The Sunday HEAT


Sorry for the delay on the HEAT reports, just have been really busy with, well what else… school. But that’s besides the point as I woke up this morning to watch Heat over at and I was just totally shocked and surprised over the news posted up on its main page of the passing of Eddie Guerrero. I checked numerous times in hoping to see this was an angle, but sadly it isn’t. Not only is this just a sad and tragic loss to the fans and the WWE as a whole as we still await to see what exactly happened, but to myself and the city that I live in. For those of you who don’t know, Eddie Guerrero is from my hometown El Paso, Tx. And as can imagine every time he made his way down here for TV or house shows, he was the wrestling god here. And luckily the last time he came I had the privilege to meet him in person and shake his hand. He was a favorite here and always will be and he will be greatly missed here in El Paso and throughout the wrestling world. I know that we all have our demons and life and sometimes they drag us down to the lowest of all lows and that’s a place where Eddie was dragged down to in his life, but he showed that he could pick himself up and make a better life as he was given the WWE title in his illustrious career. Even showing all of us that no matter how bad things can get, we all have something to fight for and make out lives better. And again, I don’t know the situation yet of what happened to him to cause this sadness, but I do hope that it wasn’t his demons that pulled him back down.

Again, on behalf of everyone here at Inside Pulse, his hometown city El Paso Tx., and myself, our condolences go out to his friends and family for their loss. Hopefully he has found himself in a better place.

Eddie Guerrero 1967- 2005

We will miss you… thank you for the memories and the excitement you brought to us all Eddie. THANK YOU!

Striker vs. Tajiri
Lots of lock up to begin the match as striker starts to show his newer bad attitude (which actually may be rubbing the wrong way with people in the back as well). Striker began to work on the head of Tajiri with a couple of shots up top and a headlock before finally getting knocked down himself. The buzz saw kicks of Tajiri start to come into play now, switching the advantage to him. Missed kick to the head give Striker the chance to get the quick roll-up to get the win. New contract, same result for Tajiri.
Winner: Striker

Eugene vs. Colt
Why, why, why!? Well newcomer Colt get the uh, “privilege” to face off against Eugene. And you know; just lots of mimicking here from previous wrestlers mixed with childish acts from Eugene as the other guy tries to actually you know, wrestle. Eugene’s character was fun at the beginning, but let the act go now! Rock bottom hits the win for Eugene.
Winner: Eugene

Kerwin White & Nick Nemeth vs. The Heartthrobs
I’m confused here on which is supposed to be the face team here, but anyway… HT off to a fast start, getting the golf team, which you gotta love the khaki shorts that they wrestle with. Cross body by Antonio to scare off the golf team again out of the ring. Double team from HT with a double chop to White, followed by a whop to the ropes that backfires and gets Romeo tied up on the top rope. White gets tagged back in with a baseball slide to the face and beats up on Romeo for a while in the corner before tagging Nick back in. Romeo finally gets the tag in to Antonio and just before the tides turn with another double team move, Nick wraps up Romeo from the outside while White hits a short hanging suplex for the win.
Winner: Kerwin White & Nick Nemeth

Val Venis & Viscera vs. Snitsky & Tomko
This one should be a quick one as Snitsky tries to body slam big Vis to start things off, but is reversed into Viscera’s own body slam onto Gene. More control by the pimp team as Snitsky has pretty much been useless up to now. SO the tag comes up to Tomko who starts abusing Venis to switch the momentum quickly. Tomko and Snitsky cut off Venis from his partner until Viscera starts to single handedly destroy the opposition but is stopped in his tracks from the stripped shirt for not being the legal man. Giving Tomko the chance to KO Venis for the win.
Winner: Snitsky & Tomko

The HEAT Wave
Hey we got two tag matches today with the debut of sorts of two new teams. Hey you get what you can take with the tag division, right!? Take it easy and make sure you catch The RAW Events tomorrow and any extra coverage for Raw Monday night. Peace.