make any sense to me
either. She just started going through everybodys messages like a psycho.
I dont think that has anything to do with Sawyer.
I think she wanted to see if anybody dropped a dime on her true identity.
She is a fugitive after all.

Ah, very wise of you to think this. Maybe she was looking for Jack’s message? I don’t think that plotline has too much importance right now, short of it being a device that depresses the people still on the island who was hoping that the raft would set them free.


Previously, on Lost: Boone finds a Virgin Mary statue and throws it down to Locke, who discovers the heroin hidden inside. The crashed plane Boone occupies eventually crashes and, in the end, kills him. The tail survivors’ begin their journey with the raft people to the homeland of the front section survivors, but Michael strikes out on his own and Jin and Eko go to track him down, having to hide from The Others along the way.

Shannon gives Vincent something to drink as Sayid takes Shannon over to a new tent. Time to break the new place in, as they start making the ol’ love.

Sawyer, Ana Lucia and the tail survivors wait for Eko, Jin and Michael to return to the group, and when they do so, Eko tells Ana-Lucia that they have to get a move on since they happened upon the Others. And so they do get a move on, with Sawyer showing signs of struggling along because of his shoulder wound.

Back in the tent, the love has been made as Sayid and Shannon are apparently a serious item now. Someone call OK! Magazine, pronto. Sayid leaves the tent for water, and that gives WALT just enough time to appear, blowing out the flame inside the tent and whispering some gibberish again as Shannon screams in horror.


Shannon swears she saw Walt, but doesn’t know where he went or where he is when Sayid wants to know the answer to THAT question. Charlie wanders by, as Sayid explains that it was just a dream, and Charlie moves along to Claire and the baby, who was awoken by Claire since she didn’t want to leave the baby behind as she found out what was happening to Shannon. Charlie gets upset with Claire for waking the baby, because now they’ll have to feed Aaron.

Shannon begins to pack her stuff, as Sayid tries to stop her but is unable to because he doesn’t believe that Shannon actually saw Walt.

Flashback: Shannon is instructing ballet, and after class as her co-worker discuss a perverted father of one of the little girls, the phone rings as Shannon’s stepmother passes on the bad news: Shannon’s father and Sabrina’s husband has been involved in a serious accident. At the hospital, Jack makes tracks out of the operating room where he just saved one life to sacrifice another, as another doctor leads Shannon and Sabrina to the dead body of Mr. Rutherford.

In the open, tall weedy part of the jungle, Eko estimates it might take a day or so to get to the front section camp, but Ana-Lucia makes note that he isn’t so sure of himself. Sawyer falls to his knees out of exhaustion, explaining to Libby (?) how he got the shoulder wound in the first place. After that talk, Sawyer is ready to be a tough man again, walking on with the rest of the group.

Hurley and Rose do their laundry outdoors as opposed to in the hatch since Rose doesn’t like the hatch. Shannon is pointed towards the direction of Michael and Walt’s old tent, as Shannon tries to instruct Vincent to take a whiff of Walt’s clothing and track Walt down. Does she know that it’s not going to work since the dog isn’t a bloodhound? No. Thus, Vincent only ends up leading Shannon to Boone’s grave.

Locke is a miracle worker with Aaron, finally being able to calm him after eight straight hours of being awake, both mother and son alike. Claire changes the subject to Charlie and her acting like husband and wife when they’re almost complete strangers. Claire suggests that Charlie could be a religious freak with that Virgin Mary statue that he carries around. The one that he found in the jungle, you see. Locke smells the fishiness, word.

At Boone’s grave, Shannon sits…

Flashback: …and she’s also sitting at her father’s wake, And there’s Boone, returning for the wake. Boone offers up a shot of scotch in honor of dad to Shannon, and they both knock it back, as Boone asks how his mother is treating Shannon. Seems that Sabrina loves to hate Shannon, mostly because of Shannon’s close-knit relationship with her father.

On a rugged beach, Sawyer is struggling once again to stay upright as Eko calls for a break. Ana-Lucia makes it five minutes and is told by Eko that they might have to cut inland to make the journey faster out of benefit for Sawyer, and Ana-Lucia doesn’t seem to happy about it at all since it’s cutting through the jungle, where the Others have an easier method of attack. Eko knows who he’s doing it for.

Claire allows Locke to hold the baby as Charlie arrives to take it so Claire can go for her walk, and Locke hands it over, saying that he has some other business to tend to anyway.

Back in the jungle, Eko leads the way as Sawyer is struggling again and making noise as Ana-Lucia wants them to be quiet. Michael takes offense to that, however, demanding why they have to be so quiet. Turns out that the first night the tail survivors survived, three of them were taken away by the others, and then nine more two weeks later. Maybe they should be quiet.

Sayid joins Shannon and Vincent at Boone’s grave, as Sayid tries to relate to Shannon, but Shannon makes it clear she saw Walt, regardless of why she’s at Boo’s grave. She goes off again, to find Walt and tells Sayid to stay back.

Flashback: Shannon gets the letter from the dance company, as she’s been accepted. A phone call comes to inform her that her rent check bounced, despite her being all rich and everything. So Shannon tries to spring a trap on her step-mother but she’s very well-prepared, not willing to cough up any money for Shannon’s silly dreams and since everything goes to Sabrina in the will, Shannon has no inheritance going her way. Shannon asks for some kind of loan but Sabrina assures her that she’s alone now.

Charlie and Locke play backgammon as Locke hopes he wasn’t overstepping his bounds between Charlie and Claire. Charlie mentions Claire having a lot to learn about being a mother, and Locke notes that those are big words coming from a heroin addict. Charlie defends that he’s recovering, but Locke doesn’t seem so sure.

Sawyer collapses once again, telling Mike he would’ve left him behind–and then admits that he did leave him behind, before his eyes roll back into his head. Uh-oh. Jin calls for water as Libby explains that he’s got a fever from his ifencted wound. Ana-Lucia wants to roll out, but Eko agrees to help Michael make a stretcher to carry Sawyer.

Sayid did follow Shannon after all, as Shannon reveals to Sawyer about the messages in a bottle washing up on shore, so Shannon has to get a move on, even if a storm rumbles just over the horizon.

The stretcher is made as the group carries on, reaching a steep incline which makes it kinda hard to move the strecther up, but everyone makes it up anyway…except for Cindy. Whoever that is. She’s gone now, though, and the whispers of the Others convince Ana-Lucia that it’s time to make a run for it.

Flashback: Shannon’s packing her things as Boone arrives to announce that Sabrina turned down money for him as well. Shannon wants to live with Boone until she gets on her feet, but Boone’s leaving New York to work with his mother. Shannon finds that disgusting, and no longer wants any money from anyone but herself.

Shannon falls in the mud, but doesn’t want Sayid to help her up because he simply doesn’t believe her. Sayid finally confesses his love for her, and they embrace as Shannon sobs…and there’s the whispers. And THERE’S WALT. But Sayid sees him too now! Maybe it’s contagious? Shannon loses it, though, trying to track down Walt for good, as they both round the corner…and Shannon gets shot! Sayid rushes over, watching Shannon stumble over into Sayid’s arms and then dying in his embrace…

…shot dead by Ana-Lucia.

Sayid looks at Ana-Lucia, then notices Jin, Michael, before looking back at the gun that fired its single bullet, looking at Ana-Lucia…and slowly rising to his feet–


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