[WWE] Heat, Velocity, Boogeyman, Tazz & Cole


– The latest episodes of Heat and Velocity are now available to view on WWE.com. Matches featured on Heat are: Striker vs. Tajiri, Eugene vs. Colt Cabana, White & Nemeth vs. the Heart Throbs and V2 vs. Tomko & Snitsky. On Velocity you can see: LOD vs. FBI, Dean vs. Holly, Kash vs. Scotty and Regal & Birchill vs. Kendrick & London.

– Boogeyman was added to the SD superstars page on WWE.com, but the Dicks are still not listed.

– According to PWInsider.com, sources in the TV studio told them that the Tazz/Cole segment (which has since been edited off of the show) from Wednesday’s ByteThis! was not planned, and in fact Todd Grisham was not prepared to respond to Tazz and Cole’s comments that Smackdown is unfairly thought of as the “b-team.” The decision to edit the comments out of the show was made since this was not part of an angle that would go anywhere. Tazz and Cole were in the studio doing voiceovers for SD, and some members of the SD roster were appreciative for them standing up for the brand.

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