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Hello, I’m FLEA. I received two requests to write a column this week – one from BOSS, because he knows I can never say no…and one from Duffman in Dublin, whose questions you will see below. Dublin, Ireland? Cool. More like Dublin, Ohio, probably. Ain’t that where Shannon lives? I like the sound of Ireland better…

Also – expect some follow-up this week and next on several things…can you believe Lex and Jake are STILL alive?

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Welcome back GRUT…

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Come on, Let’s go!

The other day the aforementioned Duffman from Dublin asked when I was going to write a column. I responded back “Ask me what you want to hear about…”, which I have done before, and got brutally flamed about being lazy, non-caring and all sorts of mean and nasty other things.

But – to my surprise, I got legitimate questions! Enough to fill a column, anyway. I’ll try my best to be brief – after reading a few of the questions, I foresawr another nightmare of a rambling column – I’m thinking it’s better I keep it a short and simple. There has certainly been a bunch to talk about lately, but it’s all the same crap.

It’s a nice “calm before the storm” period at the moment. Many decisions being made, for good or ill, will be ones we look back upon four or five years ago and say “THAT’S why (WWE / TNA) (won / lost)…

Won / lost what? That’s what I’d like to know. The “Wrestling Universe is Not Zero Sum”. Hang on – what the hell does that mean? “Not zero sum” – I read that the other day and started laughing, for no real reason other than I could picture the person that wrote it thinking “Goddamn – this is a killer line…thank God I took a break from inventing ice to write it!”. Whatever. Sometimes people like reading simple analogies like “enough beer to go around for everyone”. Sam Dam Ting, the Chinese twin.

But – all sorts of bridge-burning and hatchet-burying is going to happen over the next year…as a fan, I’m loving it. I’ll have more to say of the next few months

Until then – here’s some Q and A:

I know you’re not the biggest TNA fan these days but you could give us some opinions on Christian (possibly) joining them because I was a big fan of his. Also would it make any difference if say Jericho and Benoit joined them too or would TNA still be second rate? I dont get TNA over here but i would like to see them gain a bit more exposure.

I’ll have more to say about TNA next time…as for my general feelings on TNA, I’m back to liking it again. The problem is – every time they get on a roll, they manage to shoot themselves in the foot.

Example – if Christian’s debut promo ends with a gee-tawr shattered over his head, we’ve got a problem…

As far as TNA staying (or being) “second rate”. Second Rate isn’t all that bad when the First Rate company is Third Rate

Is Batista gonna get another big shot after his latest injury or will Vince realize he’s a bit old and injury prone?

I think as long as he continues to run with the “right crowd” and toes the company line about “nobody knows how to work / you have to tell a story in a match / AJ Styles sucks”, and doesn’t lose 30 pounds of muscle when he’s out with this injury, he’ll be fine.

Who is gonna be the next breakout star of the current bunch around?

WWE: I think it’s becoming more and more obvious – blatantly obvious – that “break-out stars” are hand picked ahead of time. The top two complaints about WWE from anyone who will go on record trashing the company are 1) with everything is so scripted, the performers are not given the chance to “get over” on their own merits and 2) the wrestler’s “spots” are predetermined anyway, so someone like Matt Hardy, Christian or Benjamin, regardless of how much the crowds go apeshit for them, are simply Mid-Carders for Life, or Jobbers to The Stars. At least if they stay with Vince and Company.

The real breakout star needs to be TNA, as a competitive promotion. The next year should be pretty interesting.

How long do you give it before the majority of the fans turn on Cena?

I think they already have. Wait a sec – we are not supposed to notice that. I think Cena’s catchphrase should be “boo-ya”. CROWD: BOOOOOOO! CENA: YAAAAAAAAA!…Rock-E used to do the same kind of schtick to stay cool. Wouldn’t kill the guy to learn how to wrestle, either.

Why did you sell your stock from a company that is still very profitable?

I forget the reason now. I think it was a combo of some clown busting their balls about having too much in cash reserve and no one on the Board ready with a response for that…and something about Cena. And Another Reason. And Another Thing, while we are at it. As far as I’m concerned, the stock is a dog.

For a company that has been accused of “monopoly”…it’s just sad. The worst thing about it is I’ve been paid a pretty good dividend to shut up and like it – but here’s how I see it:

WWE has the dead nuts on wrestling history – the way they want to write it. They are also a global commodity, are not in debt and…

…and their stock trades at $13…

because those in charge are simply too paranoid and self – absorbed to know better…

What worries you about the future for WWE because as far as I can make out they seem to be in a healthy position without even have to try too hard.

…and that’s what I don’t like – they have been on autopilot for several years now and every time they turn the wheel in a “new direction”, the car drives into a tree. How they are NOT trading around $22 per share and the darling of the Wall Street analysts is the question

Meltzer made a good point – all the nonsense that went down: Ross, Austin, etc…was because Vince tried to piss on UFC and their 10/3 prime time show. There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with predatory business practices…but when outright paranoia makes you forget you like money – watch out. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Which is why I dumped the majority of my stock, as mentioned above. They’ll make money, I’m sure. Everyone can make money. Getting rich (and making your stockholders rich) is a whole ‘nother ballgame.

Ryder Fakin: can I get your opinion on something?

FOH: Sure

Ryder Fakin: tell me if this makes sense, please (a little out of context, but no big deal)

FOH: ok

Ryder Fakin: “There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with predatory business practices…but when outright paranoia makes you forget you like money – watch out. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. Which is why I dumped the majority of my stock, as mentioned above. They’ll make money, I’m sure. Everyone can make money. Getting rich (and making your stockholders rich) is a whole ‘nother ballgame.”

FOH: Doesnt make sense

Ryder Fakin: nope

Q: When are they gonna impeach the head honcho and his cronies?

Wait a second. That ain’t a wrestling question. Politics, right on. Never. Not enough votes. If the Democrats are smart, they’ll just keep their mouths shut and let W continue to hang himself

Here’s the score with W – and I hope that it’s a lesson learned – future politicians take note, yeah right. Hopefully, it’s just a genetic flaw in the Bush gene…and hopefully Jeb is not elected to prove my point…

Half – assed Imperialism does not work. If you’re on some kind of mission, God’s or otherwise, and think it’s in the world’s best interest to shove our brand of alleged democracy down everyone’s throat…goddammit, don’t be a pussy about it.

I’m all for world domination and have no problem with the Conquer by Force principle, especially when it involves the Middle East. Or any other “occupied country”. I yell at least three times a day about what a travesty it is that I’m not sitting poolside in a Cuban Resort. The simple fact is the American Military hasn’t beaten anyone of consequence in a fight in 60 years, despite the fact that technological advances in killing someone have increased 10 fold.

And the bitch about it is – I’m sure they could. If someone…anyone…would just give the order to maim, slaughter and murder. Occupy. Conquer. The way it is now that son of a bitch Hannibal could march his elephants down Pennsylvania Ave and the order to defend would be debated by a bunch of numbskulls whose idea of war is to send all available troops to duty…somewhere else. At the moment, the Direct Superior Order in Iraq appears to be “stand around and get shot”

No, he won’t be impeached. His true crime is the destruction of the old guard GOP.

Hopefully that answered your questions. If anyone wants to play “Ask Flea”, send your questions to Don’t ask “Where’s Hyatte”. You should know by now

I wasn’t crazy about Christian debut, but the night ended well. I thought the Main Event – Dudleys and Rhyno vs. JJ and AMW was fantastic. I think I was in the mood for a mindless brawl more than anything. It worked. Rhyno seemed to “channel” Mick Foley, “borrowing” two of his trademark moves: the “get hiptossed into and wipe out a couple row of chairs” and “get tossed down a flight of stairs”. Beats wallowing around in thumbtacks and barb wire like Sabu, I guess. Christian came out at the end, teased a Team Canada and JJ affiliation, but turned (stayed) face, posing with the Duds to close the show.

My main beef with Christian’s debut – D’amore comes out and starts making all sorts of “insider comments” D’Amore: “the good old days with me, you, Adam, Lance on the road in Canada…”. Christian should have said “Who the hell are you?”. That’s what I was thinking – most of the audience too. But, it turned out good at the end.

More on this show next week, with the other TNA talk…let’s wrap this up

Enter now – they sometime go in threes! And the long, overseas road trip starts…NOW!

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    Bummer about Eddy – but that’s the way it is, sometimes. The needle and the damage done, so to speak

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