NBC To Martha: You're Fired!


Martha Stewart might have woken up this morning and muttered to herself, “it’s not a good thing.”

NBC fired the home diva today before the first season of her variation of ‘The Apprentice’ was even over. The show has played out to heavy criticism from both viewers and the entertainment press.

NBC maintained all along that its plans were to air just one edition of Stewart’s “Apprentice.” Even if that wasn’t the plan, the show’s ratings made it unlikely the peacock network would indulge in season tow: It’s averaging just 6.7 million viewers per week and drawing terrible numbers among adults 18-49, the demographic coveted by the major networks.

“The Apprentice: Martha Stewart’s” two-hour finale is booked for Wednesday, Dec. 21. Following that, Stewart will continue her daytime show (syndicated by another division of NBC Universal), which is maintaining steady but not spectacular numbers.

Credit: Zap2it.com