The RAW Events

The RAW Events
— Words don’t even help in what to even to begin to say right now. Right now, its even hard enough to write, much less talk as I have a serious lump in my throat right now that’s holding back my emotions. As yesterday passed and today rolled along, things settled in more and more and I realized that Eddie isn’t here anymore. And with me being and living in his hometown, that’s all I have been seeing for the last 24 hours on our news, TV, radio, and newspaper. So it’s taking me a lot right now to keep this lump in my throat and to keep the tears from rolling down. So bare with me if my coverage isn’t all there, I’ll let you all know the highlights and the finishing’s of each match, but for the majority that’ll be it. Let this show be about Eddie Guerrero and nothing more. And let this column be for him to in respect, we miss you way too much already Eddie! Wish you were still here. We lie, we cheat, we steal… This ones for you!

RAW and SMACKDOWN rosters out in full force, with the moment of silence followed by the 10 ring bell toll. And a very emotional and beautiful video package of Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie’s lowrider stands tall at the side of the entrance ramp.

Please check Dan Hevia’s column for a link to a tribute video that really got me emotionally. Very good video. Link

Hosts: Joey Styles, King, & Coach

The MAIN Events

– The Big Show & Kane vs. MNM
The look on the Big Show says it all as his eyes are filled with redness and tears, how much of a loss is this when it makes a 7-footer cry. Both brands tag champs square off with each other here in the opening match, which I believe is a first. Big Show, manages to kiss Melina on the outside as he and Kane pretty much dominate the match as they end things with a double choke slam.
Winner: The Big Show & Kane

– Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin
Really good match, and pulled out the “holy shit” move of the night with Shelton tossing Angle over his head while sitting on the top rope in the near left corner. Angle wins the match with the ankle lock.
Winner: Kurt Angle

– Shawn Michaels vs. Rey Mysterio
I’m sure its gonna be a very emotional match here with Mysterio being one of Eddie’s closer friends. Lots of up and down stuff with HBK keeping up with the speed of Rey, putting together a few nice strings of combos. 619 picks up the win!
Winner: Rey Mysterio

– Ashley, Christy, Maria, Victoria, Jilian, Mickey, Melina, Candace Michelle, Trish- Diva Battle Royal
Order of Elimination: Mickey, Jilian, Ashley, Christy, Candace Michelle, Victoria, Maria, Trish
Winners: Melina

– Eugene vs. Simon Dean
Dean tries to make Eugene eat a power bar and also does a few push-ups with him. Eugene wins with the rock bottom.
Winner: Eugene

– Ric Flair vs. William Regal
Flair wins with the figure- four. Slow match with not much going on here.
Winner: Ric Flair

– John Cena vs. Randy Orton
Arguably the future of the WWE is competing here in ring tonight, weather you like these two guys or not. Cena takes control of the match before Bob Orton interferes with the DQ. Orton tries the RKO, but Cena finishes with the FU. Cena also finishes the show by taking off his “I’m your Papi” shirt and placing it down with the WWE Title on top of it, leaving it solo in the ring.
Winner: (By DQ) John Cena

Quick HEAT

— John Cena interview

— Highlight of Eddie spraying Show with sewage.

— Lilian Garcia- speaks out in Spanish; “I love you a lot, and I hope that you’re with God now.”

— Highlight of Eddie painting over Kurt’s picture.

— Shawn Michaels interview

— Lie, Cheat, Steal skit of Chavo and Eddie

— Chavo Guerrero- very, very, very emotional interview talking about how he was his nephew, but more than the brother he never had and how Eddie was the best tag- partner he ever had. Cant say much more than that.

— Batista interview

— Rey Mysterio interview

— Wrestlemania XX; Celebration of Eddie and Benoit

— Chris Benoit – breaks down crying during the interview while thanking Eddie for everything. Very, very hard to write.

— No Way Out: Eddie wins the WWE Title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— HHH interview

— Stephanie McMahon interview

RAW Analysis
— What more is there to say? This had to be the hardest show I ever had to watch, and with all the emotions running through everyone on that screen, it makes it even harder. Eddie was and always will be a hometown hero for me. The first Mexican- American to be crowned World Champion means so much to the community I live in. And I am so proud that I get to say that someone like him is from where I am because what he did and accomplished, just shows that anything is possible. And just like I have said numerous times and just like everyone else has said, I just want to say Thank you Eddie Guerrero! You’ve touched all our lives and have excited them time and time again each and every time you stepped into that ring. We will never forget you and we will never forget what you have done over the years. Not really caring about being embarrassed right now, I can safely say right now as I type this, my tears are finally rolling down my cheeks as I remember all those times I saw Eddie on TV and in live shows, there will be no else like him. And again, my condolences to his friends and family. We will miss you Eddie, you will always be the champ, Thank You! peace. Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! “Viva La Raza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Forever!

Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

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