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The House of M has passed us….


Except of course for Marvel’s 198.

And your own personal scribe James Hatton..

I am not only the man who is cracking the internet into two-thousand and forty-eights…. I am:

Hey all, like the new title? Yeah, me too. Thanks for everyone who gave me suggestions, but this winner comes from lucky reader Cameron Williams, who for picking our ‘Marvel’ous name (HA! I should be Stan Lee) will win absolutely nothing. Yes, that’s right, my first ever No Prize.

Cameron, keep on reading, where next time I might give you something besides appreciation in a weekly column.

Now, onto that column thingie. Let me just address that unlike most columns, this one is being written with Fangirl Rambling’s own Dani sitting behind me. She’s sick and stayed home from work. So I’m going to ask her opinions on things too”¦ hey, why not, we’re here and all.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

I’ve noticed that Newsarama goes out of there way to make sure that I have to start every column off with reading an interview. Generally I’m not a fan of interviews unless I’m doing the interviewing… but realistically speaking I guess they are important and I guess you should all read them.

This one comes to us from Mike Deodato, artist on Amazing Spider-Man, and the replacement for Steve Niven on the arc following Frank Cho’s New Avengers. We get an interesting bit of knowledge out of the interview – his arc is going to begin dealing with the firey bit on the last page of House of M #8. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s NOT the Phoenix.

DANI: ….Jaaaamieeee.. I don’t feel good. Will his art make me feel better?

Thanks hon, probably not.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Hey some bendisy bendisocity of bendilicious proportions. He sits and discusses all the HoM you ever wanted…

Most of it is ‘READ IT TO FIND OUT LATER’ fluff, but you do get at least a nice view into Bendis’ mindset about how the book came about, and his connection with it as compared to the other writers of the X-Verse. Lots of tasty stuff, but nothing to really make me go ‘OH THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED’

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Look, this is an interview with Mike Marts going on about House of M. I’m NOT going to read this one. I got about two questions in, and realized it might be spoilertastic. I’m in love with the concept of HoM, so I don’t want it ruined. Check it out if you want to know more than I do…


(Courtesy of Newsarama)

STOP! RUMOR TIME! Wizard World Texas comes to us with these gems of rumorific Marveltastic News.


So on the screen during a panel, in the same way ‘KING’ appeared at San Diego, this question appeared. We have more on this a bit later so let’s save my bibbling for then.


They showed some art from the upcoming miniseries. It apparently showed Hulk ripping Wolverine ‘in half’. I hope they mean that literally, because that would be awesome, not only because I’m not the hugest Wolvie fan, but because it’s been a very long time since we had a comic book vivisection.


OOOoooooo and I chose my topic header because I like the Butthole Surfers. Given that he says ‘fairly’, and I have a feeling all of the ‘Giant Size’ X folk are going to be back… I’m going to say Sunfire. They already killed him once or twice from various diseases… haven’t they? Well dammit they are going to do it again.


The villain who hasn’t been seen since the infamous ‘Joining of the 12’ storyline. One of my personal favorites too. He’ll be appearing in the X Books as well as in a title called ‘Apocalypse vs. Dracula. That sounds fun, and it’s written by Weapon X writer Frank Tieri. I just want to know how the hell he came up with the idea for that… Dracula?!


From the same team that gave us the mini. Not my kinda book, but some of the forumers loved it.


Adam Strange artist Pascal Ferry is now a Marvel Baby. He’s working on Orson Scott Card’s 2nd Ultimate Iron Man installment. Soon, everyone will contractually work for one or the other… it does make me wonder about the state of the industry in 2 years when everyone has been bought up.


“”Lowe said that Kevin Smith is now working on finishing Daredevil: The Target, since Spider-Man/Black Cat is finally done. Lowe, who is associate editor for that project, said it has been an “albatross around my neck” since it fell behind schedule. “”

Dani’s response: Myeh… who cares about Kevin Smith”¦ I’m sick


David states that he is going to be doing a Wonder Man story sometime next year and discusses how his last issue of Spider-Man: The Other is going to be all about action and fun and wooo and an apple cart…. what that means, I have no idea. My money is on the idea that in his final issue, we finally find out what that piece of paper from the first arc says.


Just because it’s at the bottom of the article, I just want to comment that they are doing an ABSOLUTE SANDMAN after how great the WATCHMEN treatment did. I need you all to go and email Dani about that because SOMEBODY deserves it for Christmas…. me and Cameron Williams.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Marvel today released its third quarter financial statement for 2005, and overall reported a 29% drop in profits from last year at this time (albeit Spider-Man 2 was still showing strong effects through the third quarter of 2004). In total, Marvel’s third quarter profit dropped from $34.4 million in Q3 2004 to $23.4 million in Q3 2005. Overall revenue for the quarter fell from $135.1 million in Q3 2004 to $81.4 million in Q3 2005.

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Wow, bad bad bad bad… see this is a problem with having your entire world under one title, you lose out on the nuances. Thankfully we just go and read a bit more and learn the only bit of information that is really important to us.

The only division of Marvel able to hold its head high in Q3 2005, publishing saw a 14% increase in revenue compared to Q3 2004, increasing to $25.8 million. Marvel credits the increase in higher trade paperback sales (which it claims is responsible for $3.2 million of the increase).

See, we are a comic book section of a pop culture website. We are writing about comics. Yes, the toys are cool, and they get their day in the sun. The movies are always great because they lend mainstream credence to our geeky little pastimes.

We are comic readers though, and the fact that the comic section is the one that is showing increase in profits. That means that we are doing our jobs and supporting that in which we love. It means we are turning new people onto our favorite characters, and even though it’s a slow rise, it’s better than it was the year before.

God Bless America.

(Courtesy of Newsarama)

Okay, the story goes like this. With each and every one of The Other stories that sells out, they do a cover that is from Spidey’s past.

Now Friendly Neighborhood #2 has sold out… they give us this.

This is f’n genius. I went and I read all of the Newsarama comments and half of them get it… half of them are whining about how silly it is. OH FOR CHRISSAKES IT’S SILLY, YES… BUT HYSTERICAL! Quit bitching and enjoy a joke. It’s the second printing… do you REALLY care THAT much? If you are reading Newsarama, you probably are buying the book anyway…

(Courtesy of Comic Book Resources)

Anyone play that new game from Lionhead software? It’s fun as hell, with some major flaws. I’m trying to get up to the 00’s and see if I can motivate the comic book movie to become bigger than Ishtar… although I’ve already gotten bored with the game and am probably going to go back to City of Villains later tonight.

Now to the real comic movie news:

/// B L A D E

The new Blade, namely for the new TV series isssss….

Kirk ‘Sticky Fingaz’ Jones. Sure.. why not. I have no idea. This picture seemed better, as the other had him naked in a shower. I do this for you people… remember that.

/// G H O S T R I D E R

Okay – here is a picture for you – CLICK HERE

Umm…… errrr…. I swear to god this looks like it was made for a videogame and not a huge budget movie. I just want to see that skull open up its mouth… and Nick Cage’s voice come out. God that’ll turn me on… I’ve said too much.

DANI: ..his face feels like my throat

R to the EVIEWS

Book Of Lost Souls #2 – Mmmmm… JMS… this book really establishes our main character as a hero. A non conventional hero in a world where fantasy mixes with reality. A damn good beginning though. I really am hoping that this book remains as steady as the first two issues.

Cable / Deadpool – I have nothing to say about this book. It’s awesome. Okay, I had that to say.

Decimation: The Day After – Hooooo…. well. The good things:
– Claremont didn’t screw it up.
– Claremont actually did decently.
– It is a great lead-in to the entire Decimation line.
– I enjoyed it from page one to page .. err.. 3,023 or whatever

My only gripe, and it’s considerably minor is that it didn’t feel like the book itself had a narrative.

Exiles #72 – See, I wasn’t reading during the whole New Universe… so I know names like STAR BRAND, but have never actually heard about what the NU was about. Now that I knows, I’m kinda sorry I never got to see it. Ah well, maybe we’ll get some ESSENTIAL NEW UNIVERSE. Oh, and Beak is gone… Iain Burnside weeps somewhere.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2 – Hudlin didn’t suck either”¦ what is it with people bothering me… NOT bothering me this week. I gotta stop dropping ecstasy before reading comics. It makes things so much better though. Apart from the gratuitous appearance of Black Panther… no problems whatsoever.

New Excalibur #1 – HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP! It seems somebody let the good Chris Claremont out of the closet and threw the other one down into a basement. Thank heavens. The book wasn’t A+ material, but it was so much better than the last 3 years of Claremont. Excalibur might make my pull list…. ok… fine… it’s already on it… I am such a drone.

New X-Men: Academy X – I didn’t even know that this came out.. heh.. oops.

Pulse #12 – Have the damn kid already.


During this column, I’ve watched three episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Dawn just found out that she is The Key. I gotta go… teenagers with knives, I’m so turned on. Dani, any last words?

DANI: *sad pouty face* I don’t feel good… I sick… I need love…

Wow, that is NOT the reaction I was expecting after a comment like mine. That is why I’m marrying that girl.

Okay, so til next time, this is the 199th, saying… EXCELSIOR! something..

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