My Message to Eddie

Well today has been a hellacious day, it f*cking sucks being woken up hearing “dude Eddie Guerrero died” it didnt hit me at first. I was like “what?” I got up read the articles here on IP and on other sites and it was just like “whatever” and I went back to bed. Then, when I woke up I found my self in tears I mean someone I have never met losing his life could bring me to tears. So, hear I am 10:30 at night writing a coulum about someone I have never met and most havn’t but when your in a sport like this you can touch many life’s without ever speaking to them.

Well, let’s see where do I start? I could talk about his carrer, his life and or his triumph, but I think the best thing I could do for Eddie is say what he ment to me. Yet again, maybe talking about how unfortunate tis is would be best. AHHHH f*ck it!

Eddie Guerrero you were a great wrestler and nice guy and friendly to everyone. It’s sad to see you gone although your death wasn’t in tragic fashion like Owen’s, but you will be mourned more than Owen because you have been all over the world you beat your demons you did what many said you couldn’t, you rode atop that mountian you gave us great matches, and you were one of the very few in this buseiness that could put on a show and give the fans their money’s worth.

Even before your death Eddie you already had people calling matches and saying they weren’t a Benoit/ Guerrero match. Which are some of the greatest shows of athletism most of have or will ever witness. You had the ability to make anyone look like a star. If any one thinks JBL or Batista would even be as credible of champions as they were/ are with out you I will always argue with that, because you Eddie have changed my life.

I remember the first time I saw you wrestle I was like “ahh another worthless jobber from Mexico” then you shocked me you you beat RIC FUCKING FLAIR!!! for the US title I was completly shocked from that moment on I knew you were the guy to watch out for, but then I realize that now last Friday will be the last Eddie Guerrero match I’ll ever see, and I will have to live with the fact I didn’t even really pay attention.

So, in closing all I have to say is I wrote this coulum out of respect for one of if not the grestest preformers of our generation who we lost on 11-13-05. Eddie knew how to entertain like most of these meat head wished they could, but not only did we fans lose Eddie. Future preformers lost a mentor, his wife lost her husband, his kids lost their daddy, and his family lost a brother, son, and a friend. there will not be another Eddie Guerrero and you Eddie you will be missed.

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