InsidePulse’s WWE Smackdown Report for 11 November 2005

We’re in Indiana

Show starts off with all the guys backstage in the locker room. Teddy gives a pep talk to all the guys both heel and face. I think Smackdown is clearly becoming the face brand here. Teddy says tonight they will prove that Smackdown is the better brand than Raw. AMEN!

Survivor Series Team Qualifier
Randy Orton w/ Bob Dole Vs Rey Mysterio
Randy gets Rey in a headlock and holds on but Rey goes to an arm wringer. Rey gets a couple of Japanese arm drags and we have a stand off. Randy bags Rey into the corner but there is no clean break. Randy pounds away in the corner and gets a high angle atomic drop. Randy does some choking and gets a hard Irish Whip to the other corner for two. I really like that spot for some reason, it seems so simple yet obvious. Randy goes to a rear naked choke and turns that into a more conventional chin lock. Rey dodges Randy, sending him outside, and gets a beauty of a spinning corkscrew plancha as we go to a commercial


We’re back and Rey has Randy in a head scissors choke. Randy fights out and Rey goes to the 10 punch and gets a bulldog for two. Cowboy Bob causes a distraction and Randy throws him shoulder first into the ring post for two. Randy goes to another choke. Rey tries to flip out but Randy turns it into his back breaker for two. That was pretty cool. Knee Drop gets two for Randy as he takes a couple of boots to the face in the corner and a swinging head scissors. Rey gets some strikes in and a two count from a dropkick. Randy catches Rey on a moonsualt but ends up eating turnbuckle a school boyed for two. Rey gets a crucifix pin for two. Randy gets dropped into the 619 but Cowboy distracts Rey allowing Randy to dodge it and get a clothesline. Rey gets it a second time round though but Cowboy drags him off the apron for a DQ


*** – That was a great match before the ultra shitty finish. The Orton’s beat Rey down before Matt Hardy saves. Randy takes a Twist of Fate as the crowd go nuts. I say Randy should RKO his daddy for costing him a place on the team.

Josh Matthews is backstage and Randy goes on a big rant and promises RKO Vs Twist of Fate. Works for me.

MNM w/ Melina come out for an interview
FUCK-ING-HELL how hot is Melina? Oh no here back is too hurt to do the entrance due to Eddie’s Frog Splash last week. Damn you Eddie!!! Me and Tazz mourn the loss of our weekly lecherous moment. Melina says she should be at home recuperating but she came in anyway because she didn’t want to deprive the fans. Marry me Melina please. Fans boo MNM because they are JEALOUS. Melina tells them so. Right on Melina tell the great unwashed. Melina introduces a model called Michelle Deighton. I smell an instant feud with Sylvain. Melina says Michelle is gorgeous but she should have finished better and mocks here in a patronising way which is the best type of mocking. Michelle slaps here and Melina makes her pay but then the Mexicools save and clear the ring and have some dancing

Bobby Lashley promo video which, as usual with WWE, is really well done.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
Orlando Jordan Vs Bobby Lashley
Why the hell did OJ get a chance to qualify? Regal and Matt Hardy must be shaking their heads. Lashley destroys OJ with his usual array of suplexes. OJ bails but Lashley follows to continue the beating. Back inside Big Black Dominator gets the win


Total squash. But it was OJ getting squashed which has happened about 10 times now.

Backstage Edge comes up to Teddy and asks him to kill the main event tonight with Batista. Edge says he has nothing against Smackdown and sends his security guys out to the hall. Edge says he did Smackdown a favour by pulling out of the Taboo Tuesday match. Teddy says if Batista is cool with it then it can be cancelled.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
He’s gained a pound at 246! The fans just HATE this routine but hate in a good way. This is awesome because it’s instant heat for him as a heel and should he ever turn face the fans could say it along with him. Eddie having “Lie, Cheat and Steal” back is just brilliant. The fans clearly wanted him as a face so they turned him which for WWE is a miracle. Lock up to start and Eddie tries for an STF but Kennedy makes the ropes. Eddie goes to a hammer lock as Kennedy yells “Get him off me” I love it when a heel does that. Kennedy offers a handshake but gives a slap instead which amuses Eddie. Thumb to the eye leads to some Latino Heat and some tag rope choking. Kennedy sends Eddie into the lower turnbuckle and gets the face wash for two. Kennedy goes to an hammer lock and rides Eddie down to the mat. Eddie elbows out and gets a back suplex. Eddie tries the three Amigos but only gets up to dos and is sent into the corner. Kennedy gets some right hands in and the ref ends up getting bumped allowing Eddie to do the “I’m going to cheat baby” face that the crowd likes. Eddie grabs a chair and throws it to Kennedy and plays dead and the ref believes him!


** – You see that’s a DQ ending I can get my teeth into. Kennedy chairs him afterwards for real and as he walks down the ramp you can hear some fans yelling “Kennedy” I bet he will get bugged in restaurants with that for a long time to come. Big Eddie chant as the refs help him. Well at least it looks like they have a feud for Kennedy now. Shame the Booker T one never developed

Backstage Eddie seems to have a concussion. Batista checks on him to see if he’s okay.

Junior’s match
Pierrothito (That’s going to be a bugger to type) Vs Todd Stone
Recyclus joins Cole and Tazz for some commentary. They do some midget stuff to start (I don’t know what else to say) and Pierro gets a weird shoulder block thing. Stone gets a sunset flip for two. Pierro gets a pump handle slam for two. Stone gets a pin and is pressed onto the ref. WTF? This is a pretty funny comedy match. Pierro gets a beauty of a top rope elbow for the win


½* – Well that was…different. I want to see El Porky

Meanwhile, Edge goes to talk to Batista and leaves. The Boogeyman scares Lita away.

Another scary promo video for the Undertaker and it promises something will happen on November 27th

Edge comes up to Batista and asks for him to cancel the street fight. Batista says he’ll give the fans what they paid to see. Pretty good stuff from Batista there as his “Quiet Monster” gimmick continues to impress.

Steve Romero is backstage with The Dicks. They say they will pummel LOZ next week. Can LOZ beat the dicks? WHO FUCKING CARES?

Survivor Series Qualifying Match
JBL w/ Jillian Vs Chris Fucking Benoit
Stare down to start leads to a lock up. JBL gives Benoit a clean break in the corner and goes to a side headlock. JBL misses and elbow and takes some chops. Benoit stays on JBL with chops and strikes. Some of these chops are brutal. JBL gets a boot to the face and a couple of swinging neck breakers. Three elbows get two for JBL, he targets Benoit’s back and goes to a bear hug. Benoit elbows out of the hold and gets the three German’s to set up a flying head butt but Booker T causes a distraction and you can smell JBL winning a mile away.


We’re back with JBL sending Benoit outside where Booker and the Frog Woman are doing commentary. JBL gets an elbow and sends him inside for two. JBL goes back to the bear hug as the fans get behind Benoit. Benoit turns it into a cover for two. He reverses a suplex for two. JBL stays on the mid section and goes for a superplex. Stan Hansen would have lariated him down, just saying, anyway Benoit fights him off and gets a top rope shoulder block to send both guys down. Benoit gets five more German’s. To quote a former World Champion, DAMN. Benoit gets a beauty of a flying head butt but is too hurt to cover right away and he only gets two. Benoit goes for the Sharpshooter but gets shoved off. JBL blocks some more German’s using the ropes so Benoit gets an overhead belly to belly. JBL blocks the ‘shooter again with a thumb to the eye. Lariat is turned into a cross face but JBL makes the ropes. Benoit take a big boot and goes for a Power Bomb but Benoit gets the Sharpshooter but Booker jumps on the apron. The distraction is enough for JBL to get the Lariat for three


*** – Best JBL match in a long time. Obviously Benoit/Booker will be at Survivor Series in some fashion. So team Smackdown is Batista, Rey, Eddie, JBL and Lashley.

Street Fight
Edge w/ Lita Vs Batista
Backstage Eric Bischoff shows up with Chris Masters and Teddy gets Master Locked. Bischoff and Masters leave. JBL, Hardy, Mysterio and Lashley show up and chase them in JBL’s limo. Now THAT’S the sort of brand unity that actually makes me care about the elimination match at Survivor Series. Meanwhile, back at ringside Kane and Big Show arrive and look set to beat Batista up. Batista tries to fight them off but he’s 3 on 1 and gets hammered. Funaki, yeah right, tries to save but gets beaten. All the cruiserweights run in and get battered. LOZ and Holly fail too. Batista gets Double Choke Slammed to end the beat down

Wow that was a great show. All the qualifying matches were decent and I am excited to see how this all pays off at Survivor Series. Having Smackdown as the face brand is definitely the right move in my eyes as they have the more popular baby faces on their team and the story of them trying to fight upwards against the “Mighty Raw!” is a compelling one. Best Smackdown in ages.


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