Rabble: Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show

This past weekend, the world of wrestling lost one of it’s heroes.

Tonight, the Rabble will be more about rememberance than laughing at the sports-entertainment that we love.

The Rabble gives it’s condolences to the Guerrero family and anyone who was affected by this loss.


E D D I E  G U E R R E R O
T R I B U T E  S H O W

In lieu of being completely and utterly snarky, I’ve asked folks from the forums, and members of the Rabble to discuss their thoughts on the loss of Eddie Guerrero.  As I generally write this show in real time, we’ll see how everything unfolds.

In my life, anytime I’ve felt a loss, I’ve found that laughter is what I use to defend against it.  I’m sure I’m not the only person out there like that, and as the show progresses I’m sure some our Rabbleness will come through.  This is not meant as a slight to the loss or making light of a horrible situation.

This is catharsis, and thank you for seeing it at the Rabble. 

The show starts off with every wrestler standing at the top of the platform with the low rider.  Tears are flowing… Chavo… Kurt… Charmel… Chris Benoit… Booker.  Vince tells us that this show is to dedicate to the memory of Eddie Guerrero while everyone stands. 

There isn’t a dry eye in the place as we head to the video package with Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’. 

This show is going to be rough.

In Memory of Eddie Guerror: 1967 – 2005

We come back to the crowd chanting his name.  A long long showing of everyone at the top of the platform crying and slowly moving to the back.

Our first package is from John Cena:

“The one thing that rings true from everything said tonight is that Eddie Guerrero was a great man.  He was the most passionate about everything he ever did….

Eddie Guerrero, through all his technical prowess he had this *gesturing to his heart*”


From: Michael Scaggs

From your old pal Padawan:
Viva La ECW!
Viva La WCW!
Viva La WWE!
Viva La Raza!
Viva La Eddie!

Thanks for the memories Eddie.  You will live on in all our hearts.”

While everyone has had a good portion of the weekend to digest, I was still down not feeling so very hot.  I found out as I walked into work this morning.  The security guy and I always shoot the breeze about some wrestling and he dropped that bomb on me this morning. I promptly called the wife (Drunken Vixen) and let her know because my middle child loves Eddie and I thought he should know about it too.  Took us both by surprise.  As it did the whole world.  He will be missed.  Let’s hope his life can be an inspiration to others for many years to come.

“Eddie will probably lie, cheat, and steal his way into heaven.” – Tazz on an episode of Smackdown while Eddie was the champ.

We come back with Eddie shooting Big Show with the septic tank hose.

Starting the show is Big Show, trying to put on a game face, but it is so obvious that he is not doing ok.  Followed of course, by Kane. 
“Big Show and Kane versus what?  An M-80 Tank?” – Michael

Their opponents for this cross promotional show – M.N.M. w/ Millena. 

Non-Title Match

While the boys primp and get themselves ready, Show and Kane just stare in what seems kind of a funny look.  The bell rings.  Show starting with Nitro, he wrecks him easily and tags in Kane.  Sideslam from the big man, and he climbs up to the top and Mercury pulls Kane off the top – Show goes after the cheaters while Nitro tries to go for a pin… fails, hits a neckbreaker and tags in Mercury.

Mercury climbs up to the top, and a knee drop to Kane.  Another tag and a double boot to Kane who is sitting up.  They go for a double suplex and fail and Kane throws them both over… tag to Big Show who clears the ring of both, and as Millena climbs to the top to cause some interference.  Show goes and kisses her… Kane climbs to the top as Nitro tries to attack the Show. 

Show points up… Nitro turns. 

From Lillian Garcia:

“He was such a good person.  I remember being a part of a group with him going to Iraq.  For two or three days we went on a black hawk helicoptor from base to base.  The troops were so happy to see him, and he was so humble.   They were thanking him for coming, and he thanked them for doing what they did for our country.”


From Todd Lewis:

All I have to say is…As long as there are fans. As long as there are people who remember the great moments and the great matches. Than the incredible performers who leave us too early are never truely gone. Eddie Guerrero…Gone, but certainly never will be forgotten.

We come back with an Eddie moment of him making fun of Kurt Angle, and the selling of his medals – his wheelchair – and his pictures.

Here comes Kurt Angle, and he is wearing an ‘EG’ armband. He bows to the corner for a brief second and looks like he is trying to compose himself. His opponent is Shelton Benjamin


They lock up to start and a wrist lock from Kurt. Shelton hits a leap to the top of the ring and turns it into a hiptoss. Shelton hits Kurt, and it seems that the hits might be quite stiff tonight – Kurt grabs him and release belly to belly. Kurt then chokes out Shelton in the corner. He grabs Shelton for a suplex for a two count.

Kurt grabs Shelton into a waist lock… Shelton fights to his feet and charges the ropes but eats a knee lift for a two count. He grabs Benjamin for a backbreaker and a two count. He then brings Benjy into a chinlock, and grips it tight.

Danielle makes a good point about the way these guys are wrestling tonight. Is it a matter of how much they want to put on a show that Eddie would be proud of that they aren’t holding back at all. These guys look viciously on tonight.

Kurt goes for another suplex, but Shelton reverses it beautifully and lands on his feet, but Kurt drops down for the neckbreaker – with both men down for the count. As they get to their feet, they exchange punches back and forth. Kurt throws Benjy into the ropes and Shelton hits the flying crossbody – he sends Kurt to the corner, but eats a boot.

Kurt charges in, but Shelton hits him with the fireman’s carry. Shelton runs in for the T-Bone suplex.. but Kurt drops him for the ankle lock.. but Kurt misses it and Shelton kicks out of it quickly. He throws a kick by Angle – Kurt catches it and eats the spinning kick. Two count for it. Shelton goes to the top, but Kurt charges up, but gets hit down with a HUGE hooking clothesline. Shelton looks amazing. He charges and goes for the Shelton Splash, but Kurt catches him – and TWO of the Triple Suplex – Shelton slides down for the roll-up……….

TWO COUNT. Angle capitalizes immediately and hits the Angle Slam for TWO! Kurt goes up to the top and it looks like he’s going for the moonsault, but Shelton gets up there and belly to back.. Shelton throws – Kurt gets a 360 landing on his stomach – an INSANE spot! Shelton gets 1…. 2…

NO! Angle gets a shoulder up, and as Shelton goes to grab him – KURT STANDS UP! Possum! Shelton taps. An incredible showing from both men.


Kurt tears up.. holds up the Eddie armband… and walks to the ring

From Shawn Michaels:

“My memories of Eddie aren’t about wrestling, but about faith. He and I never wrestled, but we talked a lot about our faith…

…I look forward to getting to heaven and finally getting to face Eddie on the greatest stage of them all.”


From Justin Robison:

One of my all-time favorites, one of the all-time greats, taken at a peak in his career, both in terms of entertainment value and upper-card importance.  I haven’t cried so hard over a wrestler’s death since Owen.

Despite my usual desire to hang back and lurk, I just needed to make my presence known, as one of the many who are in a state of mourning.”

“Favorite Eddie Match: Cruserweight Title Match against Rey, with Rey’s mask also on the line, from Halloween Havoc ’97. It even trumps their also-excellent rematch at the following month’s World War 3 PPV, despite any personal bias, as I was fortunate enough to be in person(with great seats to boot) for that one.

Favorite Eddie Memory: His first ring entrance as WWE Champ, from the Smackdown after No Way Out ’04. As much of a great, happy-cry moment as the title win was, the celebration in the form of an extended ring entrance, with pyro and oddles of streamers, was such an awesome thing of WWE to do.  Best coming out for a new champ ever.”

“I intend to honor him by trying that much harder to overcome my obstacles
in life. He did it, and anyone else can. That’s how he should be remembered,
as an inspiration.”

Remembering Eddie – He and Chavo being Liars Cheaters and Stealers together. Stealing a golf cart, trading jewelry. The infamous chair fakeout. Giving Matt Hardy the title to hit him with. With showing from Eddie’s family discussing Eddie doing what he does best.

From Chavo Guerrero:

“Eddie Guerrero was my uncle, but we were brothers. We are 3 years apart. He was the big brother I never had. I was the little brother he never had. Growing up a Guerrero was different. We had big shoes to fill. We lived wrestling ever since we were born. Eddie and I had our first match against each other when I was four and he was six or seven. My father had a promotion in Texas, and at intermission we would get in the ring and wrestle each other.

The fans knew who we were, so this caught on. They wouldn’t go to concessions, but stay and watch us wrestle together. We always grew up believing we would be tag team champions. We finally were able to have that dream come true here in the WWE, when Vince put us together as a tag team.

That is a tag team that will never be replaced. I will never have a tag team partner like you Eddie. Together we thought the same in the ring. I knew what he was doing, and we knew what each other was thinking at all times. We didn’t have to work on becoming a tag team, it was just there.

Eddie, you will always be my brother. You were a great inspiration, and still are a great inspiration. Every aspect of my life, I’ve come to you for help – and you’ve helped me.”


From fellow Rabbler – Erik Hernandez:

“I really don’t know what to say. I came home from work, sat down and checked my usual sites and I came across what I thought was a joke at first. “Eddie Guerrero passes away.” I thought it was a sick joke at first, but then the next link has more info, and the next and the next.

I can’t believe he’s gone. I don’t know if many of you even know who Eddie is/was. But I will sorely miss him.”

Back to the show – here comes Shawn Michaels wearing an ‘I’m Your Papi’ shirt. Shawn kisses the Papi shirt and tosses it to the arena.

His opponent is Rey Mysterio who also takes and throws his shirt out and htrows his hand up to the sky.

They shake hands and the bell rings.

It starts with a lock up and an arm wringer from Shawn to Rey. Rey reverses it into a hammerlock. Shawn reverses it again, and picks up Rey for an atomic drop, Rey with a snapmare, holding onto Shawn. A quick rope exchange Rey drops, Shawn catches him – and another quick lucha combo to a standing face to face and applause.

Another quick lucha combination to a head lock from Shawn. Rey gets up and another rope combo as Rey goes for a dropkick, Shawn holds to the ropes. Shawn tosses Rey to the outside. Rey leaps and planches off the top rope to sit down on Shawn. They get up, Shawn throws Rey to the corner. Shawn charges, but Rey leaps up, an attempt at a rana.

The match is nothing but fast high spots that it is impossible to write it all. Trust me, both men are throwing faster than I can write. Rey


We come in with Shawn with a sleeper on Rey. He brings him down to the mat. Rey fights up to his feet, and goes for a side suplex, but Shawn shifts and lands on Rey for the two count. Shawn picks up Rey and hits a backbreaker. Followed by knees right to the back of Rey Rey.

Rey rolls to near outside, but Shawn grabs him and brings him in knee to the back. Shawn tosses Rey to the ropes.. Shawn leans down to catch him, but gets a spinning rana in the end. He then goes for snapkicks to Shawn’s knees.. an Eddie shuffle and sweeps Shawn down.

Rey goes and hits the ropes and dropkicks Shawn HARD onb the knee… again right to the man’s face! He goes for the pin for two. They get to their feet, and Rey hits the ropes, Shawn though gets the crossbody. Both men drop, and Shawn gets the kick up. He picks up Rey and it turns into the bulldog and Shawn hits the second rope… 619… MISSED! They go through another quick lucha exchange that ends in Rey finally getting dropped. Shawn hits the elbow – does a bit of an Eddie shuffle. Stomps the ground…

E D D I E G U E…. Misses the superkick… Shawn gets Ranna’d RIGHT into the second rope. The West Coast Pop. The Pin. THE WIN!


Rey goes and raises Shawn up to his feet.. They hug to huge applause. An amazing match from these guys.

From Batista:

“This morning we got a call from the doctor – and they told me that Eddie was dead. It just didn’t seem real. He’s really helped me out of some tough spots. It has been really hard for me, holding the title. He was always good to pull out the bible and read me a passage that would bring me up. He’d help me keep my head on straight.

What I loved about Eddie was that he was so funny. He was so easy to work with because of how funny he was. You would see how he was struggling, and the minute he got into that ring, it would go away because he loved it so much.”


From forumer – Faceless Name

It is amazing how sad you can be from losing an entertainer. But when you think about it, how many people can bring joy into lives on such a large scale. That can so easily bring smiles to faces with what they say or how they act. Or even make you go “holy shit, how did they do that”. How some one can come into your house every week and always be welcomed. Even if it is just on a tv screen.
This year already saw Don Adams and Bob Denver, two men with long careers that live on in reruns. Like many entertainers they will be remembered as the characters they played: Maxwell Smart and Gilligan. Mitch Hedberg also left us.
Now we must say goodbye to another character. “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero has passed away at 38 years old. A man who had many more laughs, smiles, and great moments to give.
Thank you.

To start the 2nd hour… we get the ‘Hurt’ package one more time.

We come back and here comes Ashley – Maria – !!!Christy!!! – Victoria – Melina – Jillian Hall – Mickie James – Candice – Trish. All wearing the Papi shirt. They take em off and throw them to the audience.
“Eddie’s up there saying ‘dammit you do the good shit when I’m gone..” – Hernandez

The battle royal begins and Jillian almost sends out Mickie James – and there she goes. Maria runs up and pushes Jillian out. Candace then grabs Ashley and she helps Victoria send Ashley out. Trish is in the center chopping down Melina. Victoria and Melina go to clothesline, but she falls back – and Christy saves her by leaping on Victoria.

Christy gets grabbed by Victoria by the hair – and sends her out. Trish grabs and tiltawhirls Candace out. Maria then gets Victoria out and begins to go nuts with how happy she is! She finally hits both girls and they team up to toss her out.

Trish goes for the Stratusfaction… but Melina catches her –

From Rey Mysterio:

“Eddie Guerrero, my brother. I know you are listening while I say these words. Putting wrestling aside, I have a lot of good memories that you left behind in my heart. Not only from me, but from my family. My son Dominic. My wife. Your family and your family bonded real good. I miss you right now, and wish you were here with me. I wish this thing was a whole dream, and I could wake up and you were still here with us. Everybody misses you Eddie. I love you Eduardo.

We’re gonna miss you Eddie. You were a big inspiration to everybody. As a fan, as a person, as a human being, you had a great presence. ” They fade out as Rey takes off his mask.


From Kyle Litke:

To me, a true role model isn’t someone who never makes mistakes. It’s someone who does make mistakes, but instead of letting those mistakes control their lives or bring them farther down, they make the conscious effort to fix things, to make it right, to turn things around. Anybody can not do drugs, and that’s commendable, but to do them for many years, become addicted to them, and then work tirelessly to stop and to become someone people can look up to is the real difficult thing. Eddie did that. He was a role model to a lot of people, and he deserved to be.

Rest in peace, Eddie. And thank you for the years of entertainment, and everything you sacrificed to bring a smile to people’s faces for a few minutes.

Remembering Eddie: Eddie and Chris hugging – having won the titles together at WWXX.

And now… Eugene…. versus Simon Dean… on a Segue!!!!


Simon Dean starts off the match by offering Eugene a candy bar. Eugene in fact doesn’t like it. Dean goes for the heel roll-up and gets two. Simon does the push
up taunt, and Eugene follows up with push ups of his own. Dean goes for an elbow and misses, Eugene follows up with the JYD headbutt.

He then monkeyflips Simon Dean and goes to play with Eugene’s segue, but Dean catches up with him – putting him in a modified chinlock, but Eugene fights out of it and gets headslammed into the corner and we all know that is a no no in the Eugene playbook. He Hulks up – hits the airplane slam which sends Dean to the corner.

Dean grabs his elastic stretchy thing……. Eugene pulling him back

From Chris Benoit:

“Eddie Guerrero is my best friend – and I’m sure there are so many people that could say that. He was such a beautiful person. I couldn’t find the words that could describe what kind of person Eddie was. I’ve known Eddie for 15 years with him, and he and I have worked together, fought each other, and have been up and down every road you could.

He was the one friend that I could go to with any problem. He was the one guy I could go and talk to. He would understand and talk me out of because of all the experiences he had been through. I believe in leading through example, and Eddie lead through example.

He is a man that I can say that I love. I loved Eddie Guerrero. I loved his family, and my thoughts go out to his family. I can’t imagine the sorrow that they are going through and the emotions that they are feeling. I just want them to know that my prayers and thoughts are with them. Eddie, I know that you are in a better place. I know you are looking down on me right now. I love you and I miss you. Eddie, you made such a great impression on my life, and I want to thank you for everything you’ve ever given me. I want to thank you from my heart and that I will never forget you. I will see you again.”


From Iain Burnside’s Anti-Pulse

the best way to remember Eddie; as a wonderfully entertaining and loving person capable of inspiring the world to be better and the people in it to be happier simply by being himself. Certainly the world is a worse place without him in it. Certainly there are a lot of people deeply upset by his passing; there are countless message boards and forums that can verify that. Maybe we can all still make the world better by applying aspects of Eddie’s qualities to ourselves, lighting a little Latino Heat fire inside us all to make us better people. All I know is that the fact such a notion is even theoretically possible is further testament to just what a great man Eddie was.

Remembering Eddie: Eddie beating Brock at No Way Out.

From Triple H:

“Eddie was an amazing guy. From a professional standpoint, I will always remember Eddie as being one of the best. Technically in the ring he was incredible. He could do anything. He could make you laugh one minute – could make you cry the next – could make you mad. He could do anything with a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his face.

Personally, Eddie will always be remembered to me as an inspiration. I don’t know if everyone knows it that Eddie had a lot of demons in his life. A lot of searching in his life. Eddie overcame all of that to be what he was or what he is. He overcame that – overcame his demons – he overcame the problems he had in his personal life. He had two beautiful girls, a beautiful wife.

I just want Eddie’s wife and kids to know how much they meant – they were all he ever talked about. I know that somewhere Eddie will look down on this night and be proud that these boys put a show on for him. He was a performer and would have wanted this show to go on.

He’s up there lying to somebody. Cheating somebody. He stole all of our hearts. I’ll miss you man.”



A match.. born naughty
“This is apparently a fancy robe match” – Michael

They feign the test of strength, but Flair pushes shoulder first and Regal gets sent to the corner. Regal reverses it and gets some fists on Flair. Flair reverses for some chops. Regal backs up to hit the ropes and follows up with a kick to Flair.

Regal sends Flair to the ropes and as he’s about to grab him, Flair instead catches him and puts him in the abdominal stretch. Regal unlaces Flair’s boot to break the hold and grabs him – punches him to the mat – and a bunch of European uppercuts send down Flair. A couple more european uppercuts send Flair outside.

Regal tries to grab Flair and bring him in, but Flair grabs his legs and pulls him outside. Regal though gets the upperhand and throws Flair into the wall. He brings Flair back in. He is going to send Flair into the corner, but Flair clips the knee… set-up for the figure four – and that was that.



From Stephanie McMahon:

“When I first met Eddie Guerrero, he was coming to my father’s house. He was trying to figure out whether he wanted to jump from WCW to WWE. I didn’t know what to expect. He came in and he was this nice, humble, good looking guy in these cowboy boots. I know people say he was humble, but I can’t express it to you enough.

He finally decided to make that move and I got to work with him behind the camera. He would make you laugh. He would make you cry. He would give you this range of emotion, and when he went out to the ring he would give everything and he loved being in that ring and loved that audience.

I had a conversation with Eddie on Friday and he wanted me to know that he was going to be the champion again. He wanted Vince to know that. When I think of Eddie, the most important thing is that I think of his family. He loved them more than anything in the world.

Eddie Guerrero he was a son, a father, and a friend. Eddie will always – always – be a champion. I’ll miss you Eddie. Everybody will miss you.”


Remembering Eddie: Eddie Guerrero falling for Mamacita. Winning the IC title from Chyna, and begging forgiveness.

It is now time, as the Champ is ‘Heaaaah’.

His opponent is Randy Orton coming down with his


The lock up to start, and Randy gets the headlock. He tosses him down to a side headlock. Randy sends him to the ropes and elbows the man down. Picks up Cena and goes for a wind up punch, but is blocked and eyegouged.

Randy catches Cena in the modified backbreaker, followed by a high angle chinlock sending Cena down – he gets up fairly quickly and gets tossed to the ropes. A HARD dropkick from Orton, and then picks up the champ and sends him to the corner. Orton charges and they collide, both men falling down.

Double count and they both get to their feet. Cena hits the shoulder block. The two clotheslines. The spinning sideslam. Five knuckle shuffle time, with an Eddie shuffle for good mix. Cena picks up Orton for the FU and Daddy Orton comes in to stop it. Cena punches both of them out – Orton spins him for the RKO… Cena pushes him against the ropes – caught F U.

That is that.


Cena takes his shirt off and lies it down in the middle of the ring, placing the World Title on top of it and leaving the ring.

And that’s the end.

Opinions of the Rabble?
“Good show. I never watched Smackdown, but I did like what I saw of Eddie.” – Bill
“I actually thought it was done well, and was sad and heartbreaking to see everyone like that.” – Dani
“I must say that I’m going to miss Eddie in the ring, and I cried yesterday – so this was hard for me to see.” – Jenna
“I’m glad that they did something to honor him. Honestly, the calibur jumped a lot today. It was a good show overall, and obviously emotional. It was sad to see that this is what had to bring out everyone’s -A- game.” – Eric
“I agree.” – Michael
“I loved the show and how they paid tribute to him, especially knowing they are going to do so again on Smackdown.” – Hernandez
“I agree with that Erik too” – Michael
“I thought it was a well produced, heartfelt tribute to Eddie.” – Laura
“I liked the one on one interviews. They did a nice job of leaving the camera on long enough so you got to feel the sense of uncomfortability. It was nice to see that it wasn’t cut together, but made real that way.” – Chris

My thoughts?

I was given the chance to see Eddie wrestle with some of my fellow Rabble’ers at Survivor Series 2002 – when he won the tag titles with Chavo. A constant professional and someone who, even when not watching the show he was a part of, somebody I kept tabs on.. I am glad that the WWE did him the honor of showing what he was and who he was in such a way.

Eddie – thank you for the good times. The laughs. The lying. The cheating. The stealing. You will be missed.

Thank you all for sharing this with the Rabble, and we’ll see you next week.

Eddie Guerrero – RIP