[WWE] Report of MSNBC Segment on Eddie

Tonight on Rita Crosby “Live & Direct” on MSNBC, one of the top stories was about Eddie Guerrero’s death at the young age of 38. Here are some notes from the show:

– Despite some errors (referring to Chavo as Eddie’s cousin, calling Smackdown “Shakedown’ and saying Eddie was WWE Champ 3 times), it opened with a nice tribute segment that featured clips from the past and from Monday’s RAW, talking about his history, his wrestling family, and how he fought his demons to make his way to the top.

– Rita welcomed Vince McMahon via satellite who put Eddie over as a huge star and inspiration to many.

– They talked about early autopsy results reported on wwe.com.

– They talked about wrestling as a family and how everyone came together and was upset when finding out the news.

– Vince found out about the news in his car that morning, and called Eddie’s death “shocking beyond belief.”

– They showed a graphic of an email from fan Jonathan Leung from wrestlingobserver.com, about Eddie winning a match giving him goosebumps, which led into Vince talking about Eddie’s unique style and charisma.

– They showed a quote from Vickie from wwe.com about his heart failing.

– When asked about the impact on the sport of someone dying so young, Vince speculated about his past catching up with him; talked about the travel/gym/punishment everyone in the business has to go through and how it takes its toll on people. These factors all combined — and he also speculated that maybe there was even genetic predisposition, but was clear he was speculating (“I’m not a doctor, so who knows?”) — had an effect on Eddie.

– Vince talked about his humor, charisma, giving his all once he stepped out from behind the curtain.

– Chavo (via satellite) and JBL (in the studio) were welcomed after a commercial break.

– She asked Chavo if he was shocked finding Eddie in his hotel room, and he said it didn’t sink in until later.

– Chavo talked about living up to the Guerrero name, and how he and Eddie were really brothers, even though technically uncle and nephew.

– JBL joked about a black eye Chavo gave him in a match taped for the memorial.

– JBL talked about how they were arch enemies, and had a love-hate relationship, but he was in his bridal party (they showed a pic with JBL surrounded by Undertaker, Ron Simmons, Eddie, etc.), and how when he was going through his divorce Eddie knew something was wrong, was there for him, bringing him a new passage from scripture every day to help him get through it. Eddie spoke at his wedding, and he was honored as he was asked to speak at his funeral on Thursday.

– What can you say, says Rita. JBL said he doesn’t know, except that he’ll get emotional — “he spent more time with us than his wife … and I want her to know that he influenced hundreds of lives for the better when he was away from her.”

– Rita asked Vince, how do you memorialize this guy? Vince: Friday Night Smackdown will be similar to what we did Monday. “When you have someone that was as passionate as Eddie, you can’t do enough to measure up to his influences and contributions to the business.”

– She asked Chavo how the family’s holding up — he said they’re very close and taking it very hard, but trying to rally together for his wife and his kids, since “however it’s affecting us it’s affected them tenfold.” He said they are very up and down; Vickie was in denial until Johnny Ace called her.

– JBL said Eddie overcame addiction, “he smelled like smoke ’cause he’d been through fire,” and just got a new home in Phoenix, overcame so much due to his love for his family, which due to his problems he lost once. JBL said that he’ll remember Eddie’s smile (“like he just stole your wallet”) most.

– Vince will remember most Eddie’s personality and positive influence on the audience and in the lockerroom.

– Chavo will remember his heart; “He always looked out for me had my back; now I feel like I’m in limbo, I don’t have anyone like that in my life, and it will be a huge adjustment for me.”

Rita closed the show by saying “Eddie Guerrero … passed away this weekend but left a lifetime of legacy for so many fans.”

Good overall segment.