Brighton Comics Expo

COMIC EXPO 2005 – Promoting Literacy and the Visual Arts

A colourful new festival is about to hit the UK events calendar – experience the world of comics and graphic novels with Comic Expo, November 19 to 20, 2005.

On a scale never before seen in the UK, Comic Expo opens a unique gateway into the worlds of Spider-Man, V for Vendetta, Dragonball Z, Sin City, Batman, and even The Beano!

Held in the impressive Hilton Metropole hotel, Comic Expo offers everything from slice-of-life to manga titles and spandex to humour comics, guaranteeing an absorbing weekend for keen fans and curious public alike. Top international writers, artists and publishers will be offering comics workshops, art displays, signings, portfolio reviews for potential comics creators, and launching their new titles – both in print and on screen. Plus: live bands, interactive computer games, exclusive toys and movie previews.

The event has attracted over 100 high-profile guests, including Mark Millar – voted one of the world’s top three comics writers, Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons and Texas-born Gilbert Shelton, writer/artist of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Over 150 exhibitors range from leading book publishers to comics companies and animators to digital game developers.

With a festival atmosphere, Comic Expo will have artists sketching, publishers giving away promotional comics, plus film and game previews, and workshops for all ages, all as part of its celebration of a vibrant and inspirational medium.

The event organiser is Dez Skinn, publisher of the industry’s monthly trade magazine Comics International ( Winner of over 20 Eagle Awards, he has been active in comics since the ’70s, editing titles from MAD to Spider-Man. “In Europe comics are an important entertainment medium. This is proven in their popularity, with France’s Angouleme event alone attracting 300,000 people. With the ability of comics to enhance literacy as well as entertain and educate, Expo will be a celebration of comics as a legitimate art form and major inspiration for TV and movies.”

Comic Expo guests and the event organisers are available for interview by appointment. A detailed events schedule will be announced shortly.


Press passes, full guest list and further information: Loriann / 01273 566 222