[OVW] TV Taping Results for 11/12/05 (Spoilers)


OVW packed the New Davis Arena in Louisville on Wednesday night, and both major singles titles changed hands. The OVW Heavyweight Title match was great, but I think the night was stolen by the awesome angle involving the OVW TV Title.

The show opened with Rene Dupree and his younger brother Jerome (making his OVW debut) defeating The Riggs Brothers. Match wasn’t too good. This was a dark match.

Then Smackdown’s Jillian Hall pinned Raw’s Micki James with a 450 Splash in a Raw vs Smackdown Match. They wrestled for about 15 minutes. Excellent match.

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Seth Skyfire and Chet The Jet Jablonski defeated Mike Mondo and Da Beast. Either this match, or the interpromotional womens match, will air this weekend on OVW TV. I don’t know which one. Maybe the other one will be held over for next week.

CM Punk won the OVW TV Title in a really cool angle. It was scheduled as Doane-Albright V. Before the match, Doane confronted Albright in the locker room, but Albright told him to “Get Out or Tap Out.” Doane threw a punch, and Albright locked on the Crowbar submission. Doane stormed the ring upset, and cut a great promo about never being the “next Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold,” but being “the 1st Ken Doane.” He insulted the fans and the referee. Then Albright came out, and Doane attacked. Albright got the Crowbar on the announcers desk, and Doane was screaming. Punk came out with a chair and kayoed Albright. Doane thanked Punk, but Punk threw Doane’s injured arm into the ringpost. Doane begged the ref to help, but the angry official (Ray Ramsey) rang the bell and declared it a title match. Punk slapped on Albright’s move, the Crowbar, and they reversed it back and forth on each other. Then the ref got knocked down. Albright attacked with a chair. Punk ducked, Albright kayoed Doane. Punk knocked Albright out of the ring, covered Doane, and the ref counted to three. New OVW TV Champion CM Punk!

Matt Cappotelli defeated Johnny Jeter 2 out of 3 Falls for the OVW Title. The match went about a total of 30 minutes. Jeter stole the first fall, and Cappotelli evened it up when Jeter missed a spinning leg off the top rope. Cappotelli hit a superkick, but Jeter survived. They traded a few near falls, and then Jeter came off the top rope, but Cappotelli hit a superkick with Jeter in the air and covered him for the pin. The crowd exploded. Great emotional moment. This will make for a great TV show.

Doug Basham pinned Casey James in a dark match after intermission. OK.

Aaron “The Idol” Stevens and Beth Phoenix (w/Shelly Martinez) defeated Chris Cage and Trinity (from TNA, making her debut) in a match I think was a dark match. Stevens pinned Trinity after the Idolizer, which he hit after she missed a moonsault to the floor. Trinity looked great here, and held her own with Beth. It was originally Trinity vs Beth, but then it developed into a mixed tag team match. The Idol is on top of his game.

The OVW Title match was very emotional. The OVW TV Title angle was another great angle that played out very well.