InsidePulse’s WWE RAW Report

– The show starts with the RAW and SmackDown rosters on the stage beside Eddie’s lowrider. Vince is on the mic and says that they will honor Eddy with a video package.

– A video package showcasing Eddie’s wrestling career is shown.

Cena pays tribute to Eddie.

Kane & Big Show v. MNM – RAW v. SD tag titles match
Show manhandles Nitro to start then tags in Kane who hits a side slam. Kane goes up top but Mercury pulls him to the outside. Nitro hits Kane with a belt and rolls him in for a 2 count. Nitro gets a neckbreaker on Kane and MNM hit him with a double boot. Kane tries a double chokeslam but it’s blocked, so instead he hits a double suplex. Show tagged in cleans house. Melina tries to distract Show but instead Show makes out with her. Meanwhile Kane is up top and nails the flying clothseline, and a double chokeslam ends it.
Winners: Kane & Big Show

– After break, Lillian Garcia talks about Eddie, and how her fondest memory of him was when they visited the troops in Iraq.

Kurt Angle v. Shelton Benjamin
Angle gets a wrist lock to start, but Shelton springs off the ropes to break it. Angle punches back and gets a belly to belly. Angle hits a suplex for 2, and covers again for 2. Angle locks in a grounded waistlock. Benjamin fights to his feet but Angle catches him with a knee lariat. Angle gets a back breaker for 2. Angle applies a front facelock, but Benjamin elbows out. Benjamin counters a suplex into a sleeper, but Angle gets the ropes, so Benjamin turns it into a DDT. Benjamin gets a pair of forearms but Angle hits a boot out of the corner. Benjamin gets a Samoan Drop and goes for the T-Bone suplex but Angle counters into the Ankle Lock. Angle catches a sidekick so Benjamin hits a superkick. Shelton hits the top rope clothsline but misses a corner splash, allowing Angle to hit the rolling germans. Angle ducks a clothsline and hits the Angle Slam, but it only gets 2. Benjamin goes up top to block Angle’s moonsault attempt and hits a top rope German suplex, flipping Angle over for only 2. Angle plays possum like he’s hurt and quickly locks in the Ankle Lock for the win.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Shawn Michaels talks about how Eddie and him were both born-again Christians.

After break, Chavo pays tribute to Eddie, talking about growing up with Eddie and how their dream of becoming Tag Team Champions came true.

Shawn Michaels v. Rey Mysterio
Both wear “I’m Your Papi” shirts to the ring. They start by reversing arm wringers and go back and fourth into a standoff. HBK gets a hammerlock into a cradle for 2. Rey gets shouldered down and misses a leapfrog. HBK tries to catupult Rey out, but he lands on the apron and springs in with a crossbody. HBK chops him down but Rey gets back. Rey goes for the 619 but HBK slides out to avoid it. After break, HBK has a sleeper locked in. Rey fights out but gets belly to backed for 2. Back breaker by HBK gets 2. HBK locks in a chinlock but Rey elbows out and hits a headscissors. Rey gets a springboard crossbody and kicks off, clothsline. HBK fights back a flying forearm. Rey gets a bulldog but again misses the 619 as it was ducked. Rey headscissors HBK into the ropes after recovering from a clothsline, hits the 619, and follows up with a springboard leg drop for the win. They hug after the match.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Batista, who was crying heavily, payed tribue to Eddie.

Diva Battle Royal: Trish v. Mickie James v. Victoria v. Candice Michelle v. Maria v. Melina v. Jillian Hall
Winner: Melina, last eliminating Trish Stratus

Rey Mysterio payed tribute to Eddie, at the end taking off his mask to cry.

Simon Dean v. Eugene
Dean attacks after trying to get Eugene to try a Simon System protein bar and goes on the attack. Later Eugene hit the Airplane Spin and got a Rock Bottom on Dean for the win.
Winner: Eugene

Triple H payed tribute to Eddie.

Ric Flair v. William Regal
I’m not sure if this was for the IC championship or not, but was another SmackDown versus RAW matches. Flair got the win after taking out Regal’s knee from behind and locking in the Figure 4, forcing Regal to tap out.
Winner: Ric Flair

Stephanie McMahon payed tribute to Eddie.

John Cena v. Randy Orton
The main event was also a SmackDown versus RAW match. Cena was wearing an I’m Your Papi t-shirt. Orton was on the offensive most of the match, but Cena came back with the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and Cowboy Bob Orton interfered. Cena dumped Orton and blocked Randy’s surprise RKO, then hit Randy with the 5U.

To end the show, John Cena layed his Eddie Guerrero shirt in the middle of the ring and layed his Championship on it as the show went off the air.

Rest in peace, Eddie.

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