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I think that I’m on the verge of giving up on catching up on my missed viewing. I think that I missed like 2½ weeks of viewing, and that might be too much to ever get back on track. It seems like however much my roommates and I manage to watch, equals what was taped that night.

Now if I had a day off, I might have been able to catch up, but my next day off is Wednesday, which seems a ways away. Obviously, if I were going about this solo, I would’ve been caught up last week. But this is a group thing, so I’ve got to work around other folks schedules.

Sorry for all of the complaining, but I felt the need to explain myself.

What I Watched Last Week Recently

My Name is Earl – Ok, I caught the pageant episode. Funny episode. This is a pretty well written show. It’s been said a million times, but Jamie does a great job playing white trash. I also dig how Earl did the right thing and got the “instant” variety of karma.

Boston Legal – I watched the episode where the newbie shagged the paralegal. I found the “war on Terror” subplot to come completely out of left field. It seemed a tad extra. I also found James Spader to be a bit over the top in this episode. Apart from those two disjointing aspects the episode was decent.

Prison Break – Actually watched two episodes this week. I watched the one where they got into the break room and the episode that ended with it being taken away. I am officially bored to death with the crusading lawyers storyline. I almost tune it out completely. I hate those lawyers so much that I’m actually rooting for the agents.

Now when I watched the mom and her man get killed I didn’t shed a tear. I was actually entertained, because, well in a show about prison it was the only violence I’d seen in a minute. However I didn’t realize the ramifications of this; the creation of yet another father trying desperately to locate his son.

Ugh, don’t we have enough of this on Lost? I’m really beginning to hate the father/son dynamic on any show.

Oh and it was nice to see some Black prisoners. Is it really asking too much that a prison in Illinois, might actually have some prominent Black prisoners. Maybe a Gangster Disciple. Possibly?

Grey’s Anatomy – Caught the one with the broken elevator. It’s nice to see Karev doing the whole “arrogant jerk masking his own insecurities” thing. Sure it’s cliché, but it’s pulled off nicely. George is so meek that he’s likeable. But I’m sorry if some dude gave me syphilis, I don’t know how cool I’d be.

Of course I’m dismayed at how the whole Richard/Ellis relationship was played out. From my eyes, it seemed like viewer were supposed to be disappointed that Webber stayed with his wife, as opposed to running off with Ellis (I’m basing this on the fact that Ellis has had much more screen time than Mrs. Webber, and she’s a rather sympathetic character). How wack is that, that the desired response is that we’re disappointed that the guy chose to stay with is wife? He even said it like he regretted the fact that he was too “weak” to leave. Boo.

Props to McDreamy for totally breaking Grey. Anytime you’ve got a girl pleading that like, it’s a wrap. It’s over.

Rome – Man, Sunday’s episode was harsh. Gaius is such a dope character. But Pullo is so tragic. He’s completely lost his way. He did the noble thing by freeing his slave (although his motives weren’t quite as noble) only to get smacked in the face with reality. Of course he couldn’t handle it and lost it, temporarily with permanent consequences. That was such a tough scene to watch. We all knew it was coming. What a great show.

Smallville – Saw the Aquaman episode. This show is kind of losing it’s luster. Sure it’s got its cool moments (Milton Fine, Arthur Curry) but the stories are just implausible at this point. The place is called “Smallville” yet it’s got so much industry and whatnot going on. Lex’s turn to evil is nice, but the fact that he’s lost his ambiguity is kind of saddening. I used to love this show. Now, not so much.

The Greatest Show Ever I’ve Watched Recently – The Office

The dojo episode was complete and utter hilarity. Dwight and Michael fighting was perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I can’t imagine how the camera dude decided who to keep the camera on. John manipulating the entire thing was fun to watch. Micheal crank calling Ryan was so lame, I was dying. The Office is so consistently good, I’m baffled.

More Thoughts on Prison Break

I’ll be honest; T-bag has grown on me. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s so sleazy. Maybe it’s because he’s the closest thing to an Oz character that this show has to offer. Maybe it’s hairline? I can’t call it. But I do know that I don’t really hate the guy any more.

I’m actually kind of pissed that Michael interrupted T-bag’s “breaking in” of the new Fish. Let’s be real; the kid was asking to be taken down a notch. He deserved everything that T-bag was going to give him. Actually he deserved more than just holding onto an outturned pocket, he deserved full on HBO style graphic infliction of violence. Is T-bag bigger than a rectal thermometer? I’d like him to find out.

Here’s to hoping that T-bag reneges on this pledge of nonviolence just like he did with the CO.

Mathan’s Misguided Pilot Ideas

It’s time once again to journey into my mind.


Maybe it’s because its 5:30am, but I really think that Convoy should be developed into a television series.

Think about it; serialized TV dramas (24, Prison Break, Lost)are the big thing right now. And doesn’t the story of an interstate big rig convoy really lend itself to a serialized treatment?

I think that the story should be somewhat topical (ala Law & Order) and have a convoy start out from California trying to deliver disaster relief to a part of the country that’s, um, been struck by a disaster?

The convoy would be made up of; Rubber Duck, an ex con who’s trying to lead a life on the straight and narrow and views this as atonement for the crime that sent him to prison, TomKat, a tomboyish female who’s daddy was a trucker and grew up in the cot in his rig, Spider Mike would be Hip Hop loving, comic book fan, who doesn’t quite get along with; Pig Pen a confederate flag sporting Good Ol’ Boy who’s rig is his baby. Rounding out the characters would be Pack Rat, a relative new guy to the life, and Cottonmouth, the twisted sherrif who thinks that there’s something “fishy” going on.

Obviously throughout the season, there would be twists and turns. Rubber Duck would have to choose between stopping to visit his daughter or keeping on schedule. Pack Rat would eventually turn to drugs in order to keep up with the convoy, which could possibly spell doom for the convoy when Cottonmouth finds them during a questionable search. And of course they’d have to deal with all sorts of governmental red tape (Federal, State and Local) which culminates with Rubber Duck punching a FEMA representative dead in the jaw.

Since most of the stars from the movie are still alive, they could cast in cameos to give the show that cool “nod to the original” touch. Plus viewer dig shows that are full of jargon (ER, CSI) and this show would be full of it. Soon the entire country would be asking “what’s your twenty” and coming up with their own CB handles. And really, isn’t it time for the CB craze of the 70’s to make a comeback?

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Is on hiatus. It will return when my viewing gets caught up.


First and foremost, check out the Classic IP TV Feature; Ten Memorable Characters. Tis quite the read. Also check out the Feedback Thread over in the forums. Did _____ really deserve to make the list? And what about _______? Let your voice be heard.

Josh actually has a Seinfeld quote that I can’t place. He’s also a fan of David Letterman, just like my Mom. Read his column and see if you watch the same shows.

Tim Stevens gives you the lowdown on the most recent episode of Nip/Tuckl.


The Bootleg has returned! Aaron slays me with is revelations about a Black Family Channel, news about his trip, and all that news-y goodness. He’s even got a cameo from…

Joe Reid. Over at The Film Experience Joe delves into gay cowboys and features visual aids. Oh, it’s better than you can imagine.

On His Blog Joe talks about sports writers. He also admits that he’s not Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s biggest fan. As a guy who loves Love Liza I hope he catches on quick.

That’s it. The sun is full blown up. I’m out.


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