[WWE] Eddie’s Wife Thanks Fans, Asks for Privacy

– Eddie Guerrero’s wife, Vicki, issued a statement on WWE.com:

A message from Vickie Guerrero
Nov. 14, 2005

On behalf of the entire Guerrero family, Vickie Guerrero would like to thank all the fans for their overwhelming show of support at this most difficult time. Mrs. Guerrero would also like to ask the fans to respect the family’s privacy, most especially the privacy of their children. Eddie’s funeral will be closed to the public.

– Chris Jericho was interviewed by WWE.com about Eddie here.

– Clarification of reports coming out of Dave Meltzer’s radio show last night, from WrestlingObserver.com:

Just to clarify a few things regarding last night’s show, the funeral is planned for Thursday, not Wednesday, in Scottsdale, AZ. The services will be private and the family has asked that the information as to location won’t get out because they don’t want it to turn into an overwhelming scene. WWE is not canceling any dates in Europe, however Chris Benoit, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Rey Mysterio and JBL will be off the tour until probably Friday. Batista won’t be able to perform in any matches on the tour as well. I’m presuming Dean Malenko falls into the same boat. Because so much of the Smackdown brand star power would be depleted, they’re going to juggle the Smackdown shows until they get back on tour with some Raw talent.

– The Eddie Guerrero story has been all over the mainstream and online news today, including:

*AZCentral.com has a guestbook where you can post your thoughts on Eddie.

*John Bradshaw Layfield appeared on MSNBC this afternoon to discuss Eddie Guerrero’s tragic passing during “MSNBC News Live” and made some heartfelt comments about him, attributing a lot of his success to Guerrero.

*In an AP story that appeared on New York Newsday’s Web site and elsewhere, JBL commented on Eddie Guerrero’s passing and noted that Guerrero was a groomsman in his wedding earlier this year and that “He was probably the greatest performer I’ve ever been in the ring with … it was like being out there with electricity. It was intoxicating.” You can read this story, which looks at Internet fans going online to grieve, here.

– They only taped one hour of Smackdown matches last night. The rest of the Smackdown show will air tapes of major Guerrero matches (WrestlingObserver.com).