InsidePulse’s TNA iMPACT! Report

Welcome everyone to InsidePulse’s Live Coverage of TNA Impact! I am your host Jeremy Lambert hoping TNA cheers me up with good wrestling (Avs down 4-0, thats the reason for the bad mood). On the Prime Time special we saw an awesome Ultimate X match, an even better 6 man tag, and Jeff Jarrett regain the World Title. Tomorrow night is TNA Genesis so lets see how TNA decides to build up to the HUGE PPV Event.

We start with highlights of the prime time special. Petey Williams wins Ultimate X and Jarrett wins the World Title.

Impact Opening Video Package

Monty Brown makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand. He demands a title shot. If he beats Hardy tomorrow night he gets the shot, what the hell is he complaining about? Monty Brown says that if anyone is more deserving than him for the title shot, then come out now. CHRISTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no im kidding, it’s Abyss. Mitchell is so damn good on the mic. I don’t know what the hell he’s saying but I’m listening and hooked none the less. I wonder if Mitchells cane turns into a knife like Majestics in Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Mitchell calls Abyss a weapon of mass destruction. He was right there the entire time George W. Before Brown and Abyss can brawl, Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he comes out dancing. Hardy slides in and gets his ass kicked. Brown attacks Abyss. Where’s Sabu? Hardy double drop kicks them both and now security comes out. Atleast the brawl started the show and didn’t end it like always.


We come back with highlights of last weeks 6 Man X Division Tag Match.

Samoa Joe vs. Austin Aries: Daniels is on commentary for this one. Looks like Aries is getting thrown to the wolf here. Corner knees by Joe to start. Daniels calls his team The (Coporate) Ministry (of Darkness). Aries starts to fight back but we all know that won’t last. I’m listening to Daniels more than watching this match, he’s good on the mic. Joe regains controls with kicks and stuff. Aries hits a crucifix drop. Aries tries to suplex Joe but Joe lifts him onto the turnbuckle and hits the Muscle Buster followed by the choke out.
Winner- Samoa Joe

Joe and Daniels have a staredown to follow the match.


Promo for Genesis

Backstage, Douglas is with D’Amore and Zyksko. D’Amore wants to make the 3LK/Canada match into a Hockey Stick match. Zbysko agrees and makes Kip James the special ref.

Lex “Already In The Ring” Lovett vs. Kip James: Does anyone really care about this match? I’ll go right ahead and give you the future for this match. Kip dominates and wins and something will happen after the match(I will report that).
Winner- Kip James

After the match (I told you), Team Canada comes out armed with Hockey Sticks. BG and Killings come out with chairs and here comes Konnan with shoes. Konnan still doesn’t trust Kip James.


Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles, First Finisher Match: Rules are simple, first person to hit his finisher wins. I like this idea by TNA, it gives you a preview of tomorrow not without giving away too much I’m sure. AJ goes for the Clash early but Petey shoves out. Corner clothesline by AJ. Eye rake by Petey and he tries the Destroyer but AJ shoves out. Dropkick sequence by AJ. D’Amore trips up AJ. I will mark out like hell if AJ hits the senton dive on D’Amore. Petey gets control and combos into a Destroyer attempts but AJ shoves out and hits the pay lay. Neckbreak by AJ. AJ goes for the Clash but Petey flips out and hits a DDT. He goes for the Destroyer but AJ shoves off again. Russian leg sweep by Petey. He reels in AJ. He goes for the Destroyer again but AJ fights off again. Floatover reverse DDT by AJ. He goes for the Clash but Petey grabs the ropes and then the refs leg. D’Amore comes in and eats a side kick. Styles goes for the Clash on D’Amore but Petey hits AJ with the X Title. Canadian Destroyer on AJ for the win. See, just a preview because it won’t end over booked like tonight.
Winner- Petey Williams


Promo for TNA DVDs and NWA World Title

Douglas is backstage with Raven and Zbysko.

Raven: Do you bring security guards everywhere you go?

What, I found it funny. Raven tells a knock knock joke that I also found funny. Zbysko says he’s going to put Raven through hell starting tomorrow night. Raven attacks Larry. Ravens still delivers on the mic.

The GoldDiggers vs. The Random Ass Team: For those not keeping track of my nicknames it’s Jarrett & AMW vs. Sabin, Hardy, and Hoyt. Sabin or Hoyt will take the fall in this one and the show will end with a huge brawl…like always.

Commercials before the match starts

We are back and the match is just now starting. Sabin and Storm start it off and Sabin shows us why he rules. Sabin tags in Hoyt while Storm tags in Harris. Side walk slam by Hoyt. Knee to the gut by Harris and Jarrett tags in. Back elbow by Hoyt and Hardy tags in. Hardys swings at everyone. Clothesline by Jarrett. Harris is in and he suplexs Hardy. Storm tags in and dropkick to the face of Hardy. Back elbow by Storm. Jarrett tags in. Running rope choke by Jarrett. Harris back in. Rope choke on Hardy. Storm tags in. It’s one move out. Hardy hits the Whisper In The Wind on both AMW members. Hoyt tags in and hits everything that moves. Double flap jack on AMW. Big boot on Jarrett. Blind tag by Sabin and he hits a springboard double dropkick on AMW. Hoyt clotheslines AMW over the top. Hardy goes for a springboard on AMW but slips on the ropes but still hits AMW. Hoyt dives on the three. Jarrett goes for the guitar shot on Sabin but Sabin ducks. A series of reversals turns into a DDT by Sabin. Sabin goes to the top and Gail Kim crotches him. Top rope Stroke by Jarrett on Sabin and that’s all she wrote.
Winner- The GoldDiggers

After the match, The GoldDiggers beat up Random Ass Team. Rhino makes the save with the chair. The GoldDiggers go up the ramp but Team 3D cuts them off and the brawl begins to close the show

Show Over

After the show, a cool music video for Genesis plays.