[WWE] Preliminary Autopsy Report Inconclusive

– The word today from the local coroner’s office is that preliminary results from the Eddie Guerrero autopsy were inconclusive and no details will be released yet. According to PWTorch’s Wade Keller, a more detailed, full autopsy will be done and results for that would be available in roughly two or three weeks. Credit: Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

– On “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” on ESPN Radio, Cowherd said some rude comments about Eddie Guerrero’s passing. He accused Eddie and other wrestlers of steroid use. Cowherd said, “who cares that he died” and that Guerrero’s death was not “newsworthy.” He also started speculation on the “unknown causes” of his death.

– On Denis & Callahan on WEEI out of Boston this morning they mentioned Eddie’s death, ragged on him for probably doing steroids, and then said “Well, at least he didn’t fall out of the rafters like some of them do…SPLAT!”

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