In Memory of the Great Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero

So after a pretty restful weekend, I got to work early for a little overtime and was completely shocked to read about the passing of Eddie Guerrero. Like most of you I’ve been a huge fan of Eddie’s since around 1995 when I first saw him work in ECW. It’s always sad to hear when one of our favorites passes on, but with Eddie I have to say I’m completely floored. He was such a talented in ring performer – one of the best ever. And when it comes to his mic work and acting capabilities there will never be another like him. When he was a heel, he was the baddest, most evil SOB out there. When he played a face, he won cheers from across the world. We’re all taking this in and trying to digest it and I imagine seeing the tribute the WWE gives him tonight on RAW will be good closure for all of us, but I’d just like to talk about a couple of my many, many best memories of Uncle Eddie.

While his work in ECW and WCW will be remembered as a tremendous time in his career, with such memorable feuds with guys like Diamond Dallas Page, Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair among others, I for one think the last 5 years he’s been with the WWE were Eddie’s best. Specifically, his run as tag team champions with his nephew Chavo, which resulted in a series of great matches and extremely funny promos. I particurally enjoyed the tandem of Eddie and Tajiri. The pairing of Eddie and his mamacita Chyna was classic and allowed Eddie to show a softer side. When Guerrero won the WWE title from Brock Lesnar last year at No Way Out, the stars had finally aligned for Eddie. And his run as champion was as good as any in my opinion. He defeated Kurt Angle in one of the most impressive and enjoyable matches in Wrestlemania history and I think his feud with JBL proved just how strong of a babyface he could be when he wanted to. This year he spent heeling it to the max during his blood feud with Rey Mysterio, first for respect and then over the custody of Rey’s son…or was he Eddie’s? His face turn a couple of months ago resulted in an interesting twist for us wrestling fans. Eddie, in his last storyline showed that he could be trusted and ended up being a good friend to Batista – though we all suspected he would eventually turn on him. He lived his gimmick and that’s one of many reasons he will be remembered as one of the best forever in this business. Eddie was taken from us far too soon. I too just watched his final TV match with Ken Kennedy this past Friday and thought he looked to be in fine form. Once again, “tricking” the ref into thinking it was Kennedy who had used the chair. Many great performers go before their time. Mr. Perfect, Big Bossman, Rick Rude, Crash Holly and of course, Owen Hart come to mind. Eddie you earned my respect and the respect of millions of your loyal fans. You are in a better place now, probably working the main event up in heaven with your friend Art Barr. Thankyou sir for entertaining me for over a decade, week in and week out. You, your work and your heart will never be forgotten.

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